AOC angers subway attack victim with anti-police remarks

AOC angers subway attack victim with anti-police remarks

NYC subway attack victim Elizabeth Gomes joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss AOC’s remarks and the incident back in September that led to her losing her eye. #FoxNews

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AOC ripping into New York City's mayor Mayor Adams for approving raises for the NYPD after they went seven years without A raise We are now at a point where officially Most officers are paid more than a Teacher with a master's degree when we Are taking all of those resources and Demanding that every single Department Except the militarized one because we Are sending a message about who and what We care about Okay this is what we care about this Story right here our next guest Disagrees with AOC Elizabeth Gomes is That woman she lost an eye when she was Brutally attacked by a career Criminal On the subway back in September here in New York City She joins us right now uh Elizabeth Um first off so sorry you had to go Through that can you if it's okay bring Us back to the incident as it happened Then we'll bring you to what uh AOC Thinks it's the problem in this city Sure well I was on my way to work September 20th At about 5 20 in the morning when I got Attacked by Waheed Foster who was Released from the From jail and I got attacked and from The attack I lost suspicion in my right Eye And some lack of police officers being

In the subway station at the time of Them being defunded at that time there Was no one there to help yeah oh my gosh Elizabeth when you watched that video I Don't know if you've even been able to Watch it but you stand back up it looks Like you're trying to get back up kind Of on your knees and then he comes back For more you lost your eye as a result I Mean we've been playing this video for a Long time it's really hard to watch and We've had to warn our viewers what was Going through your mind I mean stomping On your head What did he say what did you find out About him was he on drugs Actually he was a convicted felon Uh he was in jail multiple times you Know he uh he killed his foster Grandmother at 14. so I mean this guy Was supposed to be locked up a long time He shouldn't even have been walking the Street at all with all the he fellas and Cases he had behind him so I mean the Only thing I was really thinking about Honestly was just somebody helping me Yeah and as you mentioned a moment ago If there had been uh police in that Station uh had there been funding rather Than defunding you would not have lost Your eye had there been somebody to step In and had that guy actually been in Jail rather than been released after his Uh conviction for whatever I don't know

The exact circumstances of it but uh Tell us Elizabeth if you would give the Message to AOC who says she would rather The money go to teachers rather than Police I think we can have both but give The argument for why we need more police I mean you see yes we need both but Safety do come first if you don't make These children safe in school how would You make them want to go to school you Know once anybody feel in danger any Kind of way they wouldn't want to go you Want to fix all these Community places Like pools and Parks but how other People want to go if there's no safety I Feel I believe safety come with police Officers and once there's police Officers then people will feel more Realistic to go places they wouldn't Feel scared to go to school they Wouldn't be scared to go to a public Pool we wouldn't be scared to be on the Train station just going to work you Know there's times and place for Everything and once you put Safety First Everything else will go right after it I Cannot call a teacher if I need help if A man is running me down I cannot call a Teacher I'm gonna have to call the Police I'm going to be praying for Police not a teacher you know I mean I Understand you need a master's for all These things but to own a business You don't need a master degree right

So safety is first the people out there Need safety we're not going to be Running behind teachers we're not like Come on guys who has been yeah first off On your on your condition how are how Are you I understand your eye is still Giving you a problem I mean is there ever going to be a Problem now because I can't see out of It so that's going to forever be a Problem in my life now and it's because Lack of safety lack of not having the Right people there around us to take Care of us when we need them you know at That moment when I was running up the Train station I wasn't thinking about Calling up a teacher or calling a Lifeguard for a pool I was thinking About police Yeah Elizabeth what happened after that Did he run away how did you get help how Did you get to the hospital The police came and helped me they was The one that recognized them downstairs And said yes that was that's the guy That attacked me and they locked him up Right away and the ambulance came and They took me to the um Jamaica Hospital yeah Elizabeth thank you very much for Joining us we've been trying to get you On the program to tell your story for a Very long time very much God bless you I'm so glad you survived that attack it

Was so brutal thank you thank you so Much enjoy the subway anymore Oh no I haven't rode the subway yet and I don't plan on it yet yeah I wouldn't Either yeah I don't either all right Elizabeth thank you

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