Anti-Israel activists applaud Iran’s attack on Israel in ‘appalling’ video

Anti-Israel activists applaud Iran's attack on Israel in 'appalling' video

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the unrest in the Middle East as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu weighs a strike against Iran and President Biden’s statement that the U.S. will not participate. #FoxNews

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Well our president has said that we will Not get involved he doesn't want to be Involved in a counter attack but he's Right they have to walk a fine line do They attack back and say uh you're not You can't do this to our country uh what Does Benjamin Netanyahu do probably uh His his time as prime minister is coming To an end so does he go ahead and Respond well it's not uh I think he's Got a few appps I mean the earliest They'll call elections is August right And that would even be little quick I I Would say this I think they have to Attack I mean how do you possibly let Somebody hit you with 300 Uh ballistic missiles drones uh cruise Missiles from various locations and you Know some of those Rockets were heading Towards Jerusalem where Palestinians are Are are and a regular basis at that Holy Site and then when I when you get up in The morning and find out as bad as it Was it could have been 50% worse I mean That seem to me less and less measured And more like ineptness and also Jordan France UK us and this sophisticated Missile defense system all had to Combine to stop this but if you begin to Accept that Iran is going to be Attacking Israel you get you up the Thresholds because we never thought in The beginning Hamas Rockets into Israel Were going to last now it's part of

Their daily lives so what El now Hezbollah part of their daily lives now We're supposed to say Iran to every day They could attack well Brian you talked About accepting and one of the things That I've been talking been quite vocal About the stuff that's happening here at Home uh these chants that are going on Well this is a chant that started in Chicago after they got news what was was Happening in Israel Watch I just have to report something to Everyone uh And So It Begins Iran has Just responded about 30 minutes Ago there are reports of Drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq as well this is when this Country and the world needs us because The United States St is going to quote Unquote defend the criminal Israeli State and we all of the anti-war Committees here all of the Palestine Support coalitions here must be ready Immediately to be out in the streets and To stop the US from expanding this war On Iran you know Charlie we keep pretending Like we don't understand what these People mean I mean it's all over the Country they're they're saying that they Hate the country they're saying To The River To The Sea and we keep saying oh It's just free speech it's free speech Until they decide to attack us here at

Home yeah and after October 7th there Were a lot of people who said that they Were upset uh and and you know stood up For innocent civilians in in Gaza and of Course everybody's concerned about Innocent civilians in Gaza but this rips The Band-Aid off of that there are People who they don't care about Innocent civilians in Gaza they hate Israel they hate the United States and They want to see both uh destroyed and And and the you know they're not even Pretending to to window dress it by Claiming to care about uh innocent Palestinians which of course they don't Care about the the the the leading uh Terrorists uh making the lives of Palestinians miserable are Hamas and Their supporters like these clowns in in Chicago Chicago there were 300 anti-war Activists they were meeting the basement Of the Teamsters Union headquarters on Saturday they were describing their Plans to disrupt the the Democratic National convention which is coming up In August we'll all be there and then This happens the man takes the podium And he announces that there's eruption Everyone in that room Brian I thought of You was wearing the n95 masks and one Guy in the back takes it down and starts Whistling um but yeah they're can I just Say one thing about this what's so Appalling about this is that Democrats

Are still going to try to Curry favor With these people the Democrats are Still trying to win these people's votes You're right real quickly before we go To Brian Brian The Mask CU I've been to A lot of these protest aren't because of Co they're putting the mask on because They don't want people to see their ID Identity right uh CBS to the poll and They ask Democrats are you in support of Giving weapons to Israel in October 47% Said yes which is astoundingly low Except for now it's now at 32% the Future of us Israeli relations are with This next generation of Democrats is not There and that is exactly where the Palestinians wanted that's exactly what Iran wants their propaganda effort Inside the US is working they have to Feel like they're making progress don't You think that's why Joe Biden is said He won't support a Counterattack he Won't support Israel's Counterattack He's in Minnesota exactly it's Unbelievable I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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