This was not peaceful, it was kidnapping: Riley Gaines

This was not peaceful, it was kidnapping: Riley Gaines

Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines responds to San Fransisco State refusing to apologize to her after she was attacked by a liberal mob on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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Joining me now Riley Gaines she's a Spokeswoman with the Independent Women's Forum and former swimmer at the University of Kentucky Riley I mean the President also said the event was deeply Traumatic for the students but not for You who is actually assaulted apparently Your response tonight to what you just Heard I mean you can't even make this up Exactly like you said this is what Higher institutions are are doing Universities where children are going to Learn this is what they are teaching Them they also responded in the email With saying you know we know how hard it Can be to hear other perspectives so Here are some counseling resources for For you students who were so brave my Response is we must have different Definitions of peaceful because these Videos what I heard what I endured for Three hours sitting barricaded in a room Where they demanded money if I wanted to Safely make it home that is not peaceful That's kidnapping and extortion Now Jamila Moore as I said that staffer That sent the email out to the students Riley following your event also said That we value different ideas even when They're not our own but then yesterday You tweeted that it was this individual Jamila Moore Blocked you on Twitter so what happened

To the exchanging views and the beauty Of the exchange and the tolerance and The inclusivity what happened to that You know the Dei stuff it only works if It's in agreeance with what they're Pushing because in reality diversity is Racism and Equity it's it's segregation These these ideas they're pushing it's Not indicative of what the messaging is That they're using it's manipulative It's violent this whole movement it's Vengeful it's hateful I've never seen a Movement quite like this movement Well the protection of women and girls In sports Act of 2023 Seeks to clarify can you believe we have To clarify Title IX by classifying Athletes by biology rather than whatever They claim to be on any given day but This isn't apparently sitting well with Some of the most famous female athletes Like Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe WNBA star Sue bird and others released a statement Today saying they believed and they Believe in gender equity and in sports It's critical our deepest hope is that Transgender and intersex kids will never Have to feel the isolation exclusion and Other ring That H.R 734 is seeking to enshrine into Law Riley Are you trying to I guess perform othering against other Individuals I don't even know what that

Means this is so idiotic Riley I know Your reaction no I'm not And my my response to this is both Megan Rapino and Sue bird are done playing and Both of them will not procreate because They're not attracted to men so neither One of these women have daughters to Defend and they're done playing sports So it doesn't matter to them Well I like to put any really really Strong Varsity you know high school you Know athlete against Megan Rapinoe Soccer player and see how she liked Playing all right Riley thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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