This will be Biden’s excuse not to debate: Mauro

This will be Biden's excuse not to debate: Mauro

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss former President Trump’s fundraising efforts and his possible picks for vice president. #FoxNews

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Well on to this Fox News Alert you know President Biden might have been speaking But it was former president Trump who Was making the news this just into Fox First on our Network that President Trump is announcing that this week he Will have raised $25 million tonight There is a High doll fundraiser as well As with the Grassroots um you'll see Woody Johnson the owner of the Jets There among others but interestingly you Know who will be at this big fundraiser This evening here in New York City Tim Scott Doug VP contenders before President Trump Heads off tomorrow to Ohio where he'll Have a fundraiser with JD Vance another VP Contender and as that news was Breaking about the campaign Hall uh we Also heard this Paul Morrow uh this was On with clay and buck ston I I imagine This must have been a pre-taped Interview because president Trump's in Court but he said Tim Scott is in play JD Vance is in play these are all names That are being talked about sort of like A lot of people are in play this is the Interesting part I'm really a believer That you do it during the vention so That would be kind of unconventional to Name your VP pick during the convention But Donald Trump knows how to drive eyes Keep a story going control the narrative And drive the news so to that point

Let's compare what Donald Trump can do And is doing to what we just heard from President Biden who to my ears came off As sort of fering unsure occasionally he Roused himself but he's slurring Etc it Goes to Let's tie this back to the to The current trial two things first of All we we know there's a segment of the Population that says that they won't Vote for Trump if he's convicted I'm a Little skeptical of that but it goes to Something else in my prediction if they Get the fword here felon attached to Donald Trump that will be the Biden Campaign's excuse not to debate because One next to the other too Stark a Difference too Stark a distinction and Donald Trump frankly will just run rings Around them because when we saw Joe Biden Come Off Script at the State of The Union which was supposed to be his Great big you know comeback uh tour M The only time he came off script cuz he Was reading that State of the Union the Only time he came off script was when he Fumer right he started calling lak Riley Lincoln Riley he got a little unsure of Himself they can't afford that it'll be A death nail in the debates if they can Put the Felon word on Donald Trump I Predict they're going to use that so That he doesn't get up on stage with Don I I think that's spot on Kennedy you Know President Biden he was energized

During the state of the union he got a Lot of praise for that speech but and What we just watched his remarks I mean He was saying over and over again like I'm wrapping up here I I I just can't Imagine him standing Visa Donald Trump Who's more on message than I've seen him In quite some time in this candid Unscripted environment um it it actually Has been an organizing source for him The trials and the reaction because he Only has a certain amount of time and he Has been much more disciplined with his Message I I think the the vep thing is Brilliant because as we've seen with Governor Christine gome Sometimes these potential VPS implode of Their own doing so he's giving more People time and Runway to make a case For themselves but also to fumble and Stumble and get themselves out of the Way out of the race he really doesn't Need anyone else right now and you know Joe Biden is he's got kamla Harris and And she is an anvil around his neck her Poll numbers are worse than his so the Former president could name just about Anyone at the convention in July and Still better all right you're talking About things that are simultaneous to Today earlier today right before the House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke uh the Campaign for Donald Trump sent this out My next vice president will be decided

By you all caps and highlighted what do You think my V who do you think my VP Should be alert cast your vote Everything I do I do for you so they Were sending out campaign type messages As the surogat were were stacking up to You know to the microphone outside the Courthouse it is an interesting way to Play the political game and we'll see in November who wins if only we could have The Apprentice the vep stakes the vep Stakes kind of like that yeah and in Politics look when you're driving the Narrative that is no small matter and For weeks uh we continue as you're Looking there at the courthouse uh this Man former president Trump is driving The narrative we wait to hear from him We'll bring you all the latest uh from Straight from the courthouse here on Fox News hey everyone I'm Emily compano Catch me and my co-hosts Harris vulner And Kaye mechineni on outnumbered every Weekday at 12:00 pm Eastern or set your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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