Sen. Manchin: It’s a very sad day for America

Sen. Manchin: It's a very sad day for America

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss why he is accusing the Biden admin of pivoting on a key bill, the latest on the Trump indictment, and his plans for 2024. #FoxNews

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Joining us now Senator Joe manchin Democrat from West Virginia senator Welcome back to Fox News Sunday Hey Shannon good to be with you okay so You're getting a lot of attention this Week for an op-ed that you wrote Um it sounds like you're having Potential second thoughts about the deal You made to get the inflation reduction Act passed you say the administration is Attempting at every turn to implement The bill it wanted not the bill Congress Actually passed have you discussed it Will you discuss it with President Biden I sure hope so and I've been discussing It with all of his uh you know basically Administration and I'm very very Disappointed in how they have Interpreted a piece of legislation that Is not how it was written it was not the Intent it's not it's not the agreement That President Biden and I had so I'm Hoping that he intervenes and basically Says listen we need energy security we Have to produce fossil energy cleaner And better than ever before but we need An amount of it that we can be energy Independent and secured as a nation we Can also invest in the technologies that Will have energy for the future we did Both and they're trying to now Implement A Bill Shannon that we didn't write and It's a bill they didn't pass so just do Our job follow the law do your job so I

Know that one of the sticking points Seems to be the new regulations that Came out the proposed regulations with Respect to electric vehicles about how Much of that should be domestic Production you know the White House is Going to say they're relying on Experts For these regulations and there's now a Public com Med period open to anybody Who wants to weigh in I mean isn't that The protocol Well the protocol would have been to Implement the bill exactly we we laid Out the bill and wrote the Bill in a way That it told you what was sourcing and Processing and what was manufacturing The whole purpose was is to bring Basically reliable Supply chains to America be able to manufacture the Health care Pharmaceuticals and and We've done that but if they don't Implement it in a way that it was Written and implemented in a way they Desire they just want to throw caution To the wind and put more money out and Throw more money from the treasury in Credits that basically are not going to Accelerate how quickly that we can be Totally self-reliant in America there's Nothing wrong with us bringing Manufacturing we should not be dependent In relying on China's supply chain you Know I said I'm old enough to remember Standing in line in 1974 to buy gasoline

To go to work I don't want to stand in Line to buy a battery to run a vehicle I'm waiting on it from China that's what We're doing and that's what content of The bill was okay to the point of Whether or not you got snookered in Making this deal with the White House Hot air writes this says Mansion wants To distance himself from the Administration he enabled with the Inflation reduction act and really wants To distance himself from its results but That's impossible the vote on the IRA Came down to Mansion manchin negotiated Its terms and Mansion endorsed its Policies and the lack of control the Legislation had on Biden's use of the Bill if manchin wants to talk about Political malpractice maybe he should Look in the mirror your response well That's ridiculous I mean from the Standpoint we write pieces of Legislation We expect the administration to adhere To the intent and how we wrote it it's In the bill read the law so anybody who Has that opinion has not read the bill What we have to do now we have a process So we can hold their feet accountable I Can tell you we brought down inflation We can do an awful lot more we've got More drilling going on we're producing More oil and gas than we did before and We're more reliant on ourselves than we

Were on foreign Supply chains we can do All of this this bill was written for One purpose energy security bring down The cost of drugs be able to have pay Down debt which we hadn't done in 20 Years But now when they want to blow the cap Off of it I'm going to fight and fight Back hard and I would hope that my Democrat and Republican people are Friends and and in legislature Especially would feel the same way and Work with us to hold the Administration's feet to the fire so you Must not throwing caution to the wind we Have runaway inflation right now we Still have high inflation we have a debt Ceiling that's going to be crashing upon Us and we're not doing anything to Address that not even talking about some Of the analysts out there that will look At the inflation reduction act and say You know even looking at CBO scoring at Other you know Penn Wharton they will Say this inflation reduction bill was Never going to solve that problem so Even if we still have those problems now Does that lie someone at your feet for Voting for this Shannon the bottom line is when you have A chance to do something and make it Better when you have basically an Administration was going away from the Dependable reliable fossil fuels that we

Have to have to run the country for Energy security when we're relying we're Saying maybe we take the sanctions off Of Iran come on you're going to take the Sanctions off of a country that promotes The most horrific terrorist support Around the world and give them more Revenue to do harm to humankind and we Know that we have to have our own Reliable resources and we can do it Right here in America and we weren't Doing it you're going to sit back and Say well I'm afraid politically it might Not be popular I've got to do what I Think that is the best thing I can for My country and I think that we did a Piece of legislation it'll do exactly What it was intended to do we've got to Make sure the administration now Administers the way it's supposed to the Bottom line is we have brought down we Have put more product into the market we Have just done more Leasing and Permitting than we've done we need a Permitting bill that changes how fast We're able to get this done and we have Democrats and Republicans agreeing that It needs to be done we just got to put a Piece of legislation that works we've Got to work together as United States And not allowing the political Diversity of this country keep pushing Us further and further to the extreme And I know that you think these dreams

Are pulling both parties to the far left To the far right you said you'll do What's best for your country and a lot Of people are wondering whether you Think that might mean a third party Run For the White House Politico says this That you're not deciding on anything Until the end of the year but you're Also pointedly refusing to rule out a Presidential run on a third party ticket Do you rule it out today is it still on The table Here's the thing only in America do we Start the next election the day after The last election I've done that I said I that's underway but not I'm going to Do my job I want to get this this credit This debt ceiling I want to get this Behind us pay our debts start trying to Get our expenses down we can do this we Can rail in the amount of expenses that We have and the debt that we're Accumulating for 21 years Shannon we Have spent more money in America than We've taken in you can't run your Household that way no business can Survive that way but yet here we are We're not doing our budget process the Way we're supposed to to get it done on Time that saves billions of dollars I've Got a lot of work to do and every other Senator and Congress person does okay Everybody's worried about the election Can a president Mansion though better

Influence that conversation Well you know everybody's worried about Who's running for what and who's going To be this my main concern can we start A dialogue do people are I'm people are Wore out Shannon they're tired all we Have is this bickering and fighting they Says can't you come together so if we Can start a dialogue where the middle Can't we basically bring the extremes Back to where they're supposed to be in A sensible reasonable middle I'm going To put you down for not ruling it out We'll leave that there but I want to get A quick reaction from you about President Trump's indictment Sure It's just a very very sad day for America very sad day especially when People are maybe believing that the rule Of law or Justice is not working the way It's supposed to and it's biased we Can't have that you know Abraham Lincoln Said A House Divided cannot stand and we Cannot divide our country but on the Other hand no one's above the law But no one should be targeted by the law So let's wait and see what comes out Next week I pray that what they come out And whatever comes out that they have Done the thorough examination had been a Thorough job as far as showing that the Rule of law does work for all of us and We'll just have to wait and see on that

But it's a very sad day Senator thank You very much for your time always good To see you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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