Arizona cattle rancher shares the brutal reality of Biden’s border crisis

Arizona cattle rancher shares the brutal reality of Biden’s border crisis

WARNING – GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Fourth-generation Arizona cattle rancher John Ladd tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ how illegal immigration affects people who own land along the southern border. #foxnews #fox #theingrahamangle

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And now on to John lad he's a fourth Generation cattle rancher from Arizona Whose property spans 10 and a half miles Along the US Mexico border and he joins Me now John um I have been reading some Of your comments about what you come Across on your own property with Illegals crossing over your property Every day of every Week is it true that you've actually Found dead bodies and how many Well we've found 17 over the last 30 Years and thank you for having Me well what have you found since the Biden uh folks have taken over the Border obviously a completely different Approach than Donald Trump had which was To turn people back at the border title 42 how bad have things gotten for people Who own land along the Border oh this is the worst it's ever Been even though the the numbers don't Uh match what it was before Donald Trump Donald Trump had the Border figured out And the four years he was President it Was uh almost non-existent for us we got Spoiled as soon as Biden took office we Had groups at the house again we had cut Fences uh it it's been a 24hour nightmare with Biden being President well the thing that I've Noticed and I noticed it when I was down In Del Rio and an Eagle pass and it Might seem like it's nothing to people

Because they're thinking it's a lot of Hardship and obviously death and Suffering of people but the trash that You guys have had to pick Up is stunning all these Environmentalists in this trash Everywhere yeah they and the Environmentalists don't even want to Talk about it but the the big thing that We have we don't have the give UPS the Asylum Seekers we we have the the Illegals are in full camouflage and Carpet shoes they don't want to get Caught and about 2third of them down Here are getaways because of what Biden Did to border patrol and removing the Agents off of the border to go process The illegals coming from other Sectors you've also commented about Something that a lot of people have read About but don't believe which are rape Trees what is a rape Tree every woman that comes across the Border gets raped and then the the Cartel people hang their underwear and a Tree as a trophy Status that every woman down here gets Raped coming across the border have you Seen the the women's underwear on a tree On your Property well that picture's for yeah it It's it's a pretty regular event I Mean women across the country mothers ac

Across the country I mean this is not Humane this is being sold John as Humane Letting people come into the country Because they're seeking a better life How is this Humane forget being fair to You as a as a cattle rancher how is it Humane well it isn't that that's a Hypocrisy of what uh Biden talks about But it when when the illegals gather up Across the line there's a Border Town of Naos Sonora and they get their package Deal of the camo and the carpet shoes Baklavas well the women they're they It's already pre-arranged they have a Packet of birth control that they had They buy it but it it's a One-Stop shop Where you get everything you need to Cross the Border John thank you for telling your Story and we wish you the best of luck It is brutal for the ranchers and we've Heard this story before but it never Gets any easier to hear thank you John Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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