Rep. Cory Mills on intel leaker: This has brought other issues to light

Rep. Cory Mills on intel leaker: This has brought other issues to light

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., discusses the arrest of alleged intelligence document leaker Jack Teixeira on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’ #foxnews

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[Music] The 21 year old suspect now charged Under the Espionage Act in the massive Leak of military Secrets posted on Social media this is just the latest Case of mishandled top secret documents As the federal government classifies More than 50 million documents every Year so is the U.S government's system For labeling and tracking classified Documents broken let's ask Florida Congressman Corey Mills who sits on the House armed services committee and sees Plenty of classified information so Congressman Part of the problem here is that so much Gets classified that you need additional Clearances to see it and it all gets Ramped up Well that's exactly right I mean we have Many documents which are able to be Found in an open source information or Open source Intel capability that we Ever classified but when we talk about This scenario here in particular however What it does is that it's actually Uncovered the fact that not only are the Authorization of use of military force From the 0102 era being completely Abused by many presidents on the left And the right but these types of Information or Intel links are actually Disclosing the fact that there has been An abdication and a bypassing of

Congress in article one with regards to The authorization of War Powers So yeah we're we still don't quite know The motives of this leaker they say you Want to look cool in a chat room but What he has revealed Um ultimately shows the government not Telling us the truth and overstepping Its bounds to your point I mean is this Something that Congress or others will Actually act on based on what we've Learned Well we absolutely should and you know The sad part is that just about a month Ago we voted on the repeal of the 0102 As regards to withdrawing our troops out Of Syria and what we noted and what I Noted was the fact that we have been Utilizing a application of Duties under The o-102 aums that essentially have Been utilized now for purposes they were Never intended for for 20 plus years and So this certainly demonstrates that but To your point from an earlier statement Is that one I purposely think that this Individual who has released it to either Look cool or to try and go ahead and Disclose some type of a top secret or Classified information doesn't Understand that it not only endangers The lives of those who are downrange but It also is a complete violation of what We're trying to do by keeping our Information secure and this has been a

Big issue for the dod for quite a long Time you know Pete as you know when we Go into a skiff to get a classified Briefing in most cases our document it's Not only have numbers on them but once We're done with the actual briefing Itself they are recounted and and Gathered up to a guarantee that you do Not have any documents that can go Outside and now in addition to that Before we even walk into this gift you Are checked to make sure that we don't Have any Apple watches we don't have any Phones on us we don't have any Capability of recording and or taking Photos and so the fact that this Individual is able to do that shows that The system is broken and needs to be Basically revamped It's true that's the other side of it is When you when you compromise this type Of information you compromise lives of People doing difficult dark dirty work On our behalf in silence that we never Know about that now have the threat of Being exposed but you know I I recall a Skiff in Afghanistan that I had access To that while it was controlled if you Wanted to come in and out you probably Could have printed something out and Taken it out a lot of it comes down to Humans you take an oath you swear to Defend the Constitution and and we have To take people at their word and when

They don't you get stuff like this Well you're exactly right and again I Can remember even in Baghdad we'd go Into the Intel cell and there was very Very little screening as we'd go in and Out of the Intel room yeah so you know My big thing is is one there is an Overclassification where we over Classify too many documents two this Individual while he may have tried to do Something for a look cool appearance or Put something online you know as we Noted earlier it does sometimes as we'd Seen with previous leaks it's closed the Fact that the executive branch is Abusing their powers and so you know I'm Still going back to the idea that you Know you and I had both deployed Downrange before we have to identify With the fact that this is continuing to Be a misuse in my opinion and abusive War Powers under the aumf that I think That needs to be abdicated it is Unconstitutional that we can actually Assemble a document that bypasses Article one which is the Congressional Right to vote on these types of things Outside of the 90 days of the executive Branch and so there's multiple things That appear here one is yes they need to Be held accountable two we need to look At over classification and how we can Prevent these types of leaks but three This is brought to light the fact that

The executive branches continue to Utilize and abuse these applications of Duties all three of those can be true at The same time you're exactly right Representative Corey Mills thank you so Much for your time and your service Thank you appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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