SC Attorney General Wilson takes on Democratic led ‘secret order’ that freed convicted killer

SC Attorney General Wilson takes on Democratic led 'secret order' that freed convicted killer

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson discussed the ‘secret order’ that led to the premature release of murder convict Jeroid Price on ‘Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy.’
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Welcome back to Sunday night in America Last week we brought you the story of Jared price a Man convicted a murderer Sentenced to 35 years in prison but Released more than a decade early A Democrat legislator and a Democrat Prosecutor got a judge to sign the Secret order Law enforcement didn't know about it Victims didn't know about it you didn't Know about it Our next guest took the matter to the South Carolina Supreme Court and asked That Jared price be returned to prison The Supreme Court agreed in a three to Two decision But before they can put him back in Prison First they got to find him Joining us now is the attorney general For the great state of South Carolina Alan Wilson General you went before The Supreme Court Apparently you convinced three out of Five justices to agree with you how did You do that and what were the questions You got from the justices Well first off Trey the first thing we Let off with is is you can't have an Attorney a criminal defense attorney a Prosecutor and a judge enter into an Agreement to illegally deprive people of Their constitutional rights namely Victims you also can't have them enter

Into an agreement to circumvent the Mandated laws that the general assembly Has passed that requires them to follow A process meaning have a motion have a Hearing in the broad daylight so that People can see it what you had is is you Had a prosecutor and you had a criminal Defense attorney who coincidentally Happens to be in the general assembly Approached a judge who was on his last Day before retiring and enter into an Agreement that voided all of those Requirements no hearing no motion and Then the order was sealed we let off With that with the Supreme Court the Supreme Court's concern was why should They take it up and our argument was You're the Supreme Court and you under Our constitution should police the Integrity of the orders coming out of Your judges just like I am policing Conduct of our solicitors here in South Carolina You know General you are you're a lawyer Your attorney general you're not an Investigator but I'm going to ask you Anyway whether or not you have learned Or whether or not you know did the Prosecutor initiate this was it the Lawyer legislator that you and I both Made reference to I mean God knows it Wasn't the judge who came up with this Idea whose idea was it to go to the Judge the prosecutor or the defense

Attorney Well it was a defense attorney's Petition the defense attorney petitioned The judge and then in the in the facts Of the petition was that there was a Motion and of course the motion was Verbal orals and the judge's Chambers uh Literally on the last day of the judge Being in office so I mean there was no Formal motion but it was on Petition of The defense attorney so that's how it Happened notably Trey um we are grateful That the Supreme Court took up this case So quickly Um however I sent a letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court last Friday Five days ahead of this hearing saying Listen we appreciate you taking the Hearing so quickly however this person Is a convicted murderer who has 16 years Hanging over his head he's a Flight Risk And a dangerous Community can we go Ahead and bring him in there he's not on Probation he's not out on bond there's Nothing that requires him be here he is Free and asked him to go ahead and issue The bench warrant sadly they didn't do That and when the hearing occurred he he Went to the wind we can't find him as Far as I know And I'm guessing General that uh winning If he is found Um is there a bench warrant out for him Or or are we just asking I assume that

There's like a formal formal request That he go turn himself back in is he Entitled to a hearing at that point on Whether or not his assistance Rises to The level of a downward of a downward Departure Will trade about two hours after we Argued our case before The Supreme Court They issued an order vacating Um basically vacating the judge's order That released him and remanding him back To the Department of Corrections they Have not provided their justification Yet they said in the order that they Were going to provide an opinion at some Point in the future uh describing why They were dissenting why with the Majority's reasons were we haven't Gotten their justification yet but they Have vacated the order releasing him From prison and they have issued a Vince Warren so he is now a wanted man General Alan Wilson the attorney general For the state of South Carolina I know That you will keep following this and we Will as well thank you for joining us on A Sunday night hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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