Reporter films shocking reality of drug abuse in Seattle

Reporter films shocking reality of drug abuse in Seattle

WARNING- GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Journalist Jonathan Choe weighs in on the drug crisis plaguing Washington State and what can be done about it on ‘Fox News Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #foxnewstonight

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Meanwhile the unprecedented amount of Drug abuse in Seattle is leading Directly to a rise in violent crime Journalist Jonathan Cho was filming in Seattle on Monday that's when a homeless Man decided to attack him Would you call me Come on Come on Oh You are gonna die Come on You know children Seattle exposed to That every single day you know in February Jonathan Cho filmed this scene Near a local high school Ten dollars everybody's buying at the Corner of 12th and Jackson there's a Thriving Black Market of stolen goods Being sold for pennies on the dollar Fifteen dollar piece of crap on the Other side addicts use and trained Hardcore drugs in plain sight And just down the block on King Street [Applause] Multiple infernos have raged out of Control at this massive homeless Encampment right underneath the state Highway and look at this man with a Needle in his arm setting up for his Next fix doing it right in front of Students as they head home from school Summit Sierra High School is caught in The middle of this unwanted action along

With math and science the students at This Charter School are also learning How to avoid fentanyl fumes that's doing Drugs right there You guys have to see this every day So rages Jonathan Cho joins us now he's A senior fellow at The Discovery Institute Jonathan you're doing Important work but who's helping to Solve this problem who is being who is Alarmed by what you're showing Well look I hope that the lawmakers the Policy makers in Seattle and Washington State are watching this video because This is part of the raw realities on the Streets every single day in this city Look the video don't lie and I'm doing It to hold our officials accountable I'm Doing it to hold uh the officials who Put out bad public policy accountable But I'm the only one out here right now Look that uh first video that you showed With the guy chasing me with a knife That happened on Monday at the corner of Third Avenue and Cherry that's part of The downtown core a block away from Seattle City Hall the mayor has a bird's Eye view of this street now look to his Credit he is constantly sweeping these Tents that form on the street and in Many cases these are the so-called trap Tents it's not a homeless problem out Here you have people using these tents To essentially sell drugs and to traffic

People so the mayor is on this but What's forming out here are these types Of individuals these criminals it's Attracting these folks who are Committing bad behavior and crimes quite Frankly and I'm just spotlighting this And that's why that guy chased me Because he didn't want to be called out And exposed if he was in uh Clumsy Enough or drunk enough or high enough to Trip over a flat Road you could have Been in trouble I mean obviously he's Fearless and he looked at you as a Threat because you had a camera Reporting on his lifestyle Jonathan how Long has it been this bad and do you Sense it's going to get worse You know Brian unfortunately I think It's going to get worse before it gets Any better the mayor just announces Downtown activation plan last week it's Still a hot mess out here nothing has Changed I'm here almost every single day You have people doing fentanyl just a Block away from Pike Place Market the Taurus you know core right now where you Have children and families walking by Just stunned at what's going on there's Got to be enforcement Jason rantz talked About this already we don't have enough Police officers and there's got to be Intervention for actual treatment it's Got to be required enforced otherwise There's going to be no end in sight

Right it's just amazing we keep electing Or they keep electing or your your Colleagues there keep electing the same Politicians that have a great tolerance For this they think it's the right thing To do which blows my mind Well look the old uh policies are Failing so if they're going to use the Old Playbook to address this ongoing Crisis that's not going to work we need Some new ideas and we need actual Enforcement and intervention to deal With this ongoing humanitarian crisis Jonathan do you put your life on the Line to save a city I appreciate it Thanks for sharing your story in your Video thanks Brian take care hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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