Top Democrat facing growing calls to resign over health concerns

Top Democrat facing growing calls to resign over health concerns

‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro reports the latest on the push from within her own party. #FoxNews

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All right welcome back to Fox and Friends that woman right there Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein is Facing calls to resign from people in Her own party because she's been away From work because of her health yeah She's missed the vast majority of the Senate's votes so far this year so she's Working from home in San Francisco I Think she's got Alzheimer's Todd pyro Joins us now with more angles yeah Unclear exactly what it is beyond Shingles but we'll get to that right now Steve Ainsley and Brian the 89 year old Senator who turns 90 in June asks him to Be temporarily replaced in the Judiciary Committee as she faces calls to resign Due to her health Dianne Feinstein Releasing a statement that reads in part Quote I intend to return as soon as Possible once my medical team advises That it is safe for me to travel in the Meantime I remain committed to the job And will continue to work from home in San Francisco the Democrats been absent From the Senate since she underwent Treatment for the aforementioned Shingles in February leaving 14 of President Biden's judicial nominees in Limbo Feinstein has failed to vote in 60 Of the Senate's 82 votes so far in 2023 And hasn't provided a timeline for her Return following unspecified medical Complications her vote matters a lot for

The Dems who hold a razor thin margin in The Senate prompting two house Democrats To call for her to step aside California Congressman rocana tweeting it's time For Senator Feinstein to resign we need To put the country ahead of personal Loyalty while she has had a lifetime of Public Service it is obvious she can no Longer fulfill her due dates duties and Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips Saying I believe it's now a dereliction Of Duty to remain in the Senate and a Dereliction of Duty for those who remain Quiet back in February Feinstein Announcing plans to retire next year but At the end of her turn back to you That's right Todd thank you very much And the end of her term is 2024. so uh Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Says that he will ask the Senate next Time they get together to allow a a Democrat to sit in her place on that Committee she's not stepping away from Her full job just the Judiciary Committee well it's San Francisco so Even if they replaced her with a Democrat and she they have another Election in November the chances of it Being a Democrat yeah absolutely yeah With the Democratic governor uh I would Say this too is that you can't get Anyone nominated at 9-9 in committee so They want to just Jam these judicial Nominations down the Republican throat

She can't do it and she's uh got an Empty chair there we wish her all the Best she hasn't missed a lot of votes But God bless her it used to be a many Times a voice to reason on International Affairs I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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