Tulsi Gabbard: This is literal insanity

Tulsi Gabbard: This is literal insanity

Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard joined ‘Fox News Tonight’ to discuss the woke ‘insanity’ infiltrating classrooms nationwide and what is at stake with the far-left push. #FoxNews

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Meanwhile this story is important Elementary schools are now Indoctrinating kids with gender Ideology Now a school district in Vermont it's Called the exit exits Wexford School District just sent out this memo to Fifth grade parents quote we will be Using the following language with Students person who produces sperm in The place of boy a person who produces Eggs in the place of girl so you can't Say boy or girl anymore to fifth graders This is nuts toasty gabbard is a former Presidential candidate Fox News Contributor joins us now Tulsi your Reaction to what's happening in Vermont This is crazy Foreign This is insane you know when I see stuff Like this I keep thinking okay Somebody's gonna jump out and say this Is a prank this is all just a joke this Is all just some big social experiment To test and see who is actually going to Fall for this Insanity under social Pressures just to get along and not be Ostracized and who is going to have the Courage to stand up and say what is Obviously clear which is this is literal Insanity but hasn't happened yet and It's not going to happen because this is Happening it's real and there are very Real serious consequences we're talking About our children here and these

Teachers are telling our kids there is No such thing as objective truth the Truth is whatever you want it to be Whatever you feel it should be and Whatever those in power tell you the Truth is this has such incredible Dangerous consequences because it gets To the point where those in power not Only in government but those uh in big Tech in the mainstream media those who Have this great influence they are Seeing that they can get people to Believe whatever they tell them they Should believe and people to act and Respond right based on whatever they are Saying is right or what is true when When neither are the case yeah this Parental group came out and they blasted This because this was an actual letter That went home it wasn't something a Fifth grader told their mom or their dad So they blasted it but it's not changing They say they have these kids take on These new titles and then they sit Around in discussion groups and then They provide private reflection time for Fifth graders Do you think do you know a fifth grader That he's private reflection time they Want to go from one game to the next Game uh to maybe their phones and home Now they have private reflection time Here's the thing sometimes you have School choice but by fear is in a rural

States like Vermont even if you had School choice A lot of times there's no other school You're stuck That's right that's right and and what We're talking about here in this Elementary public school is a basic Science and health class where they are Doing this and trying to indoctrinate Our kids with their propaganda basic Science and health things that are Actually pretty important uh basic Biology things for kids and people in General to know and be aware of but the Fact that they are doing this and Twisting this is is again it is literal Insanity it's up to us as Americans I Call on every Democrat every American to Take responsibility stand up if you Believe in common sense stand up for Common sense and the truth and protect Our kids if this letter comes home to Your house you should not accept this And do everything you can to get your Kid out of that school in that Environment Chelsea thanks for speaking Up appreciate it great to see you

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