America has ‘crossed the Rubicon’: Mark Levin

America has ‘crossed the Rubicon’: Mark Levin

‘Life, Liberty and Levin’ host Mark Levin reacts to the indictment of former President Donald Trump on ‘Fox & Friends’ Friday. #foxnews

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Let’s bring in the great one as he has Known from our friend Sean Hannity Mark Levin joins us live Mark good morning to You Good morning I I got two questions for You to start with and I know you’ve got Some comments prepared but number one uh Do you think this will be televised if Donald Trump does go on trial in New York because they don’t necessarily have Courtroom cameras and also do you think The former president will take the stand In his defense You know Steve here’s the deal This isn’t about the law this isn’t About Publicity this isn’t about a headshot And fingerprints and all the rest people Need to understand In my view the broader picture here To impeachments a criminal investigation Five grand juries A phony case that nobody would ever Bring against anybody Another phony investigation in Georgia Over the word find the votes and other Two phony investigations in Washington D.C Over documents where we would never use A warrant and a SWAT team if it’d been The Reagan Administration and I was Chief of Staff to attorney general Mays That never would have happened Or the trying to take January 6 and

Criminalize what is a purely political Procedure under article two of the Constitution The bigger picture here is as far as I Am concerned uh we have crossed the Rubicon This is a tyranny now now what am I Talking about We want to talk about the niceties of The law the elements of the law it can’t Prove that it doesn’t matter The law here is dead They’re not using the law Brag is not being uh motivated by the Law Neither any of these Soros prosecutors They tell you every day what they’re up To They’re up to not following the law When you have a president of the United States and Joe Biden who says over and Over and over again That Donald Trump Donald Trump his Supporters are a threat to democracy He’s sending a signal out there To his mob he’s sending a signal out There to the Democrats in Congress he’s Sending a signal out there to their Prosecutors and they’ve heard him Pelosi has said the same thing Schumer Said the same thing the media have said The same thing they’ve confirmed Trump To Hitler and to um other horrific Figures in historic past and so uh brag

And the others look at their job as Taking this guy out the media have said The same thing we have to put in Partiality and objectivity aside that Cannot be our Pursuit anymore this man Is a fundamental existential threat to The country Therefore we must take him out and then When you take the environment in which The Democrat Party is operating Which is putting together phony legal Memos to go after parents at school Board meetings using SWAT teams to go After a A preacher who was uh protesting at an Abortion clinic where the where a local D.A wouldn’t take the case and nobody Would take the case and they bring a Federal case against the man and it’s He’s found innocent in two days I can go Down the list they’ve prosecuted a Thousand people already January 6 the U.S attorney who will not prosecute Local crimes let 70 percent of the local Crimes pass won’t take them says there’s A thousand more people to go after This is a war on the Republican party They want to change the voting system They want to pack the Supreme Court they Want to pack the Senate the borders are Wide open the change the demographics of The country this is exactly what I wrote About here that’s what’s going on you Got to be able to understand what’s

Going on from the bigger picture and This sort of thing is happening in Totalitarian regimes the Democrat Party Hates America Uh they never talk up America they never Quote from the Declaration of Independence they use the Constitution To cherry pick the Constitution Um there’s nothing they like about the Country they don’t like the economic System of the country and the guy that Stood up against them and prevented Obama from ending his third term with Hillary Clinton Was Donald Trump and Donald Trump Understands this he’s not a Chris Christie type he’s not a Larry Hogan Type he’s not a Chris sununu type Donald Trump is a once in a generation Leader I don’t care about all the static He’s a once in a generation leader who Actually sees what’s going on not Because he’s an ideologue he’s not But because he’s a businessman who looks At things like the rest of us look at Things we have Republicans who run for Office and they stay in congress for 10 20 30 years who do nothing this man did A lot and so the Democrat Party once a One-party country it went so one party System and it is done the final thing That you do when you put the nail in the Coffin of a republic which is take the Law and use it against the law so I can

Sit here and break down the laws in Manhattan I can sit here and break down The laws in Georgia I could sit here and Break down the laws about the uh Presidential records Act and the Espionage Act and all the rest that’s Not what’s Happening Here And it’s not an accident that this Happens in Democrat cities with Democrat Judges with Democrat prosecutors with Democrat grand juries and that’s the way It’s going to work and the Republicans Better wake the hell up we need to Circle the wagons we need to understand What we’re up against this is much more Fundamental than some phony Rogue Case By a phony Rogue prosecutor who was Installed by George Soros and the Democrats this is much bigger than that So to answer your question I don’t give A damn about the processing that goes on In Manhattan and all the rest of it you Know people quote a lot and they don’t Know who they’re quoting and that would Be barrier barrier was one of the great Genocidal Maniacs of all time he worked For Stalin in the end he was executed Himself and it is and it is the Verity Of barrier that who is a massive Ruthless killer and he was the one who Said show me The individual and I will show you the Crime and this man was responsible for Horrendous acts this country has now

Has now become A tyranny in many respects and the American people feel it the American People know it they see what’s taking Place the American Media had become the Pravda media because it’s loaded with Democrats in the American Media and look Even Fox conservative talk radio oan Newsmax under constant Attack under Constant pressure by sleazy lawyers by Sleazy phony journalists because they Don’t like the competition Of ideas they don’t want the competition From the Republican party and conservice That is what’s going on Mark right now The Fox News poll on Tuesday has Trump Up by 30 points on Ron DeSantis uh and This will probably only Foster it uh let Me ask you something and you admit you Interviewed the President yesterday I Understand before the indictment came Down how would you describe his demeanor And I went back afterwards because I was Invited to dinner this is a remarkable Man I mean I would you be able to eat After you were charged like this with a Phony prosecutor he was very congenial He was very strong he was there with the Former first lady Um and uh and his son was there Don Jr And they couldn’t have been This is a real family this is a very Close family if you saw the president And Melania together they are tight as

Can be they are strong as can be he’s a Very decent man uh he he he uh he cares So deeply about the country you walk Around Mar-A-Lago or you look outside And you think you said this man doesn’t Need any of this All he has to do is say I’m not running Anymore I give up he won’t give up he’s Not going to back down to this stuff and So his supporters and the rest of the American people need to understand that This is a unique man at a unique time in Our history that this country is in very Very grave danger when the law is being Used this way against and political Opponents a Republican party people who Have different views at school board Meetings and who are opposed to abortion And it’s even worse than that the Efforts by the Biden Administration to Censor free speech and the Democrat Party the disinformation board that they Want to create the the commingling of Government with the uh with the social Media platforms this look look I have been studying totalitarianism and Tyranny I’ve been studying fascism and Communism this is it guys this is it I Know people think it can’t be it’s the United States of America What makes us different is our Constitution what makes us different Are the Bill of or the first ten Amendments is the Bill of Rights within

The Constitution which makes us Different is our customs and our Traditions and our systems and when you Have one party that has given up all of That That violates all the boundaries that is In power for a temporary period of time And wants to make its power permanent And they’ve done this in places like California and New York and Illinois New Jersey and they take those models and They try and superimpose it on the Entire United States people are fleeing These blue States right that’s why Florida’s population and Tennessee’s Popular they’re going up they’re trying To find places where Freedom still Exists Mark we’ve been and I am telling You right now what Bragg has done is the Tip of the iceberg this man should be Disbarred but he won’t be disbarged you Have a Democrat bar you have a Democrat A top Court you have Democrat judges the Whole system is fixed Mark we just got Some news and the president was walking To was it Air Force One or was it the Chopper the helicopter and we talked to Peter Ducey an hour ago and he said We’re all going to be asking questions To him so a reporter says Mr President Do you think it was Fox yeah Mr President do you think the charges Against Trump were politically motivated And he said I have no comment on Trump

To be expected Well why does he comment the Democrat Party’s doing all the dirty work for him He’s already sent the signal out right That Donald Trump is a threat to the Nation you see these funny historians go On TV calling him a dictator what has he Done that’s a threat to the nation Uh he’s followed the laws he’s followed All the rules he follows the Constitution so they have to concoct uh Events the January 6 committee that is a Typical soviet-style commission that was Pulled together all one-sided yet a few Hacks from the Republican party to make It look like it was bipartisan clearly It wasn’t I could go on and on and on About all this stuff look at look at Bill Clinton Bill Clinton cut a deal With an independent Council who could Have charged him for 15 different crimes When he lied to the grand jury and he Lied under oath he lied in front of a Federal judge but they cut a deal to Prevent something like this Hillary Clinton would be doing life in prison if Obstruction was a real crime that was Applied to Democrats given the number of Emails that they destroyed what is she Doing she’s running around out there you Know attacking Republicans attacking Trump and so forth uh Joe Biden the idea That Joe Biden a man who took money for The Communist Chinese I don’t care if it

Was laundered through his son or not That family got over 30 million dollars In communist Chinese money according to Peter schweitz’s excellent research they Set him up in Washington DC in a phony Think Tank where he made nine hundred Thousand dollars a year two years the Guy makes 17 million dollars he’s been In the Senate his entire life he can’t Put seven words together and he’s paid For speeches and we all know what’s Going on here This is corruption through and through And that’s the way it works Democrats Are immunized by the FBI by an attorney General who is a lap dog to this President they have their U.S attorneys In place they drag this guy Jack Smith Back from the Hague who was uh Humiliated by the U.S Supreme Court in One case and a unanimous decision that Threw out one of his his cases and Humiliated by a jury in North Carolina When he went after John Edwards that’s The guy you pick no he’s a Mad Dog he’s A rogue prosecutor Democrat D.A in Atlanta Democrat radical left-wing kook In Manhattan and we’re sitting here Debating uh the law which isn’t even the Law right and yeah federal law doesn’t Apply right everybody knows that well We’ll see federal law does not apply and We’ll see it we’ll see state law Violates this the statute of limitations

Period and we will see what the charges Are next week mark thank you very much Uh tune into the show this weekend find Out more about the conversation you had With the president before and after the Indictments were handed up from the Grand jury uh this weekend and Mark and You’re kind enough to join me this Weekend too so thank you very much for That thank you thank you Mark great to See you I’m Steve Ducey I’m Brian Kilmeade and I’m Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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