Bee expert warns Tucker about the extinction of bees

Bee expert warns Tucker about the extinction of bees

Dennis Langlois ‘The Bee Guy’ shares how he safely relocates bees and the importance of protecting them on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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So most people see bees as pests and Want to kill them as quickly as they can Dennis langua of Orlando Florida has a Very different approach he is a Humane Bee removal expert he's been doing it For more than a decade he's known as The Bee guy he joins us to explain why he Takes this approach Dennis thanks so Much for coming on well I see I see You're protected Um so why people see bees they want to Spray them with a can of poison and kill Them why should they not do that Well two reasons number one is as a Homeowner the last thing you want to do Is leave a bee's nest inside your Structure it'll cause more problems than You could ever imagine And the other reason is because they're Honeybees and so rather than having them Killed there's a beekeeper that would Happily remove and relocate those bees And we do that all day every day So how do you I mean I I'm just assuming That bees don't want to be gentrified And move to a new neighborhood so how do You convince them to to leave Well it's a physical process so we Essentially evict them we physically Remove their nest putting it into a Beehive and during the process we use a Special vacuum designed to vacuum the Bees up and not hurt them and once They're brought back to the farm then re

Relocate the bees from the vacuum with The nest and put everybody back together And put them to work How mad are they when they get out of The vacuum You'd be surprised at how gentle they Are so most of the time we don't have to Wear a suit or a veil or any protective Clothing during the entire process Because they're just totally defeated Like they got vacuumed at that point They just give up it seems like they Should sting you no that's not Now it's just a matter of knowing the Insects and keeping them calm How important and obviously you're you Have a reason to promote bees I'm very Protein myself I'll just say it but why Are bees important Well they produce one third of the food We eat at least and of course they also Make honey which is a sweet delicious Treat everybody enjoys So if you if if any group if we're to Locate any group in the world that Produces one third of the food we eat We'd obviously want to treat them like They were private Equity Barons or hedge Fund managers like we'd treat them with A lot of respect but we don't why I Would think so I I think it's just some people have a Fear of bees and their knee-jerk Reaction is when they see a nail they go

Get a hammer yeah I think that's right Or a can of bug spray how much honey do You eat Foreign Honey and ice cream but you're obviously You're wearing a full suit we can't Really see your outline but you seem Like a pretty slender fit character how Do you eat honey every day and maintain Your girlish figure I work hard every day I wake up at 5am And I don't stop until about 6 A.M Yeah well you're making the world better Unlike most people maybe even talk show Hosts so Dennis langwa our respect to You thank you for coming on tonight

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