Pollster warns Biden has a ‘big problem’

Pollster warns Biden has a 'big problem'

Maslansky and Partners president Lee Carter joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss President Biden’s approval after protesters held a demonstration outside his ‘Bidenomics’ event. #FoxNews

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Wow President Biden heading back to Pennsylvania today he's heading to Philly aiming to sell the critical Battleground State on Biden omics the Message he got yesterday wasn't received [Applause] Well yep uh this is nearly half of the Keystone State voters say the economy is In not so good or poor shape pollster And Miss Lansky and partners president Lee Carter joins us right now good Morning to you Lee good morning those Those Crowds Are a problem for him they They pop up wherever he goes they're a Big problem for him and when you're Talking about we've seen the protesters On Palestine but to see protesters on The economy that's a big problem for Joe Biden the economy is one of the top Issues to to voters and in Pennsylvania We know it's more important than in Most States and in fact we've got a poll Pennsylv Pennsylvania voters say the Strength of the economy is not so good Or poor 60% say that and then a Fox News Poll are you better off or Worse Financially today than you were four Years ago 22% say they were better off I Want to meet those people but more than Half say they're worse off and that's a Big problem for Joe too that is a big Problem and it's and it sort of lines up Right away with a sentiment when you see You 73% of Americans say we're going in

The wrong direction a lot of people Think uh that Joe Biden is out of touch With their concerns um and so what he's He's got to get out there and try and Say I understand understand I feel your Pain um and that's what he was trying to Do but I'm not sure that the message got Out there yesterday you and the other Thing is as we've looked at what what Joe Biden has said during the last three Years it's just been kind of a crazy Message remember it was uh like two and A half years ago when they were saying Oh inflation that's just transitory and Then suddenly they turned it into bomic Is working they've kind of abandoned Both those things because they were Wrong yeah and they also tried to say That the economy has never been stronger They talked about the fundamentals of The economy and how strong it was well Americans are saying the economy is not Strong I'm feeling worse my paycheck Doesn't go as far as it used to my Paycheck isn't keeping Pace with Inflation the cost of groceries the cost Of goods all of this you can't tell me That things are they never been better We also see Joe Biden go out there and He said the grocery shelves weren't Empty empty when the grocery shelves Were empty we also saw he didn't know What the price of milk cost when he was Talking about things so in many ways he

Doesn't necessarily feel like he's Connecting with the real concern of Voters well and then yesterday he told That crazy story about his uncle Ambrose Apparently eaten by cannibals Uh probably not true um so here's the Thing on the other side you've got Donald Trump and I think a lot of uh Democrats thought okay once he's on Trial we're going to really make hey Joe's going to Skyrocket in the polls But at the same time you know Mr Trump Is able to capitalize on and he's got His talking points about how everything Is going against him and people are Buying it people are absolutely buying It about 72% of Americans believe the System is rigged to favor the elite not Necessarily the wealthy the elite and Joe Biden is part of that Democrats are Seen as the elite so you've got this Really big issue right now where people Believe that there's a two-tier system Of justice they believe that this is Completely unfair especially this trial That's happening right now in New York They're seeing that President Trump Can't go to his his child's High School Graduation they think it's completely Unfair he's not able to campaign in the Way that he says that he should be Although he is capturing a lot of the Airwaves meanwhile Joe Biden's out in Pennsylvania trying to convince voters

That he's got their back that he's got Uh the economy under control but instead Of talking about the economy and kitchen Table issues that we're all concerned About he's talking about tax cuts right Tax cuts aren't going to help people When they're talking about the price of Milk so you've got him talking about the Tax Fairness Act and you've got Trump Cogs talking about making America Affordable again you can see who's in Touch with the pain points of Americans Right now exit question one word answer One name answer if the election were Held today who would win Donald Trump All right Lee Carter thank you very much Thanks so much for having me all right I'm Steve juy I'm Brian kill me and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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