Taking Stock Of Opportunity With Charles Payne

Taking Stock Of Opportunity With Charles Payne

This week, Dana is joined by the Host of Making Money with Charles Payne on FOX Business, Charles Payne for a conversation about the invaluable influence of family and education on our lives.

Charles reminisces how at the age of 14 he told his mother he wanted to work on Wall Street and shares how he made that declaration his reality. Then, Charles and Dana discuss the devastating achievement gap at schools in urban cities, causing students to fall behind compared to their peers. Later, Charles shares a heartfelt life story that helped him define success.

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From the Fox News podcast Network I'm Dana Perino and everything will be okay [Music] Hello and welcome back to another Episode of everything will be okay this Week I'm joined by a financial analyst And the host of making money with Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network [Music] Charles is An incredible person you've probably Seen him on Fox News if you don't know Charles I'm excited for you to get to Listen to him he has over 30 years of Experience reporting on the Ebbs and Flows of the stock market he was raised By a single mom we'll hear this story His parents divorced when he was about 12. he was the oldest he had two younger Brothers And Charles really had to dig deep and Do a lot to help provide for his family And ultimately he found his passion Following the latest Finance news out of Wall Street and the actual Wall Street Journal Charles's life and career it's a True Testament to drive persistence and Faith and with those three things you Really can't achieve Incredible Dreams as he has let's listen to him Here Charles A lot of people know you from

Television and you're amazing at what You do but where did it all start can You just to set the stage for this Conversation and from where you come From a person of one expertise and what You do but experience in this issue of Education Take us back give us a beginning I gotta Go way back yep yep okay I'm gonna make It do that let's go to the childhood Because I think you're right I think it Is important uh particularly in my case So I had two childhoods and my first Childhood was all military bases army Bases my father was in the Army so I was Born in New York the next brother after Me was born in Pittsburgh the next one Was born in Texas then we lived in Germany came back to Pittsburgh lived in Japan went to Texas Alabama North Carolina Virginia And then it was at that point where one Day I came home from school my mom said Hey we're leaving Uh so you know her and my father had Problems and so me and my mom and my two Younger brothers all got on the bus we Left Fort Lee Virginia we lived in a Two-story house beautiful big lawn never Locked the doors we had the staircase Like The Brady Bunch like it was just so Idyllic it was so beautiful you go Outside you ride your bike all day you Come home make a peanut butter and jelly

Sandwich and go back out and ride your Bike all day you know it was just this Amazing life and all four of us we left With no money we got to New York got to Harlem which in the 70s early 70s the Most dangerous poorest neighborhood in America you know the first day the first When we got here how old were you I was 12. okay and I was the oldest of the of The kids And it was amazing just to get first of All to see the train right the subway Train was amazing the Iron Horse and Back then they still had some really old Ones right it was truly strap hangers uh And then they come out the train station And here we are in Harlem and uh first Of all the energy Dana was so amazing if You know you you've never been around Anything like that music everywhere Every car that went by had music people Walking around with boom boxes have Music people had speakers in their Window have music and I'm talking music Like I was rocking Elton John right Which is cool you know Philadelphia Freedom that kind of stuff but Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes blew my mind Right so I'm so I'm seeing double dutch For the first time and all of that stuff Was absolutely amazing but then came the Other stuff the hard stuff right and the Poverty the anger the anguish Um it's just you know we weren't

Prepared for it I I wasn't prepared for It you know we moved all those times and Every time we went to a new place the House is freshly painted every time you Turn on the hot water hot water came out You know we lived in this we lived in a Room initially all four of us lived in a Room I had a friend of my mom and Um I guess about a month and a half two Months later we got our own apartment But that first winter we barely ever had Heat or hot water it was very rare so Again those were things I'd never ever Ever experienced and I never experienced Poverty before I never even knew what it was like to Open a cupboard not see food You know and so I was the oldest And as the oldest I was thrusted into Action I hadn't thought about money a Single day in my life and that's all I Had to think about as trying to help my Mom and initially I would do things like Clean windshields at stop lights I would Buy Windex and paper towels and I got a Job at a bodega And I guess like anybody else At a certain age you start to equate Money with Wall Street and I mean just All right you know so I go and I start getting the Wall Street Journal and I and I it back then it was So hard to read if anybody could ever

Picked up a 1974 Wall Street Journal It's all lines and numbers that's all it Is it's crazy so it took me a few months Of reading these journals to sort of Start picking up on it but when I was 14 I told my mom I'm going to work on Wall Street And what what was her reaction to that She liked the idea she did she did she Um you know it was beautiful Oh sorry but just Um yeah we're coming up on the Anniversary of her death Um she was the only one Is that right she was the only one who Because it's risky well it wasn't about Risk this is about there's no no one Believed a black person in my Neighborhood a black person could work On Wall Street okay it wasn't about risk No one cared about risk risk is selling Drugs risk is stealing something and Getting shot in the back there's so much Risk risk walking out of my door every Day and walking over Winos and junkies That's risk that's risk I I face greater Risk being an a student in my school and Getting beat up for trying to act like a White boy that's what they call me tell Me a little bit about that then The the daily occurrences yeah like when You went to school You're a smart guy And it was tough it was tough because I

Loved school I really did and I love Social studies and you know when I was In third grade uh I was we were in Okinawa Japan and my teacher used to Have two students stand up at the same Time my math teacher and she would ask a Question whoever I got to write the Other student would have to sit down I Would go through the whole class bam Knock them all off knock them all off so She was moving and she uh she had me Stand up for last day in class and she Says Charles is the best student I've Ever had So I loved School And so you know I'm going you know I'm In school I'm all eager and I'm Answering questions and I'm talking to The teacher and Um you know hey man you know you sound Like a white person Yeah you think it you know unfortunately The kids equated getting an a with being White And I I got beat down for that I took I Took some serious uh beating beatings For that Um and did you have to protect your Little brothers as well I tried I wasn't Great at it I'm ashamed to say I wasn't You know I was skinny they were skinny We were little it was tough it was tough But I had it I think you know in many Ways perhaps I had a little harder than

Them Um which is which is good in in some Ways but Um I was I really did love school I Honestly Growing Up In Harlem and Growing up in the ghetto Um you know it's it's tough for parents Right and it's tough for these for for All kids particularly if you're a kid Who wants to excel and if you can learn The art of hiding up to a degree your Intelligence the problem with that Though when you hide it no one sees it Not even teachers who may be able to Help you give you a little bit extra Help you know I went to school in Alabama once outside of the military you Know my father's in in Vietnam and you Know my mom we moved to Alabama for a Little while I went to school in Birmingham and I was like two years Ahead of everyone I I was like a godsend For the teacher he was so happy to see Me every day it's like we were talking About Greek mythology all day long and I Thought it was going to crack open a Beer and just me and him you know we Talk about it and same thing when I went To the school in Harlem I was so far Ahead and I didn't really understand at That particular time obviously the Ramifications of all of that until later On Um and you know I never heard of an

Achievement Gap and all that stuff you Know but it was tough and it's tough uh To to sort of To excel in those environments uh There's a guy named Jim Clark I'm not sure if you've heard of him uh He's I don't think anyone really has This distinction of building three Separate billion dollar businesses So Michael Lewis I think wrote wrote a Book about him called the new new thing Oh I know the book yeah yeah so In the book He follows Jim Clark around And he you know Shadows him that's how Styled you know that's his style of Writing and there's a guy who's always With Jim Clark a guy from India So I mean so they want permission hey You know can we ask him a few questions So they so he ends up I think Lewis ends Up interviewing this guy and and part of The story that I found so intriguing is He lived in a small village in India And his sister was like the prettiest Girl in the village And one day he came home from from School and she was getting all dolled up You know she had a date so they said Okay you know so you ask you know who is It with and when she told him he said oh He's like the ugliest guy in the village You know what his sister said Yes but he's the smartest Think about that and think about all of

The engineers that India graduates every Year all of the Silicon Valley jobs in America that are filled by Indians And think about the neighborhoods I grew Up in in neighborhoods across this Country to this very day if you dare Even show Uh intelligence or being inquisitive you Can get beaten up is that true still Today and it's sadly true in the many Places today and that's not just Harlem Do you think that's true in many Urban Cities Across America absolutely For the full podcast go to Foxnewspodcast.com

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