This is low-down, dirty politics: Rivera

This is low-down, dirty politics: Rivera

’The Five’ co-host Geraldo Rivera criticizes Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for diverting resources away from the city’s raging crime crisis to focus on the Trump indictment. #FoxNews

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We are back with the Fox News Alert Former president Donald Trump indicted By a New York grand jury as the left Disregards his presumption of innocent He ain’t Just required a person who was directed In a campaign fraud scheme to go to jail That the guy who did the directing Should also be held to account that’s The way it should be Well Donald Trump Trump’s team is Countering calling it quote the Indictment of a failed nation here with This take co-host of the five Heraldo Rivera joins us live here in Studio M Morning Steve all right where do you Want to start Well I I just on a personal basis I Broke with President Trump for the most Profoundly serious reason uh he seemed To me to be trying very hard to Undermine our electoral process to stay Up the constitution in the back his Behavior following the election of 2020 Up till January 6th I thought was Reprehensible and I I thought he Deserved to be indicted and indeed he Was indicted uh to me this is a a chump Change indictment here in New York uh Here’s Alvin brag a man a district Attorney who is widely criticized as not Enforcing the law and allowing robberies And rapes and carjacking and murders to Happen without the office uh being as

Intensely engaged as it possibly could Be and instead he diverts the resources To go after Donald Trump on an Eight-year-old incident that was already Passed over by the federal prosecutors And PSY Vance who preceded Alvin Bragg In the DA’s office they checked this Stuff out and they decided not to go Forward so to go forward on the story Daniel’s uh payoff I I think to me is is Really low down and dirty local politics Uh listen it sounds like the doj and DC Is irritated by the fact that this local D.A has brought charges because they Think they think this case of of the Many investigations into Donald Trump This is the weakest and they’re worried That it could damage the January 2nd Georgia probes as well uh of course we Haven’t heard from the doj officially we Hadn’t heard from Joe Biden until about 20 minutes ago here’s Peter Ducey Mr President do you think that the Charges against Trump are politically Motivated Not surprising well that’s an ace Reporter we have there on the scene a Really uh strong and then passion Question asker uh I I think the President Biden does have to speak Eventually the indictment will be a big Circus uh the the the image of President Trump uh wearing handcuffs uh uh if that Happens certainly surrounded by Secret

Service as he surrenders to be arraigned Uh will be uh you know a burlesque uh And and very very demeaning scene a Payoff to a porn star he probably did it Uh you know but it was a misdemeanor it Was a campaign Finance violation maybe Uh you know you say big deal fraudulent Uh business records uh you know it is a Deal but it’s a deal that’s been sitting Around for eight years and no one Thought it’s significant enough to Prosecute and now what do they do they Want to perp walk the former president Of the United States I think it really Is Jump chance I I don’t know that Trump Is is right that this will rally his Support it might help him in the primary Process in the big picture I’m not I’m Not so sure but what I am sure Steve is That this is unfair that this is a lame Case brought by a politically motivated District attorney in my view it will not End well we regardless of what the Outcome is Trump Goes to Jail uh you Know can you imagine on on charges like This that the American people generally Speaking have no faith in I think it Really is uh uh Unseemly and unfortunate and and I think That when he says that it’s election Interference and political persecution That resonates to me and many others Listen uh if there is a trial and it is Televised can you imagine the ratings I

Think that having lived through OJ and All the rest I think so no kidding it’s Bigger bigger than Gwyneth Paltrow which Was earlier today the the trial of the Century Trailer will be watching you Tonight at five thank you Steve thank You I’m Steve Ducey I’m Brian Kilmeade And I’m Ainsley Earhart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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