‘UNHINGED’: Pro-life event swarmed by protestors, seen ‘attacking’ students

‘UNHINGED’: Pro-life event swarmed by protestors, seen ‘attacking’ students

President of Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins and Turning Point USA contributor Isabel Brown joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss how their pro-life event was swarmed by violent protestors.

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Protesters Ambush a pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University this Week and the video is absolutely nuts Watch this You can't disrupt a peaceful Gathering And no one's doing anything Our next guest we're trying to host the Event president of students for life of America Kristen Hawkins and turning Point USA contributor Isabel Brown and They join me now I'm going to start with You Kristen so you were just having a Pro-life meeting and were these students That were protesting you or were they Outsiders Yeah this is part of my campus speaking Tour this semester that Isabelle has Kindly joined me on and we were there we Were invited there by our students for Life chapter at VCU the students have Had trouble with antifa disrupting their Events in the past and that's what Happened uh sadly this Wednesday Antifa protesters non-students actually Enter the campus there were biological Men in miniskirts trans activists and Pro-abortion activists who gathered with Them to shut down this event via a Heckler's veto and as you'll see Watching the live stream footage the School despite my bodyguards calling and Asking for support didn't intervene Until more than 30 minutes into the Situation which is why now I have

Bodyguard I have a bodyguard guarding Our students for Life leader on campus That's why I want folks to go Studentsforlife.org security and help Chip in because this is getting on it This is unhinged you know no it's Absolutely ridiculous that no one came In for 30 minutes I mean we live in a Country where Christian students were You know gunned down just this past week 70 over 70 pro-life centers have been Attacked and firebombed Um right Isabel was anyone taking out I Think it was pro-lifers who were taken Out of the meeting It was including Kristen and I who were Invited to speak on this public University college campus 30 minutes Into our gathering which was intended to Be a back and forth dialogue inviting Questions and conversation from people Who would consider themselves to support Abortion where we can break down that Divisive narrative and just provide the Truth about why life matters uh several Students in the room were attacked by These antifa and far-left extremist Protesters including one who was Physically assaulted megaphones were Being used to hit some employees with Students for life and more Insanity at Which point the police did decide to Show up from the campus police Department but instead of escorting

These violent protesters out of the room They forced Kristen and I to essentially Be detained in a locked room for our own Safety for several hours alongside a Small number of students who did come to Peacefully learn from the event it's It's just shocking by the way this is a Statement from VCU it's committed they Said VCU is committed to promoting a Safe environment for our students Faculty staff and visitors so that the Right to gather and speak freely has Protected the overwhelming majority of Events at VCU take place without Incident so we are disappointed that as Student organization's meeting was Disrupted Wednesday night we must extend Dignity and respect to others especially Those with whom we disagree obviously Kristen this was an attempt to Intimidate maybe prevent other students From coming in the future because they Don't want to get caught into this kind Of scuffle and and and violence Chris What does this tell you though about I Mean on a positive note what does it Tell you about the movement and the Pro-life movement and the success you've Had that you have now antifa people from Not even part of the Campus Community Coming in to protest you Well it means that they're worried since The reversal of Roe versus way these Folks have become completely impinged as

You mentioned Rachel at the beginning of The pregnancy centers that give out free Diapers and baby live baby formula who Are being attacked simply for helping Women who courageously choose life it's Unbelievable uh that this continues to Happen in our country but we weren't Going to let them stop us Isabel and I Were ready to be arrested because we you Know they needed to remove the room VCU Should clear the room of those violent Protesters and they fail to do it Instead ended up detaining us and that's Simply wrong but we're you know we're Not going to stop we had a school Yesterday contact us and tell us that I Now have to pay for my own bomb sniffing Dogs if Isabelle and I want to come Later in April it's unbelievable but We're going to pay the fee because we're Going to make sure that the pro-life Messages yeah we'll keep more Fox and Friends keep fighting girls we Appreciate it thanks so much Thank you all right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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