Piers Morgan: You can’t even make this up

Piers Morgan: You can't even make this up

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his takeaways from the report and the latest on the King’s upcoming coronation. #FoxNews

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[Music] It has been less than two years since The administration's chaotic withdrawal From Afghanistan and now leaked Documents reportedly revealing Isis is Already using the country to plot Terror Attacks the report revealing quote Afghanistan has become a significant Coordination site for the Islamic State As the terrorist group plans a tax and Conducts aspirational plotting against The United States including specific Efforts to Target embassies churches Business centers joining us now host of Piers Morgan uncensored on Fox Nation Piers Morgan good morning to you piers Good morning I never thought that I Would would ever hear that we would team Up with the Taliban but maybe it is a Good idea to find out more about Isis if They are planning to plots against not Only America but also Europe Well look there are two pretty Disturbing things about this story one Of which is that Isis K the Splinter Affiliate group of the original Isis is Now using Afghanistan in exactly the Same way that Isis did before that Al-Qaeda did before to plot attacks on Mainly America and the second really Disturbing aspect of this is that the American Military is now apparently Reliant on the Taliban to deal with this Threat against the American national

Security interest and all of this can be Charted back to 20 or so months ago when President Biden ordered that Catastrophic sudden overnight evacuation From Afghanistan of all the people who Could have been keeping a handle on this And keeping a check on what was going on You know what I've read from the Intelligence which got leaked in these Leaked documents in the last two weeks Is that the issk have felt emboldened And liberated by the sudden withdrawal And so removing that control valve that Was there to keep a little has now led To the absolutely predictable State of Affairs where Isis is growing embolden And potentially more powerful and more Threatening and we're now dependent on The Taliban to try and keep them in Check you couldn't make it up yep the Pentagon assessment says that they're Using Afghanistan as a staging ground to Plot more attacks let's talk about What's happening in two weekends I'll be Heading over there to London and I'll Meet you and Martha's going to be there Too we're going to cover the Coordination together like we've done in The past which is so much fun the news This this morning about Prince Harry Reportedly going to have to set 10 rows Back behind his father and the family And he's not going to hang around for Long

Well I'm surprised that he's only going To be 10 rows behind because if a member Of my family had spent the last two and A half three years spray gunning every Single member of the family in Documentaries on global television in Books and have taken absolutely no Prisoners and we then had a family event Like this they would be somewhere near a Hundred rows back Anthony I suspect the Same would happen in your family and It's a quite extraordinary State of Affairs where the single biggest threat Really to the preservation of the Monarchy which is having this huge Moment where we have the first Correlation in my lifetime and the Second Monarch that I've ever known that The biggest threat to the Survivor of The monarchy is actually this guy Prince Harry a senior member of the family Who's done everything in his power with His wife Meghan Markle to damage and Destroy the fabric and magic of that Institution so you can I mean I was with Some members of the royal family at the Weekend actually just a shamelessly name Drop for you and I gotta say the Temperature towards Harry uh is very Very chilly really Diana's Butler says There's no chance of reconciliation Anytime soon that they haven't even Talked since um since the funeral since The Queen's funeral well I think we're

Going to have to watch Prince William Because from what I've been told Prince William is feeling a borderline Murderous towards his brother so far From just not having no contact he Actually really really now detests what He's done and uh you know they're gonna Have to be sitting there pretending to All be one big happy family when in fact They're going to be probably the most Dysfunctional family we've seen in one Religious place for a very long time Well we will be watching and when he Steps out of that car just like we've Seen in the past you and I were watching Carefully and making comments about his Body language and wanted to see where he Was sitting in the church thank you so Much Fierce I look forward to seeing you Soon I can't wait I mean how exciting The way how privileged are we we've been At the center of a platinum Jubilee the Only one that's ever happened the death Of a monarch the greatest Monarch Arguably of all time and now the Coronation of King Charles I got to say Sometimes I pinch myself that this is my Job that we're going to be at the palace Again for the third time in two years to Witness history it's amazing I'm getting Paid to go to London there's nothing Better they feed you because you're You're the statue of the operation so There's not a fact about my royal family

That you Ainsley do not Brian's getting Jealous ESPN was doing a royal show you would be The number one statistician on it Yourself I've been studying Brian you can have China I'll take London I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm means Lee Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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