Trump may skip debates: ‘What’s the purpose?’

Trump may skip debates: 'What's the purpose?'

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss key issues ahead of the 2024 election and what she believes the GOP needs to do in order to secure victory at the ballot box. #FoxNews

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Joining me now Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Welcome back to Fox News great to be With you thanks thanks for having me It's great to have you so let's talk About this report that's getting a lot Of attention you guys just had a meeting In Oklahoma City Um I'm told there was going to be a Debrief of this but this is the headline From The Washington Post GOP study on Poor 2022 election showing doesn't Mention Trump according to many in the Party that would produce an incomplete Analysis at best quote what's the point Of doing an analysis of the Republican Party if you're not looking at Trump You're just wasting your time that's From an RNC member anonymously the Former president is clearly the biggest Voice in the room for the party he had Great sway in getting candidates through The primaries that didn't do well in the General missed the chance to retake the Senate how can you break down 2022 Without talking about that President Well let me say first of all the Washington Post does not have a final Draft because there is not a final draft Many of the Committees have not Completed that so that's inaccurate Reporting what I will say is the biggest Takeaway we're taking is Independence Did not break our way which has to

Happen if we're going to win in 2024 Which usually that's what causes that Red wave and abortion was a big issue in Key States like Michigan and Pennsylvania and so the guidance we're Going to give to our candidates is you Have to address this head-on the Democrats spent 360 million on this and Many of our candidates across the board Refused to talk about it thinking oh we Can just talk about the economy and Ignore this big issue and and they can't Yeah and there's still people though Advising Republicans that way saying This issue is bad for you it's cost you Don't do it but you have said you got to Take it head-on you want people to Articulate not only the Republican Position but the Democrat position and Yet so many of them when they're forced Candidates or potential candidates to Talk about it they seem to still Struggle with the answer yeah they're Uncomfortable but they can't be and it's Not just talk about it once the Democrats are putting 360 million Against you on TV in lies so those lies Become the truth if you don't fight back So you need to say listen I'm proud to Be pro-life the consensus we have to Find consensus among Democrats and Republicans let's see where the Democrats are what abortion is a bad Idea to a Democrat nine month eight

Months seventh month they can't even Articulate an abortion that's a bad idea Gender selection if it's a girl you get To abort it taxpayer-funded abortions For people where it's against their Religious conscience that's where Joe Biden was years ago so I think put them On the defensive and articulate where You stand and that's going to be the Critical message we have to get out Before these before 2024. you guys too Have started talking about issues early Voting mail-in voting ballot harvesting That is something that former president Trump was one for years who railed very Hard against that he softened a bit but The Wall Street Journal has this Question about whether it's too late the Damage has been done they say his Criticism of mail-in voting before and Since his 2020 loss helped chip away at GOP faith in early voting polls show Party strategists say that's actually Contributed to election defeat so in 2020 Nationwide roughly 60 percent of Democrats voted early and about 30 Percent of Republicans that had been More equal in 2016. so how do you now Convince people to embrace these methods That you say you need to win when There's been such a negative connotation Around them what I would say is we did It pretty successfully in 2022 in States Like Florida and North Carolina and Ohio

So even with ballot harvesting we beat Democrats on three Statewide races in Nevada we did it in California to win The Duarte seat and obviously in Montana For zinke so we're doing it the process Is key I would say the Democrats though Invest more in that Republican investors Wait until the candidates picked and Until the primaries are done and Democrats are always investing in the Process that's why the RNC is so Critical you have to invest early if You're going to educate voters and talk To them about the importance of banking Votes early and we need to do that bank Your vote then go be a poll Watcher and Sign up to work on Election Day but That's something we're continually Working on but we did better than that Then I think the media is saying oh State we do need to improve on that and Is Sylvania okay and that's such a Critical State and so many of these Races nationally and the Senate races And others of gubernatorials um so let's Talk about debates because those are Coming president Trump has said that Nobody consulted him or his campaign About the debates you have announced Thus far I'm assuming you're in Conversations with all of these Campaigns is that accurate yeah we're Talking to all the campaigns and Potential campaigns right because we

Don't not everybody's announced yet I've Talked to president Trump Dave bossi Who's running the debate committees Talked and met with all the candidates Yes we're talking with them all the time But no we're not asking them where Should we have it who should be the Moderators that would be inappropriate What I do know is we're going to have a Great field and the next president of The United States is going to be on our Debate stage so he has said some things About whether or not he'll be on that Debate stage let me play a little bit of What he said a couple days ago When you weigh up you don't do debates What if you're even or down you do Debates but when you weigh up what's the Purpose of doing the debate he also Wrote on true truth social he said if You're leading by what he's called Seemingly insurmountable numbers and We'll get to the polls Um why subject yourself to being libeld And abused so what happens if he doesn't Show up you know that's his choice and Every candidate is going to make that Calculation they're going to decide when Do I announce do I go to Iowa do I go to New Hampshire do I debate and that's Going to be his decision what I think is The American people want to see these Candidates they want to see what they're Articulating and especially what is your

Plan to take us out of the misery of Joe Biden what are you going to do to help Our kids in school who are dealing with Fentanyl and Tick Tock what are you Going to do to help get us energy Independent people are really hurting Right now in this country so I look at The debate not just about Republican Against Republican I look at it as our Party making a case as to why we should Win the White House and defeat Joe Biden And that's one of the factors as to why I would say everybody should get on that Debate stage does he miss an opportunity If he doesn't come or is he as he says Spearing himself but potentially taking Shots and taking hits that you know are Tough for any campaign well he's going To make that determination his campaign Will make that determination I will just Say this people are struggling and they Want to see our plan as a party as to How we're going to win so I do think It's important to get on the debate Stage but also remember hey who are we Against it's Joe Biden who's doing this To our country Joe Biden and I think one Of the other takeaways we took from the Midterms in 2022 is that we we don't Just need Independence we need every Republican and we need to bring every Republican together we had states where Republicans wouldn't vote for republican Nominees and that was a big factor in

Why we lost some key Senate races so we Need to come together and remember who We're against in November and that's Going to be this Biden White House that Is destroying our country do you feel Like sometimes though you have to remind The former president about that message Because he's been very influential in in Races I think back to Georgia you know a Couple of Cycles back where people felt Like they weren't going to show up Because he told told them that something Unfair was going on I think there's a Lot of people that need to be reminded That we we need to remember that it's Joe Biden and I think the voters feel That they feel that angst and they say That to me all the time we need part of Unity we need to bring everybody Together because what what they're doing To our country is frightening we're not Going to have the America we know and Love if this continues if they stack the Supreme Court if they get rid of the Filibuster if they abandon energy Independence if they're so beholden to China I mean look at China is running This White House in a lot of ways China Is the reason fentanyl is coming across Our border China is taking our kids data On Tick Tock we sold our strategic Petroleum reserves to China this is an Administration that is more China first Than America First and the American

People want a president who cares about Them All right let's talk about the strategy That this president currently has to go Back into 24 they say basically they Want to do what they did in 2020 it Worked for him and what they think Worked in the midterms in 2022. lay low Keep the spotlight on what they like to Call Mega extremists in your party one Op-ed piece in the New York Times put it This way Mr Biden's biggest Advantage Might not come from anything he has Actually done instead it might come from The chaos among Republicans this is Welcome news for the president who's Fond of telling voters and we both heard Him say it last night don't compare me To the almighty compare compare me to The alternative Democrats want to point To a split in the party about everything From whether president Trump should be Your nominee to where to draw the line On abortion how to have that Conversation how worried are you about The president's message there that he's Going to point to you guys and say to America they're too divisive they're two Extremists you can't trust them well We're seeing this happen right and I'm Not surprised he's going to hide he's Hid from the Press he's hid from the American people he doesn't take tough Questions he doesn't have to answer for

Anything any of the scandals that he has In his presidency so he's going to hide Again and most of the media will allow Him to do that but I do think he's right About one thing we cannot win if if We're not United if Republicans don't Vote for other Republicans we're not Going to win and we don't just need all Of Republicans we need Independence too You know Shannon Republicans are Migrating they are migrating to Red States why because we've got great Governors across the country low taxes Are our policies work but it means the White house electorally isn't available To US unless we go through a purple or Blue State and those states are getting Bluer because red voters are moving to The red States so this is very very Critical that we understand the path to The White House Runs not just through Independence but every single Republican Getting on board do you have a an idea About the pledge will you have everybody Sign a pledge they did this back in 2016 Included president Trump before he was President he kind of balked at it at the End to have them say if you want to be On the debate stage you're going to have To support the eventual Army I asked Governor Hutchison about it last week He's officially in now he didn't like The sound of the Pledge what's the Status so let me ask a republican voter

Go to our voters and say do you think It's so critical if you get on the Republican National Committee debate Stage that you're going to support the Eventual nominee and everyone will say Yes they do not want to see somebody Take up our time and talk about all These things unless they're pledged to Beat Joe Biden they don't have to like Each other they don't have to hang out After this I don't care about that I Want you to be focused on beating Joe Biden and that pledge is critical to the Voters who don't want to see Republicans Come out of this and focus more on each Other than than being winning the White House I want to quickly ask you about Cultural issues because we've got some New polling on this and the issue of Trans issues Pulling higher is people are more Worried voters are about attacks on Trans families than they are about trans People competing in sports when asked About issues involving schools the top Concern you can see here was book Banning now there's word major donor to The GOP Peter Thiel is unhappy and is Going to hold his money out because he Doesn't like these debates about Abortion and trans and bathrooms and all Of that are you worthy these cultural Issues are hurting the GOP well one the Democrats are using this word book

Banning you're seeing it a lot you saw On Biden's launch that's a lie there Isn't book batting where Republicans are Doing are protecting our children and Parental rights and saying Five-year-olds shouldn't be reading Sexually explicit material Rhonda Santos Went in in front of cameras and read Some of these books and the news Stations had to go away because the Material was so explicit but now we know Their game plan right we can have a Conversation about issues and really What it is about is parents should have A say in what's happening with our kids And I think most Americans support that But it's good to know the Democrats Playbook and we're going to push back on That especially coming from a Democrat Party that is Banning freedom of speech That is canceling people that is Destroying your life if you don't think With their Orthodoxy this is a Democrat Party who is saying if you think outside Of the box of everything we are Dictating to you we will make you lose Your job we will destroy you so they're Banning people they're banning freedom Of speech and freedom of thought Republicans are protecting children All right we will see you on the Campaign Trail much to come ahead in the Debates and Beyond thank you thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and

I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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