Tucker: This is just embarrassing

Tucker: This is just embarrassing

Tucker Carlson addresses the possible impact of newly elected Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s policies and the crime crisis in San Francisco. #FoxNews

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For Chicago really one of the great Cities in the world living under Lori Lightfoot and suffering she got bounced Out in the primary and then last night Tragically voters in that City elected a Guy who's even worse the new mayor will Be called Brandon Johnson he's an open Racist an open racist who believes in Defunding the police even though crime Is up more than 60 percent this year We're not overstating it here he is Today If we are just simply looking at putting More money into policing that has Demonstrated to be a strategy that is Certainly short-sighted the Comprehensive approach that we have put Forth is something that the city of Chicago overwhelmingly embraced and Again it's a testament to what can Happen around the country That's just embarrassing can you speak a Grammatical sentence and he's all in on Defunding the police As like productive people of all Races Are fleeing the cities or boarding up The loop this is insane That guy's now the mayor of Chicago very Sad someone should think about how that Happened by the way and also think about What happened in Wisconsin that state Has just Fallen under Democratic party Control of the Supreme Court These stores funded candidate won and

That means among other things that voter ID laws will be struck down before the Next election in a swing state okay Francie hakes is a former state and Federal prosecutor she joins us tonight For an extremely depressing segment uh Francis thanks so much for coming on Um these seem like significant election Results Well I think they're really significant Tucker when you're talking about the Mayor of Chicago saying that it's Short-sighted to put more police on the Street or put more funding into training And recruiting great police officers who Could actually solve crime what is their Murder clearance rate in Chicago right Now something like 20 that means Something like 80 percent of murders in Chicago which are Way Up Get Go unsolved How is that helping the citizens of Chicago I have no idea what he is Thinking I don't know what they're Thinking all I can say is that the Voters of Chicago have apparently Elected a man that they should have Known was a police defunder and Therefore is going to do nothing to make That City safe and I think that the Crime is only going to go up yeah and The guy spent the last couple of days The campaign attacking whites like this Open racist stuff and no one ever says Anything about that how is that allowed

In America how you openly baldly attack An entire racial group in a political Campaign and no one even notices Well of course we're supposed to have Free speech in this country Tucker but As you just heard from Marjorie Taylor Green it really only seems to go one way He's allowed to say whatever he wants But it used to be that if you said Something that crazy and that racist you Certainly couldn't get elected dog Catcher much less mayor of Chicago but Here's where we are he's mayor of Chicago yeah politicians should never Attack any group on the basis of their Race that's just totally immoral I Thought that was the lesson of the Civil Rights Movement but apparently it works That's the worst part that's the Scariest part Francis I appreciate your Coming on tonight thank you thanks Tucker So you just can't overstate how great San Francisco is fundamentally it's just Beautiful and unlike so many cities Around the country which lost the Manufacturing base San Francisco never Had one and instead it got like a Trillion dollars in Tech money so you Think it would be the greatest city in The world but it's become one of the Worst someone should figure out how that Happened the whole city the Rincon Neighborhood in San Francisco one of the

Richest neighborhoods in the country Google is a building there But it's becoming Islam on Tuesday Morning the founder of the payments Program cash app Bob Lee was stabbed to Death apparently on the street Please still don't know who did it this Kind of thing happens not always to Tech Executives of course but it happens to Normal people all the time you might Remember this video from July shot by a Man called Richie Wynn it shows what Children in San Francisco have to walk Past on their way to school Don't get home safe okay Come on man These little kids gotta walk through This crazy Ricky Nguyen is the man who shot that Video and has been trying his level best To get people to pay attention what's Happening to his City he's in San Francisco tonight he joins us Ricky Thank you for coming on and for all the Noise that you've made about what's Going on around you people seem to be Ignoring it do you think this murder Will wake people up I sure hope so Um and I just want to send my Condolences to the victim's family uh You know it's it's a horrible tragedy But I also want to ask the mayor London Breed and uh the governor Gavin Newsom

How much more Anarchy are you going to Allow before you put your political Pride to the side and take a better look At some of these laws and Implementations that you put in place And retract some of them because they're Just not working Um Californians are tired of being Subjected to your social experiments Like defunding the police like trying to Legalize Illegal drug use With these safe consumption sites and Giving out paraphernalia on the streets I mean the world travels fast and within The criminal uh community and people That are using and they're flocking here In what I like to call druggie tourism Now I don't know the facts of the case Of what happened last night but you you Know it it just it just goes to say that When you turn felonies into misdemeanors People are going to keep pushing that Limit on what they can get away with in The city of San Francisco or in any of These uh Democratic controlled places They're just going to keep continuously To push the envelope on what they can Get away with so um uh it's really Disheartening to see and I'm really Broken up about my city being in the Shambles that it's in right now because This situation with this individual Dying is just going to make the

Situation just that much more worse you Have to imagine uh Tucker like you said All the money that the tech Executives And the tech industry had put into San Francisco who's going to want to come And do a startup in San Francisco now When Executives and innovators are Getting killed and stabbed in the Streets I mean it's just it's going to Further Isolate San Francisco and make people Leave and it's it's really sad to see And people are leaving so you shot that Famous video last summer that was I Think very shocking for people who Aren't familiar with the current state Of San Francisco what did local Officials say about that video It's been total Cricket Stucker I mean Nothing to have said anything none of Them will respond to me I tried to run For a a seat uh in the city council for Like re-entry councils to like trying to You know uh uh form or at least give my Opinion on some of the things that could Help rehabilitate some of the people That are struggling with addiction and Some of the people that are coming out Of incarceration and I was met with uh Fierce uh Prejudice and I I mean they Called in and and just made a total lies About me and uh got me Um got me ran out of City Hall so this Is my only

Um Outlet is is is my um is my is my Phone Yeah Well I think history will put you in the Hero column so Ricky win thanks for Joining us tonight appreciate it Thanks Duggar Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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