Retired general: Iran would use nukes if they had them

Retired general: Iran would use nukes if they had them

Fox News’ Trey Yingst reports the latest from Israel. Gen. David Perkins (Ret.) provides analysis of Iran’s attack on Israel.

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Fox News Alert President Biden will meet With Prime Ministers of Iraq and the Czech Republic today it comes after he Told Israeli officials that the US would Not participate in any Counterattack Against Iran and they wanted everybody To know it Trey YX joins us live from Israel uh where I understand their their Cabinet is still deciding what next to Do right Trey yeah Brian good morning that's Absolutely right today President Biden Is set to meet with Iraqi prime minister Muhammad Al Sudani the pair like to Discuss this Iranian attack against Israel over the weekend that included Hundreds of drones and missiles and it Does come as President Biden reportedly Told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States will Not participate in or even support a Counterstrike against Iran as we speak Israel's war cabinet is meeting here at The Kira in Tel Aviv Israel's version of The Pentagon to come up with their Response we understand according to Israeli media that there are key Disagreements within this cabinet about The scope and timing of such a Counterattack it does come as we are Getting more information about what took Place over the weekend Israeli and American fighter jets were able to shoot Down the majority of these projectiles

And you can see in some of the video They intercepted them outside of Israeli Airspace we watched here in Tel Aviv as Israel's most advanced air defense Systems intercepted ballistic missiles And drones far overhead all of this as The Iranians are showing their true Colors they fired so many missiles and Drones but the damage here in Israel was Not as extensive as they hoped and so Now the Israelis have to make a decision About keeping themselves in the middle Of a very difficult situation they don't Want the region to go to a broader War But they also don't want Iran to think They can attack Israel from their soil Brian all right Trey thanks so much so Much analysis so many experts are needed We've never been down this path before Trey Yanks thank you our next guest says Iran would not hesitate to use nukes if Had him joining us right now is former Uh tra uh tra traic Commander retired General David Perkins who also uh Famously did the Thunder Run as the Iraqi Prime Minister President comes to Meet with our president today uh General Why do you believe that Iran would have Used nuclear weapons last night if they If they had Them well Brian um not a known thing but What we saw the Iranians do was prove to The world first of all that rest is not In their vocabulary and the uh the

Attack they had was pretty discriminate It wasn't focused on any particular Military aspect of it and it also showed That the Iranians now have never had a Weapon and not used it and so when I Look at the longterm especially in that Part of the world the most dangerous Course of action is if the Iranians were To get a nuclear capability and the fact That so many of the gulf Arab Partners Maybe even behind the scenes in that Part of the world were part of this Tenuous but very effective Coalition Shows that the Israelis are not the only Country in that part of the world that Are concerned about the Iranians got uh Jordan uh actually played a role Egypt May have played a role we know for sure The French the UK the US played a role Knocking things down we know that 50% of The ballistic missiles fired by Iran Failed to launch so your sense do you Believe that president was right to tell Israel take the win and don't hit Back well I would say take the win Definitely because at the at three Levels of War tactical operational Strategic this was a loss for the Iranians a win for the Israelis and the Coalition they put together I think the Israelis need to focus on keeping that Coalition tenuous as it is together Because it was very effective uh there Are lots of ways to go and get back at

The Iranians covert ways non-attribution Ways and I would let the Iranians know That there's a pretty large capability To do that and it will be done at a time Of Israel and the coalition's choosing And let them stew on that for a while so Something right away I don't think would Be the most effective way to deal with This would you say they have to finish Off Hamas would you say they have to go Into Rafa do you agree with the Prime Minister what what has to happen is the Israelis have to assure that Hamas no Longer has the capability to exert Control over the Palestinian people and Export the terrorism and attacks like They did on 7 October and so they they Have to make sure that threat is gone at The same time what they have to do is Make sure they can keep support from the International Community and that's a Very difficult process to do uh but they They both have to be in the Forefront of The Israeli tactics right uh let the Civilians out but finish off AAS uh General Perkins thanks so much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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