Riley Gaines: Democrats will pay for this

Riley Gaines: Democrats will pay for this

Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines joins ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss House Republicans’ legislation barring transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports. #FoxNews

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I want to go back to Riley Gaines now Riley this is an important moment how do You feel I feel grateful for the leadership of Greg subi for the leadership of speaker McCarthy Virginia Fox Claudia Tenney all The co-sponsors of this bill for Standing up for women of course it's Almost ironic the left was once a party That embraced women and fought for Women's rights and now we've seen this Narrative being totally flipped it just Shows the war on women is underway and The Democrats will pay for this in 2024. I want to revisit what you were up Against as a woman as an NCAA division One athlete it just first of all just a Pause It takes a lot to be who you as a Student athlete are just in general But you were going up against and and Just to tell people 2018 2019 Leah Thomas aka William was competing when With the men's team before Competing against you Riley ranked up 554th in the 200 freestyle 65th ranking In the 500 freestyle could not compete Against the men and their you two are on The podium take us back again to the Competition between you and Leah Thomas And and why it jarred not just you not Just your team but the entire sport all Of NCAA Sports Absolutely so that first day of

Competition was the 500 freestyle Um this was not an event that I did so I Sat on the side of the pool and watched As Leah Thomas won beating out Olympians Beating out American record holders the Most impressive female swimmers this Country has ever seen by Body links Um this one swimmer be every other Swimmer in the country by seconds so That next day of competition was the 200 Freestyle which wasn't the event that Thomas and I raced in and ultimately Resulted in a tie we went the exact same Time down to the 100th of a second and So upon tying we go behind the awards Podium where the official looks at both Thomas and myself and says great job you Guys tied but we have one trophy so this Trophy goes to Leah and when I Questioned him I said you know why why Are you adamant on giving this trophy to Thomas he says well Thomas has to have The trophy for photo purposes you can Pose with this one but you'll have to Give it back you go home empty-handed Leah takes the trophy home and that is When my eyes were I mean I knew the Unfair competition was wrong I knew the Locker room being forced to change in Front of someone who was fully intact With an exposing male genitalia I knew That was wrong but when this NCAA Official reduced everything that I had Worked my entire life for every girl at

That meet had worked their entire life For down to a photo op for a male that's When I knew I had had enough and I was Done waiting for someone else to speak Out on behalf of female athletes it Really hit me that if we as female Athletes weren't willing to stick up for Ourselves how could we expect someone Else to stick up for us A victory today and I so appreciate you Taking us Insider Journey it's important To know and to remember what's at stake Here so as uh congresswoman Virginia Fox Just said moments ago this is step one There are many more steps you've Dedicated your life now you were going To do something different and you may Get to that original Dream which was Just real quickly remind us what that Was Um so I was set to be in dental school This year I had every hopes and dreams Of becoming an endodontist but I put That aside because I've realized dental School will always be there but the Relevance and the importance behind this Issue seeing firsthand what's at stake If someone doesn't fight for this I Realize that that opportunity might not Always be there and so I you're exactly Right I've totally changed my life plans From what I thought I would be doing Riley Gaines God bless you in your Struggle and your fight and your

Congratulations to you and those on the Hill there we're seeing some other Athletes at the podium now women Athletes there too it is a very big day And we'll see what happens coming down The pike as the Biden Administration Also wants to somehow manipulate Title IX which was put in place for all of us Women So that's going to tell a big tale great To see you thank you yes you too thank You hey everyone I'm Emily compagno Catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner And Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or set your DVR Also don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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