Tennessee Dems blame voter oppression for expulsion

Tennessee Dems blame voter oppression for expulsion

‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists discuss the Tennessee House voting to expel two Democratic representatives for their role in a gun control protest and why one of them could be reinstated. #foxnews #fox #thebigsundayshow

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All right welcome back to the big Sunday Show first the Tennessee Democrats Expelled were expelled for participating In a gun protest at Nashville Capital They claimed racism at first but now There's a new rallying cry listen This is one of the greatest tactics of Voter disenfranchisement and voter Oppression that I have ever witnessed it Is not only unprecedented it is Historical in nature this was not just An attack on us but it was an attempt to Silence our districts a predominantly Black and brown districts who no longer Have representation And one of those Democrats Justin Jones May get his seat back as soon as Tomorrow the County's legislative body Plans to reappoint him so he can reclaim His seed you know David is this boat or A disenfranchisement as they say Boy do we have to go there again I mean Enough already your voters are not Silenced even if they don't reappoint Them they get to vote in a special Election so the voters get to send Another left-wing Democrat back these Guys are flat out Liars they're not Interested in representing their District I watched the fake MLK speech I Get I'll say it I've said it before and I'll say it again the Republicans should Have thrown all three of them out evenly Gloria Johnson included because they all

Violated the rules this was not a quiet Moment in The Well of the floor they Broke rules that have been in place for A very long time And enough already with this racism if Everything's racism nothing's racism They didn't throw you out because you Were black they threw out because they Had the votes and you violated the rules And and again to the people in Tennessee These are the choices you're making Representatives who are willing to lie While not addressing your circumstance Your needs in these neighborhoods I Looked into these three districts Poverty crime issues that have more to Do with poverty and crime than they do With the color of skin Well but those but those issues don't Get the attention they're getting now Which is you know the point but you know Joey I want to get to this Wall Street Journal op-ed by the editorial board It's called who's undemocratic in Tennessee and it goes on to say this Today's partisan Panic about democracy Is brought to you by the state of Tennessee where Democrats are making Secular Saints out of two State Lawmakers expelled by the house National Democrats and media are rushing to Associate themselves with the mess Perhaps because they think they can spin It to fit their narrative that

Republicans are Immortal threat to Democracy now we can look at this and we Can say oh well you know Democrats are Fine when you know rioting after George Floyd in the name of democracy but but Not this however I mean that was a Closing argument for Democrats heading In to the midterm election and it seemed To work yeah you know I guess astray From the from the uh from the crowd here And those that think like me I think This was an unforced ERA on Tennessee GOP part there's a difference but Between tactical and strategic they made The Tactical decision which was the Immediate the path forward to expel These folks for what they did sure it Was an egregious sin and in the sense of Uh decorum and how democracy unfolds Which is really the true irony here is These protesters were impeding democracy As it's as it exists but it was not Strategic in any way because it was Unwise at this point you look back and Now the entire conversation is the GOP In Tennessee defending themselves saying Yeah we expelled two young black men but We're not racist and even if that's Absolutely true which everything leads Me to believe that race had very little Or if nothing to do with it the Optics Are there and now that's the whole Conversation and what you know what are They getting done in the state

Legislature where was the wisdom and the Leadership to handle this in a way that Just showed the radicals to be nothing More than radical so it didn't make them Into Martyrs well it's a good thing I Would just throw every Democrat out so It's probably kind of nice I mean I think it's time for Republicans To meet power with power personally I'm More into the muscular conservatism that We're saying like people with Governor DeSantis but you know sure we saw some Scenes there right so why why shouldn't People be punished for for engaging in That sort of well and they were and they Were and they were tossed out and one of Them may be back in his job tomorrow According to Tennessee politics but you Know look secular Saints is what the Wall Street Journal editorial board Called these two we have said over and Over now the two names Justin Jones Justin Pearson over and over that has Been the conversation it was on every Sunday show this morning you know what The names were not saying anymore Mike Hill Catherine Koontz Cynthia peel Evelyn Dickhouse that child I mean what About the victims what about the Shooting let's you know but these two Have now take they're making about Themselves what about the three children That were shot what about those three Adults and that's what's been killed and

That's what's Twisted about these three Losers is that they would rather make it About themselves and they're trying to Make Martyrs out of themselves than to Your point you've got to see that coming If you're in leadership especially a Super majority you've got to see that Coming and you got to be able to play Chess in a game of checkers and on the Other side of this the other point to be Made here uh is not simply that they Became the martyrs and we're not talking About what happened but also why give Them that right like why give Johnson The opportunity to go on TV and say oh Well they didn't vote me out because I'm A 60 year old white woman well no it's Because you went on the floor and begged And pleaded and sold your buddies out And said that they use the bull horn not You so you can't just always be in Defense you have to be on the offense And that's not what this is I think for One vote but I think offense is throwing These guys out and you're going to get a Hit anyway so you might as well just go Through but I see your points but you Know I'd say just throw them all up Throw the buns out everyone on Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I Want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any

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