Sen. JD Vance: This is terrible for our foreign policy

Sen. JD Vance: This is terrible for our foreign policy

Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, slams President Biden’s foreign policy on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Well Joe Biden is weak on foreign policy We all know this but USA versus China Isn't taking place here or in Beijing It's actually happening right now in Africa China owns all the mines they're Quickly building infrastructure all over That continent and rather than entice These nations to do business with us We're sending as you see on your screen Our wokust Warriors like Stephanie Sullivan to promote racial and gender Ideology To us this narration Now is the pervasiveness of systemic Racism And it falls through this generation to Summon the will to make racism a relic Of History Today once again we Face such a Reckoning the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis five weeks ago Now imagine you're in Africa who would You rather do business with the country That's building all your roads and Bridges or the lady that wants to hang Rainbow Flags outside the capitol Let's find the answer to that question Because there is a vote taking place Right now on the floor of the Senate Over whether or not this should be the Image put forward by the United States Of America to Africa let's bring in the Senator from Ohio JD Vance Senator thank You so much for being with us tonight as

I understand it you just left the floor Um where this was up for vote let's get From you exactly how that's going and How this is going to help us to win over Africans in this geopolitical battle With China over global dominance and Global influence Yeah well I I objected and I think that It's important that we have a full Debate in the Senate because we have a Foreign policy right now I hate to say It from the Biden Administration that's Based on hectoring and moralizing that's Based on taking the most radical Far-left ideas and basically building a Moralizing foreign policy around that Instead of trying to make a trade with People where they get something good and We get something good in return it's a Complete dereliction of Duty it's Terrible for our foreign policy and and To your point if you're in Ghana what do You want a lecture from a woke white Woman in America or do you want somebody To help you build hospitals roads and Bridges it's an easy answer and the fact That we're sending so many diplomats to Africa and other places who can't answer The question the right way is really Troubling and we need to at least in This country have a debate about it yeah And and Senator I think we already know It's not a hypothetical right we have we Have already lost much of Africa to

China and their influence and their Roads and bridges and their allegiance Among these African countries and I Would have to think you know Oak Ideology you know gender identity and Gender fluidity and and these types of Issues it's not exactly within the Wheelhouse of these countries in Africa Where they are very devout Christians And or Muslims Uh that's exactly right I mean they see This as cultural imperialism the Americans are coming in and trying to Force foreign values down their throats Whereas the Chinese are coming out and Helping them with economic development And yet it's already having very Negative consequences because a lot of The minerals a lot of the resources we Need for the 21st century economy that Chinese are gobbling the stuff up Through our diplomacy and we're standing Over here saying that you need to post The right flag outside of your Embassy Or you're not going to get full respect From your American diplomats and your American so-called friends here's the Really crazy part about this if you step Back and think about how important the American Military is to our entire Diplomacy both the threat of American Military power and of course sometimes The reality of American military power Do we really think that the majority of

American troops are fighting and dying Because they want the trans Pride flag To hang in Ghana of course not and even If you disagree with me on the Transgender issue this is an American Debate to be had in America not to force It down of other countries yeah within The end a cost to America if China wins Africa American can we're on our way to Losing the world uh Senator great so Much to talk to you tonight thank you Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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