At least 34 rockets fired into Israel, 25 intercepted by Iron Dome

At least 34 rockets fired into Israel, 25 intercepted by Iron Dome

The rockets were fired into northern Israel, and Israeli officials believe the attacks came from a Palestinian faction in Lebanon, ‘America’s Newsroom’ co-host Bill Hemmer reported. #FoxNews

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So 10 30 here in New York it's coming up On Nightfall in Israel and this is the Latest we're learning after this barrage Of rockets came from northern sorry Southern Lebanon into Northern Israel Look at that Brilliant Blue Sky there as They just streak across the air here's What we know 34 Rockets fired in a Northern Israel 25 were intercepted by The Iron Dome system that's impressive Five however Dana hit Israeli territory Some damage and unknown number of Injuries we're looking for updates on That four still looking for impact from The Rockets so they may have fallen Short we don't know Israeli officials Believe the Rockets were fired by Palestinian factions in Lebanon that's Important because they do not believe it Was headed up by Hezbollah which is Backed by Iran now they've had trouble With Gaza over the past two weeks okay So that trouble continues in the Meantime Iran itself Dana that you know They're doing peace deals with Saudi Arabia they're doing peace deals with The United Arab Emirates they're a real Force in this sector along with Saudi And in the in the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia and Iran is being held by China yeah and the fact that the Israelis say that this is Hamas in Southern Lebanon could be significant Which might suggest the fears of a wider

Conflict may not happen very early based On your experience and having been there And covered the one the war in 2006 it's About what 430 5 30 in the afternoon There now in your experience do things Get worse after dark or does it calm Down yeah it's a good question right now Because the war was 17 years ago and What happened during that war that was Set up by Hezbollah and Southern Lebanon What they had was a what's called a Katusha rocket katusha Rocket's very Um it's low grade you could be in your House in southern Lebanon run out in Your driveway light this sucker fired Into Israel it had no GPS guidance System on it so we could go anywhere but We're 17 years removed from this right And the big fear in Israel is that if You give a 17-year Advantage what sort Of Technology could then you attach to These Rockets today and that's the Concern so breaking news from there we Will pay attention to that

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