This is ‘troubling news’ for Democrats: Rachel Campos-Duffy

This is ‘troubling news’ for Democrats: Rachel Campos-Duffy

Retired ICE and U.S. congressional candidate agent Victor Avila says that voters are ‘desperate for representation’ on common sense issues during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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With the State of the Union just days Away the Washington Post editorial board Is issuing a dire warning to President Biden urging him to address the Border Crisis headon both in the speech and in Policy writing quote Mr Biden will lose Re-election if he doesn't address the Southern border he needs to convey that He understands that many see the Millions of border crossings as a Breakdown in one of the federal Government's core responsibilities and Outline how he will use executive Authority To stop it if Congress won't Victor Aila Is a retired ice agent running for Congress in Texas and he joins us to Discuss Victor thank you for joining us This morning that Washington Post thing Is I'm scratching my head a little bit Because their advice is you need to talk About the Border in in your State of the Union Address um because Congress won't Close the border when they admit that It's that he reversed the Trump era Executive order so what can a President Biden at a state of the union say when He's the one who re reversed the order And still has the power to enact those Policies and just won't even after Visiting Brownsville and that's the issue Rachel Is that we all know that he has the Authority to do it because he's the one

That actually undid it and the the American people are no longer buying This they they want the president and he Has the uh at this point he must address This critical issue and that's border Security illegal immigration because It's not just the conservative people in This uh in the country believe it it's The Democrats that are asking for Answers uh Community what he say Victor But what can he say he made it happen so He's at the State of the Union what can He possibly Say well this is a part where uh you Have to have integrity I don't know if It exists in the white house but you Have to say what the reality is at the Border that we have been talking about For years that they have been ignoring If they want to have a shot at this Election they're going to have to do it And I think that's really the causes is That they know that they're losing this Election based on this number one issue In the country and they better address It all right I want you to see this poll Um it says if the 2024 election were Held today who would you vote for these Are the Hispanic numbers Victor Donald Trump 46% Joe Biden 40% um I don't know 14% this has to be very troubling the Democrats I know the border is a big Issue what are the other issues turning Uh Dem uh Hispanics or traditionally

Democrat against the Democrat Party well I can tell you my district That's predominantly Hispanic is the Economy of course border security is top Of mind but it's the economy it's Public Safety it's National Security I mean These are are common sense uh issues That people are uh requesting that they Feel abandoned that they haven't gotten In the last 3 years and they're Desperate for representation that their Government be present and address their Issues there's some rural healthare Issues in my district as well which uh In 2024 believe it or not we're still uh Having to deal with that uh but really Really what people when it comes down to They want to be safe in their own Neighborhood yeah fair enough okay Victor you are running in the primary on Tuesday you're running against Tony Gonzalez another Hispanic Republican in Your Texas district why are you running Against Tony Well I'll tell you uh we need to restore Accountability I'm going to bring back Integrity to this important position but Most of of all um like I said before People are wanting the representative to Be present uh Tony Gonzalez has Abandoned this district and has betrayed Us because of his votes in Congress We're talking about votes for DRS in the Military killing border security bills

Voting for January 6 committee this is Not what he said his own words that he Said that he was going to bring uh Conservative the values to this district And people are going to hold them Accountable that's why we have this Primary system I'm going to bring my Boots on the ground experience as a Federal agent uh as a subject matter Expert in human trafficking Investigations and especially my Experience as a dis Diplomat in Mexico And Europe uh I'm going to join the new Administration to bring the solutions For the Border yep you a former ice Agent is that Correct former HSI ice agent yes okay All right Victor well good luck on Tuesday we'll be watching that race and We be watching the Hispanic vote in Texas um and across the country which is Really um these poll numbers are as Someone used to say huge um so thank you Victor appreciate it thank you Rachel Okay I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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