What is the World Health Organization’s ‘global pandemic agreement?’

What is the World Health Organization’s ‘global pandemic agreement?’

Hoover Institution senior fellow Dr. Scott Atlas discusses the World Health Organization warning of the potential for another pandemic on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #theingrahamangle

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Oh they're back the World Health Organization you love them admit it They're now warning of the potential of Another pandemic and buckle up it could Be 20 times worse than covid-19 anything Happening is a matter of when not if so We need to have a placeholder for that For the disase we don't know that may Come and that was when we gave the name Disiz X oh my God even sounds like a complete Fiend doesn't he well but according to The who director General his new Global Pandemic agreement which contains a lot Of really bad stuff is at risk of Falling apart the IMB and the IH working Group are operating amid a torrent of Fake News lies and conspiracy theories We cannot allow this historic agreement This milestone in global Health to be Sabotaged by those who spread lies are Either deliberately or Unknowingly well let me just tell you The proposed treaty that has a deadline Of May 2024 it would give the wh control of International Supply chains and it also Emphasizes race and Equity among other Things joining me now Dr Scott Atlas Hoover institution's senior fellow Former Trump White House Co adviser now Dr Atlas now when I hear him talk about Disease X you know there's nothing wrong With you know idea of planning and

Everyone be try to be prepared there's Nothing wrong with that but boy they They shattered their credibility on so Many issues and most people you know They they hear this and they they think Planemic that's what most people are Thinking Now well Laura you you've hit on Something here which is the shattering The who has shattered trust in public Health agencies along with our own CDC And our own leaders by the way why Because they issued pseudo science-based Mandates they issued erratic guidance They had no transparency when it counted When people were afraid and the the Reality is you're right the Accord is a Problem because it a circumvents Congress so there's no approval and it's Legally binding and the problem is not Just the mentions of equity more than a Dozen times and other social things it Defines Health Emergency in your country And that's the Gateway for all kinds of Mandates that we've just lived through It also regulates IP it requires Distribution it changes it affects Pricing of goods I mean no Sovereign Nation would want to do that and the Problem is under this director Tedros The wh is the greatest purveyor of Misinformation rivaling our own fou Burks and our own CDC they back China's Lies that said there was no human human

Transmission they praised China's Transparency in January uary 2020 and February 2020 they literally backed China covering up and blocking the who Itself from investigating the lab in Wuhan Jan 21 and then yeah I mean this Is outrageous they called China tedro Specifically said China is a model of Pandemic management with the most Barbaric human rights violations you Know uh since we since in our modern History by the way Tedros is a is a liar In terms of being the health administer Before he was headed wh of Ethiopia when He covered up a chalera outbreak this is Ridiculous it's absurd and they have a Dismal record for 15 years dating back To H1N1 flu Ebola zika repeatedly There's absolutely no uh sane reason why We would sign on to something like that We have leverage the who is funded by Many nations were the number one fun $400 million plus per year of us Taxpayer money is funding them and the Bottom line is this number one no to Binding centralized agreements no to any More funding at all to me for the who Until there's a change of leadership and The biggest thing on the table with who Is we need to investigate what happened And bring some accountability to their Gross incompetence and overt Mal Feasance all right Dr Atlas Accountability number one uh and that

Includes fouchy and everyone else here For what they did thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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