Tucker: This is impossible to imagine

Tucker: This is impossible to imagine

Harmeet Dhillon joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss the likelihood of former President Donald Trump being subjected to a gag order after being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

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Our meet Dylan has followed all of this Closely from the inside she's the Founder of the Dylan Law Group hermit Thanks so much for coming on tonight so Let's start Um with a specific question Jermaine to The race in which Donald Trump is Engaged he's the front owner by 30 Points in you have seen cases Politicized cases as with Roger Stone in Which the person charged is gagged by The judge and not allowed to speak about The charges this is increasingly common In violation of the First Amendment Obviously but it happens If this happens to Donald Trump he will Lose his Free Speech rights as a Candidate in a presidential race and I'm Just wondering if you think that could Potentially happen Well it very much could happen in fact We've seen it talked about on television Already and in fact the the president Has been subject to similar former President subject to similar allegations In other litigation that he's involved And also Way Beyond the statute of Limitations the story is that because he Says mean things about people sometimes On his Free Speech platforms that he Should not be allowed to speak about a Fundamental issue of due process that Governs the future of our country and How we look at Justice and how we look

At the politicism politicization of this Political process and so that would be a Gross miscarriage of Justice if it Occurs and I would not be surprised to See this politicized prosecutor make That request of this judge I I honestly think it's impossible to Imagine greater election interference a Greater or more aggressive attack on our Democracy than gagging a presidential Candidate in a presidential year I mean Vladimir Putin has never dreamed of any Attack on the United States more Damaging than that Would anyone be able to stop it Well certainly the lawyers in this case Will argue against that and it may be The kind of issue that they seek an Immediate Appeal on if they lose but at The end of the day if a court sets those Rules then you know litigan has to abide By them or be in contempt of court and You know that itself would be a very Dangerous course to pursue and so yes no Matter which way you cut it this entire Case from its Inception to its Continuation to its now being brought to Fruition uh what we hear from the New York Times not from anything that the DA's office has told the defense team is That there are 30 plus charges we don't Know what they are the New York Times Knows what they are and so this is not The way that Justice is meant to go in

The United States and what I'm afraid of Tucker is that this isn't just going to Be about Donald Trump it's going to Undermine all citizens confidence in the Rule of law in this country and that is Really tragic Yeah it is and it has far-reaching and Lasting generational consequences that I Don't think anyone's thought through Army Dylan I appreciate your wise and Measure perspective as always thank you Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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