VERY CONCERNING: DOJ says China operated ‘secret police station’ in NYC

VERY CONCERNING: DOJ says China operated 'secret police station' in NYC

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, discusses the House subcommittee hearing on COVID origins and a secret CCP police station discovered in Manhattan.  #FoxNews

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We're going to bring in Texas Congressman Ronnie Jackson a member of The select subcommittee on the covid Pandemic which is meeting later today he Is up very early this morning with us so Congressman obviously a lot of people Want to know they're very interested in This you're on this committee tell us What we can expect for part two of this Hearing Well today we're going to look at the Intelligence in what was behind it from Its intelligence standpoint we're going To have as you mentioned director Ratcliffe in and a couple of other Intelligence experts that are coming Going to come in and talk to us but you Know it's abundantly obvious at this Particular point that the intelligence The science and Common Sense Overwhelmingly Point toward this being a Lab leak from the Wuhan lab and this is We got to get to the bottom of this this Is a real national security issue we're Finding out that Anthony fauci and and NIH funded gave money of course to Eco Health to Eco Health Alliance which then Gave money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology now we're finding out that That's probably where this virus Originated from this was also a lab that We now know had a relationship with the Chinese military and their bioweapons Program so we need to know what was

Going on here this is important to make Sure that we don't have this happen Again anywhere in the in the world ever Again but it's also really important From our national security standpoint And to hold China accountable for what They did because when this was when this Was first leaked out they they went out Of their way to cover this up so that They could hoard all of the protective Equipment all over the world and put the Rest of the rest of the country at high Risk and and they continue to try to Cover it up and like you said now They're trying to intimidate and come After us the members that are sitting on This committee and try to silence us but It's not going to work so we're going to Dig into the intelligence side of it Today yeah that letter to Brad weinstra Basically saying we're the Chinese Embassy you shouldn't do this we're Going to tell you what to do what does That say about how America is viewed Thanks to Joe Biden's leadership or lack Thereof on the world stage especially When it comes to places like Russia and China Well they they have no respect for us I Mean we we've seen that across you know Whether it's China Russia Iran North Korea uh you know as I've said before Our our allies don't respect us anymore And and don't trust us and our

Adversaries don't respect us and don't Fear us anymore and so the the Chinese Are very aggressive about coming after Us and trying to intimidate members of Congress uh trying to intimidate just Anybody they can that that's spreading The wrong area you know early on they Had complete control over the who the World Health Organization and they were Basically formatting talking points for The Who and telling them exactly what to Say and they had The Who and Unfortunately a lot of the U.S press the Mainstream media helping them cover up The fact that this probably came from The Wuhan lab and was a lab leak that They should been responsible for so yeah They they have no respect for for uh for Our leadership that's abundantly obvious No they sure don't and when China warns The U.S to back off I'm not quite sure That's in the rundown for what you guys Are going to be doing meantime two New York residents were just arrested for Running a secret CCP police station in New York City to spy on and harass Dissidents inside the United States your Reaction to this because this is very Concerning on all levels well I I think This is a coordinated plan I think you Should look at this in conjunction with The story that just broke a few days ago About the fact that there are hundreds Of military aged Chinese males that are

That are basically amassing in Central America and South America with the Intention of coming here and crossing Our Southern border I think to be honest With you I think that the Chinese are Embedding Chinese Nationals throughout Our country and this police force that Syria is going to be a big part of Making sure that they can coordinate and Keep them on the same page for whatever Their you know their their intended goal Is here which is not going to be good But I think that that they're a uh They're a force that's intended to Coerce and intimidate those that are Here that aren't that aren't that aren't Playing by the Chinese rules and and Accomplishing what the Chinese want to Accomplish here in our country and and I Think that they have more on their way I Think this is very concerning yeah those Economic migrants that the Chinese are Going to say are coming somehow they're All paying 30 35 000 to the Smugglers to Get in here I don't know a lot of Economic refugees who can afford that But Congressman Ronnie Jackson we got to Leave it there thank you sir good luck At the hearing today get some answers we Need them thanks so much

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