Tulsi Gabbard issues warning: This is about surveillance and control

Tulsi Gabbard issues warning: This is about surveillance and control

Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard shares her insight on why digital currency is a surveillance tactic and how it might come to the U.S. on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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If the government were ever to digitize Currency your freedoms would evaporate They could zero out your bank account And make you impoverished for being Disobedient you would be a surf at best And with that in mind you should know That Central Bank digital currencies Cbdc's are about to become the Norman Europe the president of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde has just Said that Europeans will not be able to Use more than a thousand dollars in cash Anymore Now we have in Europe This threshold Above 1 000 Euros you cannot pay cash if You do you're on the gray Market you Take your risk you get the code you are Fine or you go in jail So you go to jail for spending your own Money if they don't control it That's coming here Tulsi gabbard has Spoken out against it she of course ran For president served in the house from Hawaii and joins us now Congressman Thanks so much for coming on thanks Tucker this is so dystopian you'd hate To think you could ever come here you Think it might Uh well yeah I mean this is just the Latest effort by those in power in our Country who are intent on undermining And taking away our own freedoms and Liberties this this Central Bank digital Currency is about government sanction

Surveillance and control it's about them Being able to keep track of every single Thing that we purchase whether it's a Stick of gum or an automobile or Anything in between and so if they have All this info information and data which They will in this system then where does That lead it gives them the power to Decide okay well hey we don't want to Allow you to purchase certain things or We may deem it necessary to to freeze Your overall account This power and what they can do with it It's not something we have to imagine We've already seen how Democrats in Congress Elizabeth Warren and others are Pressuring credit card companies to code And keep track of any purchase that's Made at a store that sells Firearms why So that these private companies can then Say hey this person person is purchasing I don't know what their what they deem Is kind of the threshold but there's They will then report that a suspicious Activity to law enforcement and then Expect law enforcement to take action And go after the purchases legal legal Purchase that a private person made so This all comes back to to how you open This once we give up our economic Autonomy we no longer have freedom once We allow someone else to control our Wallet they then control our freedom Do you think people understand what this

Means it'll be sold as always as an Effort to push back against terrorism or International Finance seers or crime or whatever but Do people understand on a gut level what Could be coming I I don't think they do And and it's understandable because if You listen to what the government is Telling us like with all of these other Things whether it's the Patriot Act or The restrict act they're doing the very Same thing with this saying hey this is For your own good this is for your Convenience to make it easier for you to Conduct transactions uh when in fact They're giving themselves all of the Power uh taking it away from us Undermining our god-given rights and Freedoms in the Constitution uh because They want to be able to control us they Want to be able to control We the People So nicely put Tulsi Gabbert joining us Tonight thank you so much for that Thanks Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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