This is why Americans are outraged: Pam Bondi

This is why Americans are outraged: Pam Bondi

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi and Tammy Bruce discuss Madeline Brame’s testimony and how she slammed Democrats for calling crime victims ‘props’ at hearing on ‘Hannity.’

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Here now former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce Pam let's get your take on this uh I thought Madeleine brame was phenomenal And I think she took that committee to Task and how dare they say she's a prop Sean this is why Americans are outraged For situations just like this Mrs brame Is a hero she's Brave she is a grieving Mother she is why prosecutors go to law School to prosecute cases to be able to Protect victims like her husband who was Almost mortally wounded and her son who Was fatally killed brutally killed and As she said the homicidal Maniacs who Killed her son are walking the streets That's why real prosecutors want to go To court every day to keep them off the Streets and to protect people like her And her family yet Alvin Bragg is a Disgrace and Adam Schiff and his friends Should be disgusted by the way they Treated her and Americans are outraged Because of it Tammy you live in New York What's your reaction uh you know this is It's remarkable to see a perfect example Of what all Americans are feeling and What's interesting is is that these are People who just want to be living their Lives and they're kind of pulled into This environment because of the Corruption and we see the contempt right We we talk about the Forgotten man and Woman and the contempt the government

Feels for us but there it was on display Is that there was like no they're just So used to having no respect at all for The average American and they just let It out they're just they're forgetting That we're watching this or they don't Care there's this sense that a woman Like that has no power she and her son Don't matter there she is wearing Apparently his dog tags it's Heartbreaking but it's also very Exciting in that this is a woman like Moms across this country who isn't going To sit back and accept this kind of Contempt and disrespect which of course Affected her son dramatically he Contributes to this country he served This country and that's the thanks he Gets and that's the attitude she gets I Mean this was a a revelation a reminder To the American people why we do what we Do and it transcends politics Republicans have plenty to complain About when it comes to Republicans but My goodness Democrats they've got to Come forward and admit that this is not The party that they knew it is not Representative of what will help their Families not just economically but crime In every city whether it's blue or red Or anywhere else this mentality like a Cancer metastasizes everywhere and Democrats like that Mom have got to Stand up and be vocal like that Bravo to

Her but she is you know the politicians Make a mistake they think she might be An outlier the fact of the matter is she Is us we are all her and they'd better Be prepared for the next couple of years Because we've had it Pam let me ask you About Lincoln getting 51 former Intel People to lie about 100 Biden's laptop And the allegations of this Whistleblower which I think are very Real implicating even Mary Garland your Reaction Yeah Sean it's very frightening that This is happening thank goodness we have Whistleblowers in this world who are Willing to come forward it's very Important it's crucial and I think I Think now the facts are going to come to Light we have to have whistleblowers More people if you're out there come Forward don't be afraid to come forward We now have people like Jim Jordan in Congress who are going to protect you And to be able to look out for you so You can tell the truth I think it's Going to be detrimental to Hunter Biden Into blinken as it should What's your take on that Tammy to me This is outright lying propaganda Misinformation to influence a Presidential election the highest level In our government these people served Yes this is uh it's very important Because the letter itself The

Whistleblower protections are only Happening because the Republicans have The house but when it comes to that Letter this is you know we can talk About corruption and certain people Being bad guys it's almost as though This government is being run like a Cartel And it's not just again I don't care What party you belong to this is about The Next Generation and our Responsibility For the the tens of thousands hundreds Of thousands of dead who fought for this Country right the Revolutionary War Getting worse than that because we know The FBI was meeting with big Tech every Week telling them they may be victims of A misinformation campaign and it may be About Hunter Biden they have 51 former Top Intel officials right lie to the American people is that election Interference it's a it's election Interference but what's interesting is The seed had to be there from the start To be able to put this together you know It's I don't know how much convincing They had to do of these people but I'm Going to guess not much and that's what We have to realize these are not in the Moment one-off Dynamics this is the Result of a cancer that has been coddled And allowed and has been able to move Forward without being pushed back on

That's the only reason they were able to Do this in front of people and then to Have be exposed and to still have no one Be taking responsibility or to have you Know any kind of Law and Order face them As a result of this telling you that the Corrupt system that allowed that the Cancer that allowed that is still Running through the body of this country All right Pamela coordinated effort yes It was a coordinated effort Yeah well said I mean you know what Dangerous too all right thank you both Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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