‘BADGE OF HONOR’: China targets GOP lawmaker with sanctions over Taiwan

'BADGE OF HONOR': China targets GOP lawmaker with sanctions over Taiwan

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss rising bilateral tension between the U.S. and China, and the Biden administration’s handling of the growing aggression. #FoxNews

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Foreign [Music] This Sunday morning with the very latest Threat from communist China and its Impact on America after the CCP Conducted one of the largest military Drills ever near Taiwan just last week As the GOP house Foreign Affairs members Were on the ground in Taiwan meeting With Taiwanese officials China's show of Bravado coming after taiwan's president Visited the United States meeting with House Speaker Congressman Kevin McCarthy While on the ground GOP Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCall discussed Taiwan's Readiness should communist China try to blockade the country he is Pushing to deliver the weapons already Agreed upon to Taiwan as soon as Possible currently some 60 percent of Global trade moves through the Taiwan Straits while 90 percent of advanced Semiconductor manufacturing happens in Taiwan meaning a potential incursion of The island of Taiwan and a takeover of That semiconductor manufacturing could the United States and the world After his trip on Thursday China's Ministry of Foreign affair sanctioned House Foreign Affairs committee chairman Michael McCall saying McCall quote Seriously violated the one China Principle and the provisions of the Three joint communiques of China and the

U.S joining me right now is the man Himself house Foreign Affairs committee Chairman Texas Congressman Michael McCall and Mr chairman thanks very much For being here this morning thanks Maria Thanks for having me I want to get your Take on what you learned while on the Ground there you traveled extensively Throughout Taiwan and the surrounding Regions but first address this um issue From China sanctioning you what exactly Does that mean you are now sanctioned by Communist China Yeah I mean uh the Taiwan Relations Act 1979 allows us to visit president Tsai Or any heads of state of Taiwan she Visited the United States and somehow They're all been out of shape about this You know they threatened us by emails Prior to entering the island so what it Means basically is I cannot travel to China I've been banned for many travel Nor can I conduct any business activity In China or or work with any individuals From the PRC related to that you know But quite frankly Maria I I view it as a Badge of honor uh you know communist China is getting so aggressive right now And that was demonstrated by what they Did around the island in just the couple Days we were there we had 10 battleships Surrounding the island an aircraft Carrier and 70 Chinese fighter jets in The air threatening Us in present Psy

The entire time we were in Taiwan What was the response while you were on The ground here you Nation and you've got 71 Chinese fighter jets and you've got the 10 battleships including a large Aircraft carrier around you what did the Officials say or how did they respond to Such a Bravado act from CCP Well yeah they they briefed me on it in A classified space said you're Surrounded you know I saw it more as Intimidation rather than a direct threat To me my personal safety but it's them Showing their bravado to their people They feel compelled to have to do this Anytime you know a high-ranking official Meets with President Sai like Kevin McCarthy did and myself And we're not going to let that deter us Or sway Us in any way we have every Right to meet with President Sai and Show our support to stand with Taiwan Against this very in the face of Aggression as you mentioned weakness Invites aggression at the beginning of The show and this is all I've seen from This Administration is projecting Weakness and when you do that you invite Aggression and War now we saw this after Afghanistan fell we saw it when Putin Invaded Ukraine and now we're seeing it With chairman she threatening Taiwan in The Pacific Islands this is is very

Disturbing and Congressman I want to get Your take on where all of this Weaponry Stands because I know that you had Discussions about readiness is Taiwan Ready for a potential blockade from China they have already ordered and Bought paid for 22 weapons at least that I know of that are supposed to go to Taiwan how come they have not received It and what are you going to do in terms Of trying to get more aggressive to get That Weaponry to Taiwan Well let me just say first we started Out at Indo paycom or Pacific command Our commander there giving us a high Level brief on the threats to the Pacific in the region we went to Japan Met with the Prime Minister of Japan uh Went to South Korea to the DMZ met with The president of South Korea and then we Ended up in in Taiwan I signed off on a 22 weapon systems Maria three years ago Some as long as five years ago that have Yet to go into Taiwan they've actually Paid for these weapons so when I meet President Tsai her first question is When am I going to get my weapons and Why is that important because the Weapons provide the deterrence the Deterrence promotes peace and stops Conflict if we have no deterrence just Like Ukraine if we have no deterrence on The ground in Taiwan rest assured Chairman she will make that calculation

If he can't influence the next Taiwanese Presidential election he will go to plan B and either do a blockade or a military Invasion of the island so deterrence is Absolutely critical so are they ready at This point what can you tell us about The Readiness putting those Weaponry Aside That you know they have a ways to go They need the weapons that we promised Them we would provide them we need more Combat training on the ground you know We also talked about starlink Maria you And I talked about ISR that's Intelligence surveillance recognizance China can has eyes and ears on the Ground everywhere uh in the Pacific Region we have some but Taiwan has none And we talked about the idea like we did In Ukraine putting up a starlink Satellite system to give Taiwan Eisenheres on the ground to see into China to see the threat before it comes So they can stop it from invading the Island How committed do you think the Neighbors In the region will be to support Taiwan If in fact we were to see a blockade I'm Talking about the Philippines Japan Etc You traveled to an air a number of areas Near Taiwan as well what have you Learned And that's such a great question Remember in the in the Pacific they

Don't have NATO like you have in Europe Uh they have a loose configuration of Partners if you will but we have a base In Guam that we visited with the B-52s We have the seventh fleet in Japan that We visited we have operations out of South Korea and we also have a forward Operating base in the Philippines but The question is a good one Maria and That is in the event of a conflict would Those countries stand by Taiwan if the United States decided to defend Taiwan And I say that with a big if I don't Know what the American people want to do But we have to have assurances we have To start having these conversations now With them that they would allow us to Operate out of these bases to provide The deterrence and also in the event of An invasion to push back communist China Aggression because it's not just Taiwan It's the entire Pacific region at stake Yeah and how about the entire world with 90 percent of advanced semiconductor Manufacturing happening in Taiwan and Tell me about trade going through the Taiwan Straits I mean tell us about the Impact to America on on all of your work You're not talking a lot about freedom And democracy but you know beyond that You get 60 percent of international Trade going through the Taiwan Straits Uh 90 of the advanced semiconductor Capability manufacturing capability for

The world is in Taiwan precisely why Secretary Pompeo Wilbur Ross myself Through the chips act try to pull that Supply chain out of Taiwan into the United States but the fact is it's still 90 percent imagine if if China invaded Tomorrow communist China and either took Over and owned uh tsmc the chip Manufacturer or broke it either way we Would be in a world of hurt and China Would be the most dominating economic And military force on the planet yeah I Want to move on to Ukraine and this Pentagon Lake in a minute but real quick On this ISR the starlink system which Would give Taiwan the eyes and ears Right in the backyard of China do you Think be successful in getting that done It was a big takeaway from our trip and Present side I was very interested in This proposal and and to your point I Would hope the administration would wake Up uh and and start getting these Weapons in and get them this ISR Capability with starlink because to date As you have said I see no deterrence Coming from this Administration and as You know going back to Chamberlain and Hitler uh weakness always invites Aggression and War I want peace we'll Only achieve that if we can get the Weapons in and deterrence the key here Is that President XI chairman she has to Calculate the price would be too high to

Invade and therefore would be deterred From that aggression but right now Marie I don't see it wow Um Michael Gallagher told me that he Thinks that they're going to invade or Do something in 2024 is that where you Are Yeah you know the intelligence Community Says 2027. Okay um I personally think They're going to try to influence the Next election in January presidential he Already had the former president Taiwan In in China meeting with the PRC about Their preferred candidate going into That presidential election in January if Yeah they Prevail and influence the Election they win just like Hong Kong Without a shot fired if they don't Prevail then they go to plan B and I Think that would be likely a blockade Type scenario where they cut the C cable A massive cyber event on the island and They shut it down and they cut off all Food and water for a matter of a month And then they take it over wow Feeling real quick I missed Mr chairman Before you go this leak this This Learned was that there are troops On the ground in Ukraine according to This leak uh you're the chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee did you Authorize that were you supposed to be Consulted in terms of sending troops to Ukraine before this Administration did

So No I didn't I didn't authorize that we Uh without getting into classified uh uh At the classified level it has been Publicly stated by John Kirby and it's Been reported that there are uh Essentially 70 or so NATO forces uh Special operators 14 American to provide Oversight on the military aid that's Going into Ukraine to ensure Fidelity That it goes to the right place so That'd be oversight and accountability For weapons going into Ukraine also when I was in Kiev at the embassy they also Provide protection to the Embassy and Visitors like delegations like my my Delegation when we went through they're Not in a combat mode there just simply Ensuring accountability and oversight on The weapons going in And I know that you have a briefing on Nation there Mr chairman good to see you This morning thank you sir very Important interview we appreciate it Thank you Marina thanks for having me I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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