Rep. Goldman Tries Hard To Label The Hunter Biden Laptop, Without Evidence, As “Conspiracy Theory”

Rep. Goldman Tries Hard To Label The Hunter Biden Laptop, Without Evidence, As “Conspiracy Theory”

Comments made on 11/30/23.

Um you've talked about the hunter Biden Laptop and how the FBI knew it existed You are aware of course that the uh Laptop so to speak was actually that was Published in the New York Post was Actually a hard drive that the New York Post admitted here was not authenticated As real it was not the laptop the FBI Had you're aware of that right it was The same contents how do you know Because because it's the same I mean It's authenticated to know it was the Same contents you have no idea you know Hard dri consp are you suggesting the New York Post participating in a Conspiracy to construct the contents of The hunter Biden laptop no sir the Problem is that hard drives can be Manipulated by Rudy Giuliani or Russia What's the evidence that that happened Well there is actual evidence of it but The point is it's not there's no Evidence for so you're engaging in a Conspiracy I'm glad you agree with me Mr Shenberger that transparency is the most Important thing and my last question for You Is do you think it would be transparent If Hunter Biden came to this Congress And testified in a public hearing and More transparent than if he testified Privately it's I mean literally I've Never thought about that I have no Idea you don't know never thought about

That public testimony more transparent Than private testimony are you familiar With the first the Congress shall take No action to a bridge freedom of speech And that's what you just described Mr

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