Bahrain says Israeli ambassador has left country after recall

Bahrain says Israeli ambassador has left country after recall

FOX News’ Trey Yingst on the latest from Israel as fighting continues and at least 400 U.S. citizens are stranded in Gaza. #FOXNews

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But first let's go to Trey Yanks he's Live on the ground in southern Israel Trey yeah Lawrence good morning I'm Going to step out of the frame here I do Have some breaking news to discuss but I Want to just show you the scene behind Me as we speak the Israelis are using Artillery units to hammer the area along The Israel Gaza border you can hear it There this is active fighting that's Taking place they're likely trying to Hit some of the tunnel entrances where Fighters have been popping out and Ambushing troops but I do want to start With that breaking news according to Reports right now Bahrain says they have Recalled their ambassador to Israel and That the Israeli Ambassador has left Bahrain Manama and and this is Significant and and I'm just I mean this Is just coming in right now and I we we Should talk about this off the top Because remember the Abrams Accords that Were struck under the Trump Administration back in 2020 bilateral ties between Israel and This key Golf Country Bahrain said it is Suspending the economic ties with Israel So the very basis of what that agreement Was built upon is now being suspended as A result of this conflict it's just yet Another indication that the region and The communication and relationships that Israel has developed over the past

Several years are at risk amid this Conflict now behind me inside the Gaza Strip the fighting does continue the Israeli military says 18 of their Soldiers have been killed this week in Battles with Hamas militants inside the Strip that number is expected to rise Because they understand and they are Going to take heavy casualties amid These battles they're using attack Helicopters and fighter jets to provide Air support to the Infantry troops but It is a challenging push into Gaza City And we do understand that is the final Goal in all of this I do want to take Your attention though to the southern Rafa Crossing between Gaza and Egypt Where today for a second day in a row There are foreign citizens getting to Cross into Egypt after weeks of being Trapped inside Gaza they are now able to Cross take a listen to one woman an American citizen who spoke about her Experience while waiting at that Crossing the war just got escalated so Fast a lot of people are dying a lot of People are under the rubbles of Buildings this is my fifth attempt to Leave um we evacuated our house about 19 Days ago right now I'm between ice and Fire I don't know if I'm ever going to Be able to see the family that I left Behind or the friends that I left Behind an incredibly difficult time

These people have been waiting inside Gaza trying to get out for weeks since The war erupted following that massacre In southern Israel we do understand There are Americans among this group and We're working to determine exactly how Many were're able to cross today guys Hey Trey I I was reading that uh Apparently the IDF is now using AI Artificial intelligence to identify and Hit new targets the breaking news where They are currently uh targeting and I Just heard one right there um Gaza sites With Artillery this suggests a different Stage of the war because artillery is Not precise it's not surgical it's more Kind of shooting that Way it it's a great point and it Illustrates just how challenging the Fight is for the Israelis because they Are dealing with this tunnel Network That allows Hamas fighters to pop out And Ambush soldiers how many of the 18 Soldiers have died from RPGs or Anti-tank guided missiles and it hit Them unexpectedly and and they're trying To operate in this area but it is an Urban Battlefield with these tunnels in The the different areas so what we Understand is taking place behind us is They're trying to hit those tunnel Entrances so they can continue operating In this area but the enemy that they're

Up against is an enemy that is not Afraid to die it's an enemy that says They will continue attacks against Jews Not just here in Israel but around the World I do want you to listen to gazi Hammed a senior Hamas official who spoke Over the past 24 hours about his take on The situation take a Liston Isel is a Country that has no place on our land we Must remove that country because it Constitutes a security military and Political catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation and must be finished we Are not ashamed to say this with full Force we must teach Israel a lesson and We will do this again and again the Alaka flood is just the first time and There will be a second a third forth Because we have the determination the Resolve and the capabilities to Fight a few years ago I interviewed gazi Hamed in Gaza City and he is considered One of the more moderate members of Hamas if you can believe that and he is From their political Wing not their Military wing and I'm just going to step Out of the frame here and let my Cameraman pan in here because there is Significant artillery hitting positions Right behind us you can hear those Pops In the distance that in incoming Artillery against those positions there Again meant to support the Infantry Troops that we've actually been able to

See earlier today we could see Individual soldiers inside the strip Operating there but back to gazik hammed The senior Hamas official he is Considered to be one of the more Moderate members of Hamas and he is is Saying that they are going to try to do This again kill as many Israelis and Jews around the world as possible he Shows No Remorse for the slaughter of Civilians in the southern part of this Country and he's from their political Wing guys this is unbel so Trey I think It's important for people at home to Point out and maybe the White House I Watched the whole interview and I I've Watched the other interview other Members of uh the I guess the political Wing of Hamas interviewed they never Talk about a two-state solution I never See a Palestinian say they don't speak For us they always talk about wiping out Israel not negotiating with Israel the Days of the 199s Oslo agreement those Are long gone you can't I don't think Anybody in the west should be talking Two-state solution to at least the other State wants to enter into that Conversation have you heard about a Two-state solution From hamas's Perspective no and and Senior Hamas Officials are considered the people who Are educated among the organization some Of them that that I've met in Gaza City

Actually received an education at Universities in Europe and and those are The officials we're not talking about The militants and the fighter that are Fighting from a tunnel Network they're Even more extreme but in terms of of What this means and and how it is Playing out around the world I think It's important to note that there are Protesters around the world echoing the Sentiments of Hamas officials and They're not calling for a two-state Solution and Israelis see that they've Seen the chance in the streets of major Cities like New York where people are Saying from The River To The Sea Palestine will be free they're talking About the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in between is the State of Israel and so they are calling For the annihilation of the Jewish State And that's what Hamas is calling for and So I I I don't know if those protesters Don't understand what what they are Calling for or all of them genuinely Believe there should be no Israel but it Is a dangerous situation because what is Playing out here on the ground is Affecting the entire world protesters Are taking to the streets and when you Talk with with American Jews people We've been been talking with getting Their take on the situation here they're Terrified about what comes next because

They see the people that they're living Next to their neighbors their fellow Students at University chanting and Calling for the destruction of the Jewish State yeah I mean Trey I've read A story in the New York Post this Morning of um how they were killing the Babies putting them in ovens and turning On the ovens and one guy who is an Israeli October 7 going through and Finding exactly finding all this he said He was just he lost it for five days he Couldn't you he was just inconsolable um The stories are just so graphic are they Worried when when when they're on a Television station in Lebanon you can Hear hear that in the background when He's on TV in Lebanon and promising to Do this a second time a third time a Fourth time how are the Israelis I know You said they're scared are they going To stay there are they going to move to Another Country some people are are terrified About what comes next others are just Determined to fight and Destroy Hamas What's interesting though is you've seen Hundreds of thousands of his Israelis From around the world actually come back Home and go straight to reserve duty Head head straight to their bases to Serve their country and fight Hamas and And we should note here the difference Between Hamas and the Palestinian people

And how complicated Hamas is creating The the situation on the ground there Was a clip and I want to just talk about It because it's really important a clip That that the BBC aired from inside Gaza Of a a family member a woman Inside Gaza And she screams out after looking at her Dead family member it's these Hamas dogs That did this because they know the Hamas leadership is not fighting for the Palestinian people they're fighting for Themselves and unfortunately the people Who are paying the highest price it's The Palestinian people yeah and there Are many peaceful Palestinians we know Them we we have eaten with them we've Been to their homes for for dinner During Ramadan and they are horrified About what's taking place and there's a Real understanding especially in more Moderate communities in a place like East Jerusalem where there are Palestinians who will go and work Alongside Israelis at factories and in Offices they understand that what Hamas Did has set the Palestinian cause back Decades indeed I love that clip so I We're going to hunt for that because we Need to see it all right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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