Tucker: This is a dark moment in our history

Tucker: This is a dark moment in our history

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Political Director, Balazs Orban, explains why dozens of European Union countries are suing his country for passing a law that would prevent children from being sexualized on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #tucker #tuckercarlson

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So castrate your children that is the Message and some people bewilderingly Are following that there has been a huge Surge of young people being castrated in The name of transgenderism Reuters Recently reported that in the past few Years 56 miners between the ages of 13 To 17 have undergone genital mutilation In clinics around the country 776 miners have undergone mastectomies Having their breasts cut off and more Than 14 000 have been poisoned with hormone Treatment which will in a lot of cases Sterilize them for Life cause them Osteoporosis And other problems so obviously this is A very dark moment in our history a Civilized country would not put up with That Hungary has a child protection act Which prevents any of this crap from Going on children from being sexualized And because it has taken a stand against Sexualizing children Hungary is being Sued by over a dozen EU member states Bosch Orbin is the political director For Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban one of the smartest people we've Ever talked about politics and he joins Us tonight Bosch thank you so much for Coming on Um so you are taking an unpopular Position that I think will be Vindicated By history you personally have indicated

By history but right now it's got to be Hard why are you sticking to your Position in Hungary Good evening ladies and gentlemen thank You very much Tucker for the nice words And thank you for for having me well Actually the whole story started around 2021 when we in Hungary started to Realize that something is uh it's coming It's like a storm which is coming woke Ideology or lgbtq propaganda is is Arriving to Hungary to schools through Media and through ngos and and you know You can imagine how a Grassroots normal Hungarian citizen reacted on that we Don't have the word Vogue in Hungarian People were asking what are you talking About Vogue is that the French magazine Or what but then they started to realize That this is this you know this is Something serious and um in in in and When we introduced the child protection Bill which bans Transgenderism and the lgbtq propaganda For for minors then the whole Brazilian Bureaucracy and European Union were Going again answers then we decided to Turn towards the people and we organized The national referendum when almost four Million people said no to to to to to Gender propaganda and said yes to Child Protection Law is compared to the size Of America it would mean almost 130 Million

Supportive votes but then as it happens The Empire Strikes Back and the Brazilian deep State it's it's very Similar to the to the to the DC One it Started a legal persecution uh against Hungary which is backed by many Western European countries Eastern European Countries think differently but there is An ongoing really political and legal Cold War but we try to keep the fronts Up So it sounds like you're not going to Back down no definitely not and you know The Hungarian people are Hungarian People are behind us so this is their Expectation this is you know my my job Is not to be popular among the Brazilian Elise but but to represent the interest Of my people in Brussels this is why we We have no other chance just to take the Battle You anticipated my question amazingly I Was going to ask does the public support This so just to be really clear in Closing a democracy is a government that Represents the will of its people you're Often called a dictatorship But this policy reflects what hungarians Want just to be clear is that right true True this is this is what Hungarian Wants it's it's out of uh out of Question and if the media the state the Big powers are against you you only Backing is the support of the people we

Are very grateful for that one and we Have to serve them Yeah so if Samantha power doesn't like It you're a dictatorship right I got I Got yeah the terms oh yeah yeah if you Are not with us then you are a Dictatorship this is how this foreign Policy looks like usaid immediately Launched a central European program uh She visited our country and they really Are ready ready to Enlighten us yeah I Would keep her out of your country if I Were you blush Orban coming from one of The last democracies in the west Hungary Thanks so much for coming on today thank You very much Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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