#PlessyVFerguson and the NAACP’s fight against ‘separate but equal.’ #blackhistorymonth

#PlessyVFerguson and the NAACP’s fight against ‘separate but equal.’ #blackhistorymonth

Py versus Ferguson was a case about the Segregation uh uh of transportation and The idea in that case and and what the Majority opinion basically says is if a State segregates blacks and whites and And and African-Americans feel badly About it it's their problem they don't Have to feel badly about it separation Isn't in and of itself something that Puts a black mark of inferiority upon a Particular race and the NAACP really Wanted to say no You know the whole point of segregation Is to denigrate African-Americans the Whole point of it is to exclude and Oppress and exploit and and uh and Denigrate and uh and so they made every Effort in brown and the companion cases To say set aside the material Inequalities let's assume they have Equal books Let's assume they have equal Uh uh buses let's assume all the all the Material economic issues are equalized There's still a problem

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