Taliban could be receiving U.S. tax dollars, special IG warns

Taliban could be receiving U.S. tax dollars, special IG warns

The Might Oaks Foundation founder Chad Robichaux joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the shocking claims and the broader investigation into the Biden administration’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. #FoxNews

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Shocking moment in that hearing was when The special Inspector General testified That U.S taxpayer dollars could be Ending up in the hands of a terror Organization I cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently Funding the Taliban Nor can I assure you that the Taliban Are not diverting the money we are Sending from the intended recipients Which are the poor Afghan people Chad rubber Show we stand during the withdrawal and Details that experience in his book Saving Aziz he joins me now Chad it's Good to see you this morning but you Know this is shocking and concerning all In one so now there's a possibility our Taxpayer dollars are going to be funding Or have been funding the Taliban what Are your thoughts Well I mean actually I'm not shocked we Uh the town man flag is flying over Kabul and we have to remember who the Taliban is they're not a country the Talban is not a government they they are A terrorist organization the world's Worst and atrocious and most evil Terrorist organization in my opinion who Rapes children sexually enslaves their Women and kills their anybody who Opposes them and we had this Doha Agreement that says they're not supposed

To allow terrorism to happen Afghanistan They are a terrorist organization and We're giving them money and we're Trusting what they're gonna do with that Money and then uh there's no Congressional oversight so inspector uh General Spokeo you know nailed it he There's no oversight of this money he's Discovered that there's no oversight We're sending it there we sent two Billion dollars in usaid uh and trusting A terrorist organization to do something Good with it of course they're not going To do something to do with it they Enslaved 20 million women they they Forced us out of Afghanistan uh at the I Wouldn't even say incompetence of the White House but I think the to me this Isn't malfeasance or incompetence this Was deliberate decisions uh based on uh Alternate agendas to remove the United States military from Afghanistan and now We're looking at sending another 3.5 Billion of money with no oversight at All and that's where it's uh General Spokos speaking about and uh sorry Inspector General spoke was speaking About and the state department is Stonewalling him usaid no one's giving Them the answers and no one's uh Speaking up where this money action is Going and the U.S taxpayer dollars or Being used by the Taliban to do uh Terrorism that's who they are yeah an

Agreement doesn't mean anything to them They are terrorist group I don't know What it's going to take for people to Understand that but you know if it Wasn't bad enough after they released That measly 12-page report on the Disastrous withdrawal I thought that was The biggest slap in the face to those 13 Marines who lost their lives and their Families not to mention America but why With all of this being said why does Biden and the Biden Administration keep Allowing this to happen Well I mean it look there the motive is Something we don't know but I can tell You that who benefits from the United States military being out of Afghanistan And it's China and that's not conspiracy Theory that's not important partisan Statement that is just facts uh the United States military being in Afghanistan uh prohibited China from Getting the mineral rights of the Hindu Kush Mountains for trillions of dollars In lithium uh as soon as we moved out Within the next week the Taliban gave The China those mineral rights in Addition China is able to move oil from Iran sanctioned all from Iran without The US military being there China has Pressure in the white house for us to Move and militarily we uh bogum Air Force Base is the most strategic place In the globe between Iraq Iran Russia

And China our enemies did not want us There the our International Partners Were successfully working with us to Support Nevada Army to keep uh the Terrorism at Bay there to keep the Taliban in those mountains and we uh the United States throughout White House and President Biden uh chose to without Anyone else's consent including the Afghan government that we worked with 20 Years including our International allies Moved the United States military out of Afghanistan Chad I've got to get this in The IG is also calling out the Biden Administration for not cooperating with Investigators listen The lack of cooperation by state and I'm Not talking about the ig's I'm talking About the Department of State and to a Lesser extent usaid is unprecedented due To this refusal to fully cooperate a Significant portion of cigar's work Including the two reports the five Reports we did for this committee Have been hindered and delayed China Need a really quick response and Reaction to that Yeah I mean it's the state department Was blocking the the rescue efforts of The United States American citizens During during the withdrawal and ever Since then uh secretary blanken and and President Biden State and State Department has

Uh hindered hid covered up everything That's happened Afghanistan including That 12-page reported themselves by the Way uh which was complete you know joke That they would do or reporting Themselves giving themselves a plus for This Disaster or through a draw that Cost American lives and left the lives Of our allies behind such an unfortunate Situation all the way around and I'm Afraid the more time that goes by the Less likely we're going to get any type Of answers but you did you did go Through the Rescue Mission in Afghanistan you saved over 17 000 lives We appreciate you and we obviously know They appreciate you too thank you so Much for your time Chad

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