Arrest made in murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee: Report

Arrest made in murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee: Report

A suspect was reportedly arrested in the brutal killing of the tech titan in San Francisco earlier this month. #FoxNews

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Have a breaking news right now it seems There might have been an arrest in the Murder of the text executive Bob Lee we Have Jeff Paul he is there in Los Angeles this crime happened in San Francisco last week Jeff what do you Know Yeah Danny we reached out to the San Francisco police to confirm this report That first appeared in the mission local But apparently the killer according to This report Works in Tech and is a man Familiar with Bob Lee apparently they Were in a car together and that's when The stabbing happened according to the Mission local now the report indicates That the man was arrested in the Bay Area now just to remind you Lee was Killed last week investigators say they Were called out to San Francisco's Embarcadero Waterfront around 2 30 a.m Last Tuesday that's when they found Lee Who had been stabbed Medics tried to Save him but Lee later died at the Hospital Bob Lee's father Rick Lee had Wrote on Facebook that he basically had Lost his best friend You know it's interesting Jeff yesterday That mayor London breed when she was Doing an interview she said that when More information came out about this Case that people would be surprised that Might have been what she was talking About

I think so and I think for a lot of People who have been following what's Going on in San Francisco I think the First indication was maybe it was random Just given the amount of crime that Happens there Um but now it seems like according to The mission local and again we're trying To uh confirm these reports that it was Someone he was familiar with somebody he Was according to this report in a car With at the time of their stabbing Dana Jeff Paul thank you for that breaking News well we'll keep on top of it this Just broke literally during well Harris Was doing remember as well it was Reported to 2 30 in the morning and Apparently he's on the surveillance Camera or video near the Bay Bridge I do Believe and he's calling 9-1-1 he Approached a car that had flashing Lights on the side of the road and According to the reports in the video That he pulls up his shirt to show the Stab wounds underneath his skin uh and The car drove away and then that forced Him to search for more help and in the End it was just too late for that but I It it put a fine point on some of the Crime that we've been reporting on in Cities like San Francisco the mayor's Comment from yesterday might have given Us a little tease right now but you've Got that other story the other day also

In San Francisco where you had the guy Homeless guy beating a man with a chain And a crowbar and he was the guy being Beaten was the former fire Commissioner Of San Francisco and that was right Outside his home and this went on for Some time so look San Francisco's got Problems the mayor perhaps doesn't think It's as big as it's been characterized In the media and in social media but There's a certain part of that town it's Called the tenderloin district and it's A mess it's drugs and it's homelessness And they do not have a handle on that Aspect you know the other thing is that We We all have loved San Francisco for so Long and that's why it's been sad to see What's happened listen to her what she Says in terms of how it's not all that We're saying it is watch It is taken completely out of context in Terms of highlighting the entire city as Being unsafe that's not entirely true There's a perception problem we know That the internet and social media is Here to stay it's not going anywhere and People are going to jump to conclusions The thing is we do see with our own eyes Because so many cameras are available And you see that for example the random Attack against the fire commissioner That just happens to be from a camera That somebody has available that police

Get to look at To your point though San Francisco is an American Gem and I think the people who Live there deserve better we'll see Whether or not they get it from their Leadership there right so we got an Arrest and we'll see where it goes from Here

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