‘Ample evidence of corruption’ in Hunter Biden probe: Jonathan Turley

'Ample evidence of corruption' in Hunter Biden probe: Jonathan Turley

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley weighs in on the seriousness of possible revelations and future testimony from an IRS whistleblower on the Hunter Biden investigation on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Jonathan Turley is a George Washington University law professor and Fox News Contributor so Jonathan how serious is This possible Revelation and maybe your Future testimony from this IRS agent It's extremely serious there's obviously The allegation of perjury it's also a Crime to interfere with IRS Investigations so these things do bring You into the criminal code it's also Important as I keep on saying that there Is the secondary question as well Whether or not there's evidence of crime There is ample evidence of corruption That's what influence peddling is There's ample evidence of millions of Dollars going to the Biden family Congress has an equal interest in that In fact Congress is the primary body to Investigate that since the Department of Justice investigates crimes so there's a Lot here that we have to unravel what Was ironic about the attack by Hunter Biden's Council on this whistleblower is That Hunter Biden just recently called On the IRS to investigate his critics so It was a rather odd moment for them to Have this Pearl clutching a scene that They were appalled that a whistleblower Went to Congress I've represented Whistleblowers this is how Whistleblowers have to proceed they Reach out to these committees in order To afford them the protections of

Federal law I understand it's they're Looking into him for five years now must Be a really difficult case tax Violations unlawful work as a foreign Agent unlawful foreign transactions let Alone the separate gun charge which Would be for another time with the Different whistleblower perhaps so In any of these cases has the IRS agent Who's about to come forward as he Violated anything that he with his work Uh his work employee agreement Now this is what the Whistleblower laws Are supposed to even as an IRS as an IRS Agent Yes I mean you have an IRS agent who is Trying to speak to Congress about what He believes is the political influencing Of a federal investigation uh and so He's acting the way whistleblowers are Supposed to act what's what's really I Think important here to note is that Many of us have been baffled at how There's been no perceptible movement in These investigations that's been the Problem as you noted right from the very Beginning you know when their laptop was Given to the FBI it seemed to be on its Way to Mars I mean there is no Indication uh they have no anything but Put it into some file cabinet hey Jonathan the other thing is to cover the New York Post the same thing that Appeared in other papers and then was

You were quickly sidelined and told it Was Russian disinformation a letter was Sent out and signed by 51 Intel agents That said this was classic Russian Disinformation when pressed they said I Didn't say it was I said it looked like It was others who signed up on this said Well I don't want to comment now it's Proven The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post in New York Times said Well the laptop is real so all those 51 Were wrong to do it now we know a little Bit of behind the scenes looks like Mike Burrell was approached by Anthony Blinken and said hey this is not real This is classic Russian disinformation Can you round up some people and Morel Does he rounds them up he said this Under oath right to the weaponization of Government committee headed up by James Jordan and hence we have a letter and Then we have that letter affect the Debate which might which clearly had a Role in the election your final thought Legal or not legal Well it's an inescapable pattern we saw The same thing with the Russian Collusion arguments uh that with the Dossier funded by the Clinton campaign Denied which denied that funding for a Long time and then fed to the media this Is the same pattern it was fed to the Media and they were more than willing to Run with it all right uh Jonathan

Shirley thanks so much we'll follow this Story you know we will and you'll be on Top of it as well hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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