John Ratcliffe warns Pentagon leak ‘could be worse’ than Snowden

John Ratcliffe warns Pentagon leak 'could be worse' than Snowden

Former DNI John Ratcliffe says the recent classified documents leak poses a continuing concern. #FoxNews

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This is a huge deal the pentagon's Saying it's not sure there is more if There is more to come after dozens of Classified documents were leaked online And now circulated around the globe some Say the it's worse than the Edward Snowden incident I think it could be Let's see what we know so far first off How we found out about it in January it Turns out some top secret information Was on this Fringe site called Discord Now Discord put it out there picked up By Minecraft then it was put out on Telegram now telegram is also often used By the Russians now it's thought that at That time the Russians started Manipulating some of the data because it Talked about some of the War uh Casualties that are horrendous 200 000 For the Russians somehow seriously it's Listed sixteen thousand the Pentagon Announced last week hey you know what we Have to investigate it now why was the Pentagon announcing it last week they Only found out about it last week think About this for a second as we switch Screens they find out about it last week It's been out since January weren't you Under the impression like me that we'd Have some eyes and ears everywhere on Various sites and social media around The globe I was on Monday we thought We'd get Revelations Admiral Kirby Unlike his Afghanistan briefing honest

Saying I don't know Ukraine understands That part of the intelligence that's Leaked is about their surge in the Spring the spring is now the surge about To happen so they quickly have to change Plans also becomes clear the Ukraine is Need some uh missile defense missiles to Go into the missile defense systems Senator Schumer says hey I got an idea You're a democratic Administration I'm Among leadership can you brief us on What's Happening after all this is a Monstrous leak and then of course Austin Yesterday the Mantra over and over again We take this very seriously we're very Concerned what's also also very serious Is that we're not only spying on our Enemies we're spying on our allies now Think about this for a second we have 53 Documents we're focusing in on now I Don't have an answer to this but Jennifer Griffin talking about this Yesterday they're looking at just February 23rd to March 1st what are they Looking for they're looking for pictures They're looking for the maps that are Online they're looking to find out why These Pages were printed out and Possibly are there markings from the Printer in which they were printed out From they include some documents from The CIA and Department of intelligence Think about that for a second not only Pentagon information not only

Intelligence information but Cia Information is now out and about they Say between five and ten thousand people In Washington had access to this did They leave any of it out and of course Documents suggesting Ukraine's Ukraine's Air defense system is in a low Supply They also talk about they've taken a Beating but also how inept the Russians Are and finally let's take a look at What has been revealed again and Actually this is uh I think we actually Did everything oh I just want to point This out too the Egyptians were going to Sell weapons to the Russians But the problem is We gave them 50 billion dollars worth of Weapons over the last 10 years you would Think they'd be loyal to us what they're Doing behind the scenes among the people Upset South Korea Israel and other Allies let's bring in John Radcliffe Former Director of National Intelligence Uh John is it possible to relate this Leak to anything that's happened in the Recent past Well I think the comparisons to Snowden Uh you know I think you're right Brian It could be worse uh you know the Snowden event was a was a one-time event It was a massive volume it caused grave National Security damage the problem With this is that it it may be Continuing

Um and and specifically the documents That have been uh released already are Almost all at the top secret level and So for your viewers when we when we Classify information at the top secret Level it means that the unauthorized Disclosure of it is likely to cause Grave harm to our national security Posture and when you look at these Specific documents and one what's in Them now you can see why the granularity And the specifics you know even Beyond You know troop movements and inventories And Casualty numbers Um you know in Ukraine is one thing but What we're looking at here is not just a Regional problem or country specific Problem it's really across the globe as You talked about there are there is Specific sensitive Intel intelligence Relating to all parts of the world all Parts of our adversaries and our allies North Korea South Korea you know Israel Saudi Arabia Egypt uh it goes on and on And so you know one of the things that's Most concerning about this Brian is you Hear the term sources and methods Protecting sources and methods This really underscores why when when When our adversaries can see uh specific Information that we have in terms of Communications about a space launch in In Iran or an ICBM launch in North Korea Or uh you know even the South Koreans

And and concern about our request to Provide Munitions in in Ukraine it Allows all of them to to look and see Where we're listening or how we're Getting information people who may be Sources and so that's the harm to our National security is that those are all Jeopardize we're trying to figure out Who did this over here but they're Trying to figure out over there how we Got that information from who or how We're listening to them and that that is A continuing you know concern and and Really problematic again to our national Security posture on a global basis trust Trust has been breached since the America is a mess gets reinforced and They can't be trusted in what they say How about things like this to a couple Revelation the Wagner group is clearly Spreading itself and trying to undermine Us in Africa and Haiti we now know that They claim in some of these documents That the Mossad is fomenting some of the Unrest against Benjamin Netanyahu think About how complicated it does uh it gets Things domestically and in South Korea We are pushing them to give Munitions Politically that is problematic for them Because they have North Korea there and China over here so that that exposes a Lot also our pristine intelligence of What Russia is up to you got to wonder As they look around who they can trust

And how we know nothing is good about This and the words could be yet to come John Radcliffe thanks so much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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