Seen and Unseen: Biden’s 2024 blooper reel

Seen and Unseen: Biden’s 2024 blooper reel

Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo has the latest on President Joe Biden’s re-election announcement, quiet quitting and the liberal media expressing concerns over Biden’s age on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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It's time for our scene and unseen Segment where we reveal the stories Behind the headlines and for that we Turn to Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo all right Raymond you and I are So excited because Biden is expected to Announce his re-election campaign Tomorrow as Don Lemon announced in his Swan Song I was in Biden about to make it official We are expecting a campaign-style video Announcement to drop on Tuesday edits Are now being made on a video we are Told our White House team reporting that He reported at least parts of this video Uh two weekends ago Now Laura the first question is why Can't the president do a re-election Announcement live and why does it take Weeks to record it okay tonight we have Secured something so special video of Some of the president's attempts at his Relaunch watch this Is hot America is a nation That can be defined in a single word Excuse me I got a little frog in my Throat we know that there's no there's No such there's There's so much more to finish the job More than half of the women on my Administration are women you lost your Child You lost your child it's gone there's no

Such thing as someone else's child our Nation's children are all our children Look um if you if it holds near and dear To you that you uh Um like to be able to Anyway we're ready to get a lot done we Got it Laura he may need some of those rock Stars he parades in and out of the White House to make an appearance in his Announce now obviously that is our spoof But it may not be far off from his real Attempts I mean everything looks like Messages from the Rest Home you know hey Mr Biden sit up let's take a picture for Home let's say hi tell them you're doing Fine well Raymond the sad thing here is That they've been doing this for years Editing him down and repackaging his Words There's the bike video that's that's so That's so cruel Raymond first of all I Think he should recreate that scene With the what was that Tommy the red in The back what was that scene when he When he stood there and it looked like a Star Wars yeah in Philadelphia oh Weren't that weird Philadelphia outside Constitution hall right he should Recreate that because that was so Powerful and so and bring the Easter Bunny bring the Easter Bunny yeah Exactly all that yeah well we'll bring Him back all the hits look even The

Wider media are now concerned about Biden's age Age a big concern he'd be 82 upon being Sworn in for a second term if he wins America's oldest president would stay in Office until he is 86 years old a lot of Americans say frankly they're not Comfortable with that most Americans Don't want to vote for an 81 year old Man for president they'd like to go to The Next Generation Well you know Laura This is why they're doing this as a Pre-packaged announcement they want to Avoid the stumbles the bumbles they'll Edit it down it'll be clean and it's a Narrative that they can tell without Question and without any unexpected Missteps And Raymond maybe they should just have Dylan Mulvaney do it for him I mean that Kind of defines their whole or zelinski Zielinski and Dylan Mulvaney should do It together that would be Yeah bring them all back today the President met with the so-called Tennessee three Laura though state Legislators who led Iraqis protest in The state house and were disciplined for It So well what the Republican legislature Did was shocking it was undemocratic and It was um Without any pressure Turn it around very quickly

I love how he's reading from the notes Well they turned it around all right Laura by creating insensitive theatrical Moments with kid-sized coffins in the State house and the President should Have turned it around today at the White House not by hosting these three Grandstanding politicians but the three Families of the slain Nashville children Or the families of the three adult slain This was Shameless today Raymond Raymond It's like it's all stunts no substance At all we said we did that angle years Ago and did he actually say you all Speak so well did he say that It's like when he Cal Denise say Obama Was like clean and articulate or Something this guy is a walking Malapropism awkward and so when you have A man married to his cheat sheet Laura Everybody speaks well finally there's a Growing Tick-Tock Trend called quit talk Where workers are no longer quietly Quitting but they're doing it out loud For everybody to see honestly Anna I Just gotta be honest I think I'm gonna head out too I just Don't think that this job is for me so I Am quitting I'm and I'm quitting right now I'm dead ass serious You know Laura this is so sad to see This is you know because of tick-tock Gen Z is basically teaching itself that

If you have any discomfort at work you Should just quit and they're Broadcasting it so it becomes almost Trendy and fun there was a time when People would just call their parents or Friends to complain about work these People are now doing it in public and It's going to end very badly well right Raymond what's odd about this is like do People not have to pay bills or I mean We didn't have the luxury of doing it we All had to work I mean I don't Understand there's like a war on work Work is now uncle I don't understand This like you do have to pay your bills Buildings are empty yeah well they're Killing their own cities the people the Left loves the cities and they're Killing the cities uh Raymond awesome But I miss you not being in the same Studios with you soon next week it's Next week exactly good to see you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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