Whistleblower reveals ‘horrifying’ child trafficking allegations under Biden admin

Whistleblower reveals 'horrifying' child trafficking allegations under Biden admin

Texas Public Policy Foundation Executive Director Robert Henneke joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the whistleblower’s testimony, Biden’s 2024 re-election bid, and Dr. Fauci denying responsibility for COVID lockdowns. #FoxNews

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Bring in Robert hanneke the executive Director of the Texas public policy Foundation he joins us now Robert How Can any member of the Biden Administration who is responsible for This horrific border policy who may Themselves also be a parent how can that Person sleep at night knowing this is Being done to children Good morning it's horrifying 150 000 minor illegal immigrant children That have disappeared into this country Into what is a modern slavery ring being Facilitated by the byte administration's Trafficking of these children across the Country to individuals as your article Mentioned who some are criminals and Nobody knows what's happening to these Children it's the bide Administration Look it's the co-chair of the Biden Campaign Texas Congressman Veronica Escobar who represents El Paso that they Want to call home and inquire as to What's happening in her district with These migrant children that are being Literally sold into slavery and human Trafficking across the United States You know the video we were just watching Um there at the edge of that water I Believe that was a one and a half or two Year old that was dropped off At the edge of that water right there Circled in a border patrol agent thank God runs to save that little child

Um so it's not only dangerous when they Get here but it's dangerous getting here And I think that really speaks volume Did you see the cartel member just run Off so when you see stuff like this I Mean controversy just keeps piling up on This Administration and you know Regardless of the timing no timing is Good when you see stuff like this going On and you hear reports like this from Whistleblowers my question is will the Biden Administration ever start talking About it because I think Americans Deserve to hear directly from the President about all of these Controversies and these crises just Piling up on them They deserve those answers and this is The record that Joe Biden will have to Run on as he has just recently Reannounced his his election for President it's horrifying And it's it's awful awful is two mild Rewards to describe what happened to These children in the hands of the Cartel members in the hands of the the Traffickers what it takes to get to this Country that one happens to them once They're literally just dumped off On the side of the United States and Then delivered by these non-profit ngos To individuals who would not pass the Normal kind of background checks that You would have for a typical Child

Protective Services type foster care Relationship I think the states need to Step in need to take control of these Children and really make sure that where These nearly three quarters of a million Children have been deposited into our Country we do our humanitarian duty to Take care of them and to make sure that They are not abused and exploited the Bind Administration has reportedly been Unable to make contact with 85 000 of these children think about that For a moment meantime you did mention The president launched his re-election Bid yesterday here's what he did talk About in his first public remarks after That announcement Our economic plan is working we now have To finish the job but there's more to do The threat the American Republicans pose Is to take us to a place we've never Been they'd rather see kids and seniors Struggle to eat what they need People on Medicaid lose their health Care same old trickle-down dressed up in Maga clothing Only worse Let's go to the beginning part of that Statement he said it's time to finish The job Robert if he does finish the job Can America recover It's an implicit threat finish the job Of finishing off America Joe Biden has Announced his re-election effort so

Let's talk about his record let's talk About during his presidency we have Record high inflation that we have high Energy prices that we have this border Crisis that we have our International Affairs and shambles as the United States relationship with China and Russia is uh all-time low we've lost two Embassies under the Presidency let's talk about the fact That Joe Biden's cabinet is a disgrace With the Department of Justice being Corrupt in homeland security being inept This is the record we should talk about The performance of Joe Biden over the Last four years and it's going to be a Lead weight around the neck of every Democrat running for reelection in 2024. Yeah I mean not to mention his speech Was yet again divisive he's constantly Using the term maggot extremists Maga Republican just throwing that out there Gaslighting Americans who may not like Donald Trump but you got to remember 50 Percent of America essentially voted for Donald Trump meantime let's turn to this Dr Anthony fauci giving a fascinating Interview to the New York Times about The pandemic saying quote show me a School that I shut down and show me a Factory that I shut down never I never Did I gave a public health Recommendation that echoed the cdc's Recommendation and people made a

Decision based on that any shock he is Kind of just washing his hands and Stepping away from this It's it's no surprise that fauci and Those that were responsible for the Coveted pandemic lockdowns want to wash Their hands and whitewashed history that Occurred here but the blame Falls Squarely upon the so-called health Professionals and bureaucrats that close Schools closed churches ruined lives Closed businesses we have to remember as Americans what was done in the so-called Name of science that has been dispelled What we've learned about the truth about The misinformation that was being given By the government and we have to Guarantee that these kind of abuses that Were led by Dr fauci never again Happened to Americans or or to our civil Liberties he's never going to apologize Robert hennecke thank you so much for Your Insight

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