AOC called out for ‘deeply troubling’ comments

AOC called out for 'deeply troubling' comments

Patrice Onwuka discusses French President Emmanuel Macron’s calls to reduce dependency on the U.S. and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to a court ruling on abortion pills. #FoxNews

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Meantime French president Emmanuel Macron taking a shot at America after His three-day visit to China saying Quote Europe must resist pressure to Become America's followers and that Europe should reduce its dependence on The extra territoriality of the U.S Dollar Patrice on wooka is the director Of the center for Economic Opportunity At the Independent Women's forum and she Joins us now Patrice so to review we Rush to France and Europe's Aid whenever They need anything literally over the Better part of an entire century and This is how they repay us Well this is not surprising good morning To you both uh so you've got the French President who is looking for a useful Distraction from his own domestic Failings right now he's had a no no Confidence vote barely survived that Because of his contentious uh uh Retirement reform plan and so he's Looking for a way not just to kind of Change the headlines at home but also to Step out and you know position France as Well as himself as a new power center And a power broker and that means Weakening alliances with the United States and frankly strengthening them With China it's it's interesting when You see that his visit with uh president XI last week he brought with him over Five I think 50 to 50 or maybe a hundred

Business Leaders because he was inking Tons of deals with uh French and International companies so he's looking For the economic opportunities he's Looking for the political opportunities And unfortunately our relationships are Going to be with hit with with uh with France as well as probably the European Other Nations is going to be at risk you Know with comments like this what does It mean for the U.S does this mean every Single conflict is just always going to Fall back on us Well I think it's going to be Situational I think generally you have We've aligned with the with the UK and With a lot of Western and Eastern European countries when it comes to Dealing with the Russia Ukraine conflict But Taiwan Taiwan is a very different Space we're talking about and I think The the uh the French the French are Saying you know signaling that they're Not going to follow us when it comes to Defending Taiwan if China decides to uh To to invade and as we've been seeing China has been making some serious Aggressive moves even within the past 24 Hours to Signal you know what we do not Want to see Taiwan as being considered Legitimate we want to ensure that the Rest of the world sides with us and not And doesn't side with this nation and so The United States may have to go it

Along go It Alone when it comes to Taiwan there's also the fact that this Was an attack on the U.S dollar as well That was implicit in this as well so how Should Joe Biden respond to this and Other attempts at displacing the US Dollar as the world's currency Well listen I mean the United States Dollar has been strong and I think a lot Of European countries they resent the Fact that that U.S Travelers are getting More for their Buck because of that so At this point you let things uh let Things pass let them ride out how they Are the US dollar should be a world Currency because so many nations use it You know when we start to see that break Apart then that puts us at a Disadvantage and so I think the President has to say you know what it's Important that we continue to conduct Business using the US dollar if you Don't like that too bad well meantime Back in the United States congresswoman Alexandria ocasio-cortez was pressed by CNN over her calls for the Biden Administration to ignore a federal Judge's abortion pill ruling listen to This That's a pretty Stunning position if you think about it In the in the abstract about the notion Of just ignoring a judge's position I Want to take a step back and and dig

Into the grounds around ignoring this Preliminary ruling as well there is an Extraordinary amount of precedent for This they make a mockery of our system a Mockery of our democracy and a mockery Of our law I mean how concerning is it CNN is even Deeply troubled by these comments that Is sitting law a congresswoman is taking This especially this public stance Oh yeah this exposes how the new Generation of far left Progressive Lawmakers is willing to govern governed By undermining uh the Judiciary governed By undermining our constitutional checks And balances let's let's let's let's Take apart what she's talking about here This idea of non-acquiescence by federal Agencies means that unelected Bureaucrats get to make their own Determination of what policies should be Enacted and when the Judiciary says Oh No you're out of bounds then you have These unelected bureaucrats saying oh no We'll do what we want to do anyway now It's a way of certainly elevating cases And issues to the Supreme Court but it Totally undermines the system however This is what the far left wants to do They want to say at any cost anything is Is nothing is off the table and will do Anything it takes to advance our own Radical policies and let's not forget This is about the abortion pill so

They're talking about destroying babies Boy the left loves to say oh Everything's a threat to democracy is There a bigger threat to democracy than Literally a sitting member of Congress Saying ah ignore that Federal judge's Ruling I don't want to follow it boy That seems like the biggest threat to Democracy I can think of but what do I Know Patrice on wooka Patrice thank you for your time no Todd I agree with you thank you both

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