Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina: Trump probe is shocking

Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina: Trump probe is shocking

Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina provides insight on the indictment against the former president on ‘Hannity.’

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Trump attorney Joe takapina you know my First question is you know considering You know Mueller was against this uh the Doj was against it the FEC was against It Cyrus Vance was against us and even Alvin Bragg when he first took office Seemed against this my question is now The brag showed his great courage is he Going to get in the courtroom with Joe Takapina is he going to try this case Start to finish Oh he'll be in the courtroom I think He'll be about three or four rows back Um but when when and if the bell rings At a trial in this case I have a hunch He's he's going to be a spectator not a Participant uh you know I I agree with You it would be the courageous thing to Do when you're doing something so Historic so Monumental Um bringing an indictment against the First former president in in the history Of this country Um you know you should try that yourself Being that you're the one who's you know Pulling those strings but I I can't Imagine that happening of course I would Welcome that but I can't imagine it Happening Sean all right let's go Through what the day will be like Tomorrow reports are that you and the President will arrive I assume others Will be with the president at about 11 A.M he'll be before a judge around 2 15.

We know that the president will get a Mug shot we know he will be Fingerprinted is he going to be perp Walk do we have any guarantee they won't Do that uh will he be handcuffed do we Have any guarantee they won't do that uh Any anything extraordinary that you Expect tomorrow or is it all planned out What's extraordinary is that tomorrow's Actually happening that's what's Extraordinary I I just cannot believe Beyond that point I agree on the Eve of Destruction like yeah you know it's just Like surreal to me based on this charge These allegations it's a federal Election committee and a little a Federal election law rule that governs Here here's a state prosecutor when Federal the FEC has turned this down the The federal prosecutors have turned us Down and when it looked at his turn down Said there's no violation here a state Prosecutor is now going to bring a case Based on a federal law violation that Doesn't exist according to the federal Authorities Um it's it's surreal it's shocking but You know look we don't know what's going To happen tomorrow other than that we'll Be pleading very loudly not guilty Before the judge Um and then we'll go from there all Right let me ask you there's been a lot Of reports today that there might be a

Gag order placed on Donald Trump a Presidential candidate that has happened In the past Roger Stone I think manafort I don't fully remember but I know what Happened in Stone's case are you telling Me there's a possibility that they would Prevent a presidential candidate from Using his Free Speech rights and Defending himself Can't be won't happen Um I don't believe anyone's even looking For that I mean that would be that would Really Set a blaze the the passions and the Tempers that already have been inflamed By this case Um you know people view this as a Political persecution you know those Numbers you showed Sean in your Introduction regarding his increase in In popularity in the polls and the Amount of money that's come in the last Three days are because people are Infuriated and they are now Understanding that weaponization of the Justice system is a real thing but you Know attempting to gag a United States Citizen who was a defendant not a lawyer Not a litigant but but a defendant in The case Um you know especially that's a First Amendment violation obviously but has to Be balanced against the a right to a Fair trial but imagine putting a gag on

Donald Trump when he's the front runner For the Republican Party Um for the presidential office and and Imagine during the campaign he's told You know I can't speak about the case so When people ask him questions he has to Just say sorry I have a gag order Obviously that's not going to happen That would directly interfere with the Election as this prosecution has already Done that would further interfere with The election there's no scenario where That's going to happen I'm sure of that I don't think that's even going to be Requested all right let me let me ask This I know the president said he Doesn't believe he can get a fair trial You've tried over a hundred cases in New York City over the course of your career Very successfully in most instances my Question to you is this is a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly Ten to one I mean you've got a seated Jury the odds are the overwhelming Number of potential jurors in this case Are going to be registered Democrats Democrats in this country they seem to Bubble and Fizz like Alka-Seltzer and Water just at the very name Donald Trump Or the face of Donald Trump So I wonder I mean you don't have to Give away your strategy but but I have Doubts if he can get a fair trial here I Really do and why not have a change of

Venue to make sure that it's in you know At least a 50 50 part of New York State We're absolutely going to obviously Consider all things you know we the Legal team has been meeting and Discussing and and they'll be a host of Motions we're going to make including I'm telling you right off the bat a Motion to dismiss based on uh selective Prosecution prosecutor misconduct there Will be those other things considered Like a venue change and other motions That wouldn't be right to get into at This point we first have to see this Indictment Um but but you know look at the end of The day when if this gets to a jury and It really shouldn't get to a jury Because this case should be dismissed on The law but if it gets to a jury You know what I would do what our team Would do with Todd and Susan would do is Simply look you know the drawers in the Eyes and say this is you understand You're not voting for political office Here this is not a presidential campaign Or a gubernatorial campaign this is Someone's life in Liberty and and this Is much more serious than what side of The the you know political Specter You're on this is someone's life in Liberty and whether they're deemed a Criminal for the rest of their life and Most people that that want to be able to

Look themselves in the mirror for the Rest of their lives are going to follow The law and and going to follow the Facts if they follow the law on the Facts in this case if we get to a jury Again Um this should be the quickest verdict In the history of the United States of America Um so I I look we have to weigh all Things and we do have to consider the Bias against President Trump in the city Um and we will weigh it um but but Ultimately people who are going to be Sitting in Judgment of him if it gets That far are going to really have to be So conscientious of their oath and their Duty and and the rule of law in this Country because if we just say ah it's Donald Trump we don't have to worry About it like you said there's a Republican prosecutor in Texas that's Going to be gearing up for a Democrat Now and this is what we're going to use The justice system for to to be a Political tool in this country and and Rule of law is dead dead if that Happened Sean you've said a number of Times in this interview if they get that Far are you not expecting it to get that Far Let me be very clear the only reason it Would not get that far is because the Case will be dismissed on papers okay

There is zero zero chance where Donald Trump is pleading to anything here he Committed no crime he committed no wrong Not a misdemeanor not a felony not a Traffic ticket there is nothing here so I am talking about this case should fall On the law and and we're going to be Pushing that obviously Um we have to evaluate everything Including the indictment but I I still Can't believe Um this is going to survive our our Vigorous motions Um to dismiss let's talk about the Statute of limitations the New York State law which is a misdemeanor and This unprecedented novel idea never has Been used before of marrying it to an Election law a federal election law uh Will you do you think the statute of Limitations has expired on both the State law and the federal level So there's misdemeanors and there's Felonies right statute of limitations Misdemeanors are two years for felonies In New York state they're five Um there's a question as to whether Um Governor Cuomo's extension of the Statute of limitations by a year and 45 Days during the covert period will hold Um even with that it's very close and The match has to be done there's a lot Of exemptions a lot of issues that is One of the things so we're going to be

Looking at I mean this is this is the Oldest case in the books of all the Things they were investigating and It Just strikes me as so incredibly odd That they're going to bring Case that's Weak on the law that's going to have Problems surviving serious motions Um that is this old that is this Petty That has nothing to do with the election Or the campaign but was it personal Civil settlement that's done every day That was done between a lawyer and Another lawyer when they orchestrated a A settlement Arrangement that the President wasn't even privy to at the Time uh he didn't even sign the Settlement agreement and subsequently Later while he was already in office his Organization uh paid some legal fees for That as they were invoiced it's amazing Amazing to think that this is a a case That they believe falls under the FEC Rules and regulations the federal Election committee's rules and Regulations and violates any of those Laws it does not not by a long shot and We've been with some terrific FEC people Bradley Smith and I have spoken and and He's confirmed that Um so it is I really just don't know Where they think they're going to wind Up here if it was just to get the you Know 15 minutes tomorrow to get him into A courtroom and whatnot who knows

Let me ask you a final question uh Considering we all know what Bragg said He ran a campaign to get Donald Trump One man one company the Trump Organization one family the Trump family Do you believe that this is selective Prosecution and prosecutorial uh abuse On his part and is there any remedy for You on on that level Of course that is why it is selective Prosecution Um you know again if he was not named Donald Trump there would be no Indictment that's a fact I've said it to You many times I saw Andrew McCarthy I Think Echo that there would not be a Case if this wasn't Donald Trump you Know and and so that's where you know We're really gone amok here you select The person that you don't like Donald Trump and then you try and find a crime So it is is mind-boggling to me that That we're here we are here Um but it's it's just not going to hold Up so these these you know charged that Cobbling together to try and make Felonies out of Um won't survive a challenge a legal Challenge all right Joe takapina the President's attorney thank you for being Here and we'll be watching tomorrow and Get reaction from you tomorrow night hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and

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