SCOTUS Protected Your Voting Rights From Leftists Today

SCOTUS Protected Your Voting Rights From Leftists Today

Today’s SCOTUS decision not only derailed a handful of leftists’ illegitimate attempts to keep former President Trump off the ballot, it protected the voting rights of millions of Americans who stood to be disenfranchised.

On Monday March 4th the US Supreme Court Issued a historic much anticipated and Frankly not unexpected unanimous Decision reversing the Colorado State Supreme Court's removal of Donald Trump From the ballot in their presidential Primary this decision is so broad that It also voids all of the attempts in Other states to try to get Donald Trump Off the ballot the bottom line here 45 Million Reg ised voters in Colorado who Had been disenfranchised by four judges On the Colorado Supreme Court who said Uh we're not going to allow you to Choose who's going to end up in the General election for President their Voting rights have all been restored and This case protects the voting rights of Literally millions of Americans in other States too

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