Psaki gives Democrats advice on handling Trump indictment

Psaki gives Democrats advice on handling Trump indictment

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the latest on the Trump indictment and its impact on the 2024 presidential election. #FoxNews

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Artisan comes in now Market morning to You 10 days ago you wrote an indictment Would help Trump maybe that's what Democrats want I don't know if you've Changed your mind on that since then but Jen saki over the weekend told Democrats To stay away from this have a listen Here Now is not the time for a mass order of Lock em up T-shirts and mugs that's Exactly what Trump and his supporters Would do now is also not the time for Democratic candidates to celebrate to Brag to predict the outcome of the legal Cases if you can I'd actually just put Your head down and stay out of it for Now Mark where are we now and where will We be tomorrow that's good advice That that's a good tactical advice but Look it's gonna the the indictment will Help Donald Trump win the nomination and It'll be uh and it'll help Democrats win The uh the presidency that's why they're Happy about it I mean look Donald Trump Knows that it's going to help him win The nomination because he said last week He wants the purp walk and why is that It's because even Republicans who you Know a majority of Republicans want Someone else to be the nominee but even Republicans who are open to another Candidate don't want to see their Country turned into a Banana Republic Where we'd weaponize the justice system

To go against uh to go against our Political opponents I mean you know Donald Trump is is even even if the Majority don't want him to be the Nominee he has 77 approval in the Republican party uh most Americans and Most Republicans think that he he was an Outstanding president who did a lot of Great things uh they just think that he Lost three elections in a row and don't Want to lose a fourth but they don't Hate it and so if you if you have this The the left going after him in this way Uh that that's going to cause a rally Around effect and they're going to say They're saying is not just about Trump This is about defending our system this Is about defending our the Politicization of our justice system Which is which is fundamental you know The funny thing is the left always says That Trump is destroying our Democratic Institution no the left is destroying Our Democratic Democratic institutions By going after Donald Trump this is Destroying our justice system this is Undermining The credibility of our Justice and the left says oh the Supreme Court has been politicized good Lord you You have you have a former president Being indicted on the weakest charges You've ever you could possibly bring Against him uh for uh in in this case And it's it's a politicized prosecution

And they're the ones destroying our Institutions and so there's going to be A rally around effect on the right of People who say we don't want this to Happen it should be a rally round on the Left too for people who don't want to Destroy our institutions Some Republican applicants there might Be looking at this scratching their Heads and thinking maybe it's time for The former president just to step aside This is a chaotic Sideshow according to Governor ASA Hutchinson who by the way Just stepped into the field here listen To what he said this weekend Now that he's been indicted should he Drop out well I do first of all the Office is more important than any Individual person and so for the sake of The office of the presidency I do think That's too much of a sideshow and Distraction and he needs to be able to Concentrate on his due process So you know he's saying look this is Getting in the way of all the issues That matter to Americans but I think Some Trump supporters would say this is The core issue this is what's wrong with The justice system in our country and It's dangerous It is dangerous uh but but it is he's Right in a sense that we've got I mean We've got the Joe Biden is the worst President in my lifetime he's at least

The worst inflation in 40 years the Worst crime wave since the 1990s the Worst border crisis in American history The worst decline in real wages I mean The problems facing our country are Incredible and so it the the with the Coming election isn't is it shouldn't be About Donald Trump it should be about How do we get rid of this Administration And and replace it with responsible Conservative alternative Um and the the Democrats the reason why They like this indictment even if They're not the the Gen sake is warning Them not to get too active is they think It's going to help get nominate Donald Trump they've beat him in 2018 they beat Him in 2020 they beat him in 2022 Because it was his hand-picked nominees That cost us the the the Senate majority And and such a small House minority and So they think they got a great deal Going running against Donald Trump and Republicans you know I think that Donald Trump was a great president I think that He did his you know from the from the Abraham Accords to operation warp speed To taking out suleimani to so many so Many things that he did in office were Outstanding I just don't think he can Win Um and that's why I'm worried about this And a lot of Republicans are going to Rally around him now

Um and I think that's exactly what the Democrats want us to do the contrails of That political reports this morning Joe Biden may not make an announcement until July at the earliest or possibly even Late Summer of the Fall so watch that Timeline too Mark nice to see you up Early in Las Vegas have a good time and We'll see you good morning thanks Mark Take care I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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