At least 2 dead in Oklahoma after tornado outbreak

At least 2 dead in Oklahoma after tornado outbreak

FOX Weather senior meteorologist Janice Dean reports the latest from FOX Square. #FoxNews

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And a fox weather alert two people are Dead look at that swirling cloud two are Dead in Oklahoma after an estimated 15 Tornadoes ripped through the state and Check out this Wild video of hail Cracked a windshield made a big mess out There on the road just imagine the Damage look at the size of that that is Bigger than a golf ball that's about the Size of a baseball let's check in with Senior meteorologist Janice Dean for our Fox weather forecast and I know Janice We always say it's that time of year When there's severe weather but when you Actually see how big that piece of hail Was yeah you can understand how it goes Through windshields severe weather Outbreak last night Steve for Oklahoma Up towards Kansas down into Texas and Unfortunately we're going to see Complete Devastation in and around the Oklahoma City area a lot of these Tornadoes and the damage was reported After around 10 o'clock last night so I'm really really worried about what We're going to see this morning as the Sun comes up not only for Oklahoma but Up towards Des Moines so this is going To be the situation throughout the day Today as these storms continue to move Eastward but look at the radar I mean a Lot of the damage coming around 10 pm 11 P.m at the Midnight Hour and when you See radar like that with that hook Echo

It's just going to be devastating this Morning I can't stress it enough and we Need we need prayers out there looking At the line of thunderstorms right now That is moving through Kansas Missouri Up towards Iowa we have a severe Thunderstorm watch in effect for Kansas City and then as we go through the day Today across the Mississippi and Ohio And the Tennessee River Valley the Severe storm threat will exist we'll be covering this Story and again Steve the devastation is Just going to be horrific when the sun Comes up so that's what I'm really Concerned with all right we're going to Try to get a live report from Oklahoma Uh JD thank you very much

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