‘ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH?’: Biden torched over latest crisis

'ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH?': Biden torched over latest crisis

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss the fallout from the massive intel leak and the national security implications of the incident. #FoxNews

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Now to what's becoming a relatively new Crisis for the Biden Administration Reaction is still fast And very Furious over that embarrassing And potentially dangerously damaging Classified Pentagon document leak it was Huge Republicans demanding to know how The young suspect could have possibly Had that kind of highest level access I am stunned at somebody at that level Could have so much access so the Question is how did he get it and why Did he do it and we some people need to Be fired over this the access that he Was having to this information should Have been cut off he should have never Been having access to this level of Classified information that could hurt The United States fired in the federal Government how often do you hear those Words together house Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted this the Biden Administration has failed to secure Classified information they were asleep At the switch Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand responding to that You're on the intelligence committee is He right is this a failure of the bide Administration well we're going to do a Full investigation and the intelligence Committee is also going to have a Thorough investigation I have a lot of Questions about why were these documents Lying around why did this particular

Person have access to them where was the Custody of the documents and who were They for those are important questions We can ask in the intelligence committee So that we can have stronger oversight Or go after whoever let this happen in Focus now Republican Congressman Mike Walsh of the great state of Florida Member of the armed services and Intelligence committees also a former Green parade we thank you for all of Your service top to bottom uh Congressman first of all let's talk About need to know did this young person Have a need to know Uh I haven't received the full briefings Yet but I can't imagine Harris uh you Know a a 21 year old I.T specialist in The guard and that's not to say their National Guard doesn't always need Access to classified information they do But there's a difference in someone who Can work on machines and then having Access to curated products for the most Senior uh leaders in our government many Of which apparently at least according To what's out there referenced Classified code word programs and here's Let me just make it one other comment The president kind of shrugged his Shoulders while he was in Ireland and Saying well there wasn't really that Much out there that was contemporaneous And I think that's a common

Misunderstanding that I pray to God he Doesn't have it's not the information For example you know if if you have a Report that chairman she of China wears Red t-shirts on Tuesday that may not Seem that important but there may be Only one source in the war world or only One way that we know that that will then Be compromised closed off so that we no Longer have access to that information And possibly someone may die so it's the It's the access and placement whether It's with apparently with our allies or Also with our adversaries that why this Was so damaging and we need to hear that From the president not just kind of a Shoulder shrug as he moves on to drink Some more beer in Ireland well look that Was a cheap way of him saying oh well There's nothing that can touch us now It's not contemporaneous with anything That we have going on now that is an Abject misunderstanding as you just gave Us a firm example of it of how Intelligence is not just used but Identified around the world our enemies Know that we're looking at them our Allies know we do it to each other but You're right maybe there was only one Person between us and that information And that other country and now that Person is identified because someone who Didn't need to know and should not have Shared has done so

And he is not a whistleblower this kid Is not a hero he may have been an idiot And immature but the damage uh that it Appears he's caused is very real Just one other thing when the President Says that there are no you know it's not Consequential but there have to be Consequences like the law is going to Take care of this young man who's Accused of doing this it's under the Espionage Act they'll adjudicate that But what about the people who allowed That to happen I know growing up Military you served valiantly chain of Command Right Yeah that's another question that I have Is what type of training uh did he get I Mean if he if he received all the Appropriate training yet uh still did This then then that was you know some Type of malicious intent and deserves to Have the book thrown at him but my sense Is uh this was just an immature kid in The middle of covid trying to impress His friends at least from what we know Out there but the damage is still very Real uh and there needs to be Consequences including for his chain of Command if there weren't the appropriate Safeguards in place and he wasn't Properly trained yeah my question is are Those higher ups giving other people Access right now as you and I speak

I mean it's not like it's a habit to Break it was part of the way but we Haven't learned our lessons we haven't We haven't learned our lessons from Snowden from Chelsea Manning from The Insider threats we spend yeah we spend I'm not kidding on these massive Security protocols and and yet I mean it Is through the Hoops you have to jump Through to get a clearance but yet once You're on the inside having this kind of Unfettered access is just irresponsible And that's something we're going to Investigate from our committee we know Because of the types of documents that Have been found in somewhat of a Professional Easter egg hunt trying to Go after Biden stuff Um there are 1800 documents still at the University of Delaware for for Authorities to get their hands on but we Know from some of those that He Potentially took them as a senator Outside of a skiff look you and I could Go on and on and on about this is this Administration sensitive enough to even Understand what's happened that when you Come back into Focus so good to see you Thank you Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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