This is why the American position has collapsed: Gordon Chang

This is why the American position has collapsed: Gordon Chang

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Change and former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer discuss how President Biden’s weakness is having dangerous ramifications for the world on ‘Hannity.’

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It was reaction Fox News contributed Ari Fleischer and the author of The Coming Collapse of China and the great U.S China Tech War Gordon Chang Gordon let Me let me start with you about this Um I am watching saber rattling the Likes of which I've never seen before we May now within hours perhaps days have a Confrontation in the South China Sea With the Communist Chinese they know Nothing happened when that balloon was Flying all over the continental U.S and Over Alaska's airspace uh they know that We did nothing when when Russia took Down a drone clearly they have made a Determination that this President is not Going to act that is my take what is Yours I agree with you Sean because you know Flying that large balloon over our Nuclear weapons sites in other words They were preparing for a first or Second nuke strike on the U.S that Showed utter disrespect utter disregard For the United States and they saw the Reactions of the Pentagon to this and The reactions of the commander-in-chief And there was complete disarray we could Have shot that balloon down over Alaska Over Canada over uninhabited land and we Didn't do it so there was a failure of The highest order and we have seen the Collapse of America's position around The world all of these places that you

Mentioned and this is happening because Biden has gone back on successful American policies president Trump had The most successful Middle East policy Of any American president since FDR and Biden has had the worst Trump should Have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize for the Abraham Accords but you know of course The Europeans wouldn't do that The New York Times but that's a Different story no I I this is this is So serious to me Gordon what you're Saying and they're obviously Joe Biden Has abdicated the role of the U.S in the Free World but also the world in general And now it was clear the Saudi decision A very conscious decision not only did They they allow China to broker or deal With their arch nemesis Iran next to Syria but now they also reduce the Production of of oil what by a million Three barrels a day which will raise Prices because the U.S is out of the Domestic energy production business Yes and you know president Trump one of The first things that his National Security team decided was that the U.S Was going to maintain energy Independence and we were going to pump Oil and gas and use it to sell to others And to get them to follow American Policies this was great policy and Biden Has just turned his back on it and That's why we have the collapse of the

American position we've never seen this In our lifetimes we're now back at the Carter era of the U.S Being Um considered the weak person in the World I mean I I this is Incomprehensible Sean there was a Momentari Fleischer during this President XI and Vladimir Putin's Summit At the very end and I know they wanted This to go viral I know they wanted the World to see it and that is President XI Saying that we have an opportunity that We have not seen in over a hundred years My interpretation of that is they now Want to be the sole dominant superpower In the world do you agree or disagree No I think they both want to and Whatever happens that takes down America That moves us down several notches that Weakens us is all what they want look This began with Barack Obama's refusal To uh to enforce a red line against Syria when Syria moved chemical weapons It started with a red line in Syria and It's continued to a balloon with China It's the weakness of the American President this did not happen under Donald Trump and it happens now because They measure us and they measure Biden And they see weakness and Sean you just Said it right the failure to take down The balloon right away and just what the Russians did over the Black Sea International territory when they shot

Down an American drone what did we do to Respond we sat on our hands You don't think foreign Nations observe This not only China and Russia but Iran And North Korea too and what also then Happens is Nations like Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates are allies in the Middle East Egypt they start to hedge Their bets they don't think they can Rely or count on America the way they Did when we took out general soleimani Of Iran so they start to Cozy up to China and the others look when Donald Trump was in office the Arab Nations Made peace with Israel now they're Playing footsie with China it's because Of Joe Biden and and Gordon let me go Back to you because they're lecturing The United States and are elected Officials they're telling the our Elected officials that in fact they Can't go visit our Ally Taiwan or there Will be repercussions they didn't even Want speaker McCarthy meeting with the Taiwanese president in California for Crying out loud they think they can Lecture us and threaten us go to The Drudge Report China ready to fight uh it Goes on rare carrier confrontation Showdown with U.S Navy I can't imagine For a second that that would ever happen With Donald J Trump as president because I genuinely think they feared him and They had a belief that he meant it that

He might be crazy enough to do it and That fear was a great motivator to Prevent them from doing a lot of this Stuff Yes it certainly is and Sean you Mentioned what's going on in the Taiwan Strait right now there are three large Navies that are in close proximity to Each other China's chylons and ours this Is exceedingly dangerous we have seen China with these dangerous intercepts of American planes and international Airspace and it shows again that Disrespect for the U.S that means you Know you have a Chinese military Corps They know better but they do want to go To war and we have a political system in China that is actually encouraging Xi Jinping to do the same thing this is Dangerous and Biden and the Pentagon They have no clue as to what's occurring Inside China and Ari Fleischer I don't Think Joe Biden will do a thing if they Confront our carrier in in that area I'm not sure about that I think that if There is military action taking against One of our Naval warships he'll have no Choice how could he just sit there Silently and let that happen let a spy Balloon fly all across the U.S and not Lift a finger Yeah I think there's a difference Between that and an active naval ship That has United States Personnel aboard

What if they just what if they just try A blockade I bet you Joe Biden would Turn around That's how little faith I have yeah Blockade is different Sean and I would Worry about that I would worry about Joe Biden's fortitude about a blockade yeah He doesn't even know what it is Ari Fleischer thank you give it up Ari Gordon Chang thank you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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