Andrew Yang: We need to move on from the battle of the 80-year-olds

Andrew Yang: We need to move on from the battle of the 80-year-olds

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang argues Americans want to move on from President Biden and former President Trump on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

[Music] Now Trump's on track to be the Republican nominee and his chances of a Second term improving every day that the Party coales is behind them that means Democrats and the media need a plan D Impeachments indictments and ballot Stripping not working so now they're Just going to institutionalize them Donald Trump is truly confused about who Nikki Haley is thinks somehow that she Was in charge of security at the capital In January 6 clearly confusing her with Nancy Peli Joe Biden Joe Biden's doing Just fine I we're we're talking about The fact that time and time and time Again Donald Trump who's obviously is Ronda Santa said lost more than a step And as Nikki Haley says is really you Know really confused up there so Trump Called Nancy Nikki and now they're ready To invoke the 25th but Trump says he's Sharp sharper Than ever he took a test to prove it I Did say what about a cognitive test he Said well you know it's not that easy I Said well is that a hard test it can be Hard I said look I got to take it Because I got to shut it up and I took It and I aced it and let me tell you you Know they always show you the first one Like a giraffe a tiger or this or that a Whale I guarantee you Biden couldn't get By number

Three I think he'd probably get the Whale voters can judge for themselves Only 28% say Biden's mentally fit 47% Say the same for trump our very own Stupid son of a Peter Ducey asked Binder about it today listen well let's See uh Karine why do you think it is That more and more people ped feel like Over time President Biden is getting Less and less mentally Sharp which poll is this ABC uh has President Biden's rating for health Since May down down five points and for Mental sharpness down four points you Know I have to say that's a little Confusing for Me I think everything's confusing for Bonder Andrew Yang is a former Presidential candidate and forward party Co-chair so Yang what are you doing here In New Hampshire I'm supporting my guy Dean Phillips who's trying to upgrade From Joe Biden and the Democratic party I'm someone who thinks that we need to Move on from the Battle of the 80-year-olds dean is a spy 55 years old Plays hockey CEO of tentei gelato let's Go so you're a Dean guy let's go let's Go you debated Joe Biden have you Noticed a difference in his performance Uh I haven't been around him personally Up close but I've been talking to folks And they've noticed a decline in what Way oh they say that know he he's not as

Energetic uh that he sometimes seems to Uh lose concentration and focus and the Fact is that the guys 81 years old uh You know he he would have to be highly Unusual not to be experiencing something That's very very natural most Americans Want to turn the page from both Biden And Trump 70% of Americans say they They'd like to see a different Generation take hold even though Trump Said he aced his cognitive tests uh you Know again I mean we're talking about Guys are near 80 well liing aced him he Said aced multiple he doesn't think Biden could even get whale uh you know I'm here saying that neither of these Guys uh is what we need in 2025 to 20128 To actually solve the problems of this Era that are getting rougher and more Complex all the time including closing The Border or enforcing the Border in a Way that makes sense to most Americans So you're just a normal rational Reasonable Problem Solver and you find That there's no place for you in the Democrat Party uh yeah there are a lot Of people who are finding the the same Thing and that's reason why so many Independents now are trying to figure Out where they stand uh I think Dean Phillips can unify the country because He wants to have a non-partisan Bipartisan cabinet he wants to bring People together across party lines and I

Personally would love to see it I'm here For it all right he's here for it and He's here for prime time his favorite Show on Fox News he didn't tell me that At all I just made that up it's either You guys are Gutfeld I don't know thanks G

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